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Aqua Glow In The Dark Powder - 5 Gm

Get Glowing - Now Even Brighter. Works with ALL COE and 39;s. Powders add subtle color to your art in the light, and luminous detail in the dark. A single exposure to light can provide 5-8 hours of phosphorescent shine. Compatible with all COEs, this accent is perfect for unique beads, cast light switch plates and more. Glow powder is safe to use non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-radioactive and non-hazardous. 5 gram. Use Glow Powder to Make glass moons and stars to create a and quot;night sky and quot; that glows Add glow detail to beads and flameworked sculptures Use with Liquid Stringer ( 40900) to write glowing messages Trick of the Trade This powder charges under sun, white spectrum from UV (lights), and camera flash. Does not take a charge with LED lights. Fused pendant created by Tia Collin. Star and Moon project below by artist Tori Esch. Flameworked pendant created by Cere Seddon. Beads by Joseph Imler, courtesy of Glow Glass.

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