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Electric Mandrel Spinner Kit

Everything you need to get started with the Electric Mandrel Spinner. The Electric Mandrel Spinner Kit Includes Electric Mandrel Spinner Power Supply - lasts for up to 90 hours of use - requires two D-Cell batteries and nbsp; Electric Mandrel Spinner DVD 3 replacement sleeves - 1/16 and quot;, 3/32 and quot; and 1/8 and quot; sizes are included The Electric Mandrel Spinner provides a constant rotation of the mandrel - no more lop-sided beads. The Electric Mandrel Spinner is ergonomically designed, giving dramatic relief to your joints and muscles that comes from not having to spin the mandrel. Electric Mandrel Spinner turns an axle, holding various size mandrels (1/16 and quot; - 5/32 and quot;), with an electric motor and gears. It can be operated by both right and left hands by switching the direction of the spin using the reverse switch. Requires two D-cell batteries (not included). Handle measures 6 and quot; in length and 27/64 and quot; in diameter. Your fingers provide the speed control for the mandrel spinner through a clutch system. A gentle squeeze provides enough friction to slow or stop the rotation, depending on the amount of pressure applied. To advance your bead to another position, simply release pressure slightly and it will slowly turn beneath your fingers. When it gets to the position you want, stop it again. The Electric Mandrel balances easily in your hand, even without the pressure of your fingertips keeping it in place. Mandrels are held within telescoping brass tubing. Each sleeve holds a corresponding mandrel size. So, when you change what size you are working with, you simply, yet gently, remove or insert the necessary sleeves. Replacement sleeves work with the electric mandrel spinner to allow you to insert the corresponding mandrel size. 1/16 and quot;, 3/32 and quot; and 1/8 and quot; sleeves are included. With the Electric Mandrel Spinner you can and bull; Quick and easily twist canes and bull; Mix consistent, bubble free colors and bull; Evenly heat your glass for faster beadmaking and bull; Tack a stringer and wind it around your bead quickly and evenly for a consistent spiral. Delphi Tip Use with Rolling Marver to quickly and easily marver beads, including cylinders, bicones and more. Images courtesy of Bearfoot Art Glass Studio.

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