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Sandblasting Beginner Kit

Save on Our Compact Sandblaster for Your Home Studio Get the convenience of two blasters in one. Add incredible interest and dimension to your glass art with sandblasting. This Cyclone Blaster offers professional results at an affordable price. Small enough for a home workshop, but sturdy enough for repeated studio use, you will get double the value with the combination features. Includes both a pencil and spray gun blaster. Pencil blaster is ideal for detailed areas and smaller projects while the spray gun is excellent for blasting larger areas quickly. Kit Includes Combination sandblaster Glass Etching book Aluminum Oxide, 10 lbs. 2 moisture separators Requires a 70w light bulb. Sandblaster requires an air compressor and connector (found at tool stores). Sandblasted coral reef project by Michael Johnson. Floral project below from the book included in this kit, and quot;Glass Etching Surface Techniques and Designs, and quot; shown by permission. Design by Debra Oxley. Executed by Norm Dobbins.

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