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Opaque And Transparent Millefiori Assortment

Give Beads an Artistic Flair Make professionally detailed beads with this 2 oz. assortment of opaque and transparent millefiori in a variety of sizes and colors. An excellent value. Millefiori measures 3/16 and quot; - 3/8 and quot;, small enough to use as inclusions or embellishments for jewelry projects. Also great for flameoworking and micro mosaic projects. 104 COE. First bead image below from and quot;You Can Make Glass Beads, and quot; book 6233. Second image of beads by Yoshiko Shiiba from and quot;1000 Glass Beads, and quot; book 5988. Delphi Tip Heat millefiori with a marver, as shown in image below. Fused tray created by Jaime Dobson using Effetre Sheet 521004, millefiori and mold 4213. Please note there are compatibility issues with yellow millefiori.

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