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2511  ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS / The Swap Gallery / Re: Inspired by Poetry Swap Gallery on: November 16, 2007 09:32:41 PM
I was holding off posting pics of what I sent,because they're crappy pics using a scanner.But I quit hearing from my partner,so here they are.
This journal is made from a cd cover-it looked like hep cats doing beat poety,daddy-o.A bead and elastic makes the closure.

The necklaces are because she liked Poe.The faded cameo could be lost lenore,and the shiver is from a magnetic poety kit.I put them on a chain;I was wanting it to look old.

I'm not sure my pics are loading properly-I'm going to post this and see if it works before I do the rest.

2512  FIBER ARTS / Dyeing: Discussion and Questions / Re: Vinegar,alum, both?Coffee/tea/foodcoloring/koolaid on: November 15, 2007 06:50:24 AM
Thank you both-I'll look for the dyes you suggested,or try wool.I did take a natural dyes class maybe 20 years ago.We made our own dyes,and used different mordants to show how the same dye would react.The teacher supplied us with undyed carpet yarn.I had never heard of koolaid dyeing,ect.,until fairly recently,and thought it sounded like fun.Now I know!
2513  FIBER ARTS / Dyeing: Discussion and Questions / Vinegar,alum, both?Coffee/tea/foodcoloring/koolaid on: November 14, 2007 08:28:56 PM
I want to dye some white cotton.I'm going to try different things-coffee,tea,koolaid,foodcoloring,just for fun.I've read most of this thread.My question-I know both alum and vinegar are mordants-which should I use? And would it be bad to use both?
I read about wrapping your fabric up in plastic wrap,after squirting it with koolaid/food coloring,then steaming it.Would you then rinse it in a vinegar/water solution? Mostly I think I'll just use the simmer in a pot of dye method.I appreciate any advice you can give me.Thanks!
2514  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Winter Holidays / Re: Ideas for a little girl with everything & a craft-hating mother--4 PICS ON P on: November 14, 2007 07:41:43 PM
 It would be so nice to take her to a snooty boutiqe/gallery,and show her anything that is handmade costs way more than the storebought equivalent-because of the time involved,attention to detail,and uniqueness.SO much mass produced stuff is crap! How come if it's handmade & expensive from a shop,it's something to brag about,but handmade especially for you is considered cheap? Compare buying made to order at a tailor's,to buying off the rack at the dept.store.The rich patronize tailor shops-because of quality materials,custom fitted,just for them.Doesn't sound like handmade is low quality,does it?Tempting to look for similar things in catalogs,or online,and send her the links,or take photos of handcrafted in a store. You want the kids to have something they'll love,that is both unique and well made-a dvd won't be a keepsake.My daughter would flip over a needle roll and yarn bag!One of her presents is going to be several rolls of yarn I've accumulated,and the book One Skein Wonders;it has 101 projects you can make with one skein of yarn.I hope your nieces realise it isn't Auntie can't afford a nice present,but Auntie cares enough about you to make you something special.Grrr!
My family is a little weird about handmade also.I guess growing up without money,when you had to make a gift because you couldn't buy one.Handmade became associated with poverty,if you scrimped and saved and gave someone a store bought gift,you really cared about them.At least I can make stuff for my daughter;she loves it!
You should smile big and say excitedly-"I'm so looking forward to giving ----her present! I wanted her to have something REALLY special this year!It's taking SO much time,but she's worth it!"Keep repeating that,and variations on that,to the mom,sis,and/or niece,always with the perky smile.Ignore any sighs or rolled eyes,repeat.Maybe throw in -"You know,I saw something similar at LeSnootie,and they wanted $50.00.Of course,it wasn't as well made.I'm so glad I could pick her favorite color/design,to make it really special. Anything for my darling niece!" Ect.Yeah,that's a little over the top,but you get the idea.
I'm not making very many handmade things myself,except a few for DD-I'm still learning how to make stuff,and I don't have the time to devote to it,but hopefully next year.Good luck-I feel for you!
2515  REUSING/RECYCLING/RECRAFTING / What the heck can I do with THIS? / Re: Styrofoam on: November 13, 2007 05:58:52 PM
Cover it with fabric ,maybe criss cross some ribbon over it-bulliten board.
2516  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Winter Holidays / Re: Obnoxious Holiday/Christmas Letters...help me craft one. on: November 13, 2007 11:49:52 AM
Oh,write it anyway-as an article,if nothing else.And there's room for more than one book on the topic.Look at craftster,and all the wildly different takes different people come up with using the same theme.

Misfortune struck the Johnson family today.Our little dog Sparky selflessless dashed into the road and saved a schoolbus full of orphans from a runaway semi.You should have seen him! Even after being fatally injured, he continued barking and pointing with his paw to redirect traffic.Sadly, the best doctors at the Mayo clinic couldn't save him.He was immediately placed in cryogenic storage for cloning later,as evryone agreed he was the most perfect example of what a dog should be.There is a silver lining-our other dog Mimi is due to deliver her first litter of puppies-sired by dear Sparky! Offers are allready pouring in for them.We may go with the American kennel Club's offer.A million dollars a pup,and recognition as a new breed."Sparkius Perfectus", "sparks" for short.
Remember-always have you pet spayed or neutered-unless it's a Sparky!
2517  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Discussion and Questions / Re: dead... seriously. on: November 11, 2007 08:29:55 PM
I love the bardstown road area! All the little funky shops and great places to eat.You might want to apply at UPS.Good benefits even for part time,salary would probably be better than walmart,and they  pay for you to go to school.Lots of good thrift stores too,and go to The Knit Nook if you like yarn.It's next to Highland Coffee,(which is also a great place).
What the craft store is doing to you doesn't sound legal.Maybe you're  not "scheduled "to work long hours cleaning up,but you can't just punch out and say seeya! at store closing. You are required to work those extra hours,officially scheduled or not.I guess you could call the number on the OSHA posters everyone has in the break room,you know the safe workplace,no discrimination,ect. ones.But sad to say the powers that be could make your life miserable.But if you're moving anyway,maybe give it a try?
My husband and I worked at a "-mart" store once.They would offer you full time hours,ask you to sign an agreement that you were really part time,so they didn't have to pay you benefits,and if you refused,they just found someone who was desperate enough for money to take it.Later they got in trouble for that,it was found to be illegal.So they now only have a part time staff,and wonder why morale is bad.Retail can suck!
Be glad your're not at wallyworld,or it's competitor.You would be depressed and bitter and desperately wanting to escape.The big box store I used to work at was so soul killing,I took a pay cut to escape.Best move I ever made.
I'm crossing my fingers for you.Something creative you could work on that's cheap-buy a inexpensive blank book,most bookstores have some on remainder.Or a locking diary to make sure it's private.If you've always seen yourself in a red trenchcoat,or wanted to visit paris-cut out a magazine picture to stick in there.Or doodle one,or just write a couple of lines about it.Dreams,hopes,plans,things you love,what makes you happy.It's small and easy to tote around.Be as creative as you like.Buy a box of colored pencils.Or gel pens.Or crayons from the drugstore-color is fun.Glue or tape in stuff that reminds you of good things-a feather,pebble,coffee beans,scrap of ribbon,nutella label.No one's going to grade you on it.Don't show it to anyone.That might help you keep your creative side happy.
And maybe a pair of earplugs and a sleep mask so grandma can't wake you up quite so early? Good luck!
2518  CRAFTY BUSINESS ADVICE / Crafty Business Discussion / Re: in need of Craft Bazaar ideas that sell for under $10 on: November 10, 2007 10:22:41 PM
If you can get a polaroid camera,take a picture of the child.Have a simple ornament it can be slid into,or maybe put it on a magnet? It could save I love my/world's best Dad/Mom/Grandpa/Grandma.Or keep it even simpler-have it say christmas 2007.Or simplest of all,just a holiday design.Who wouldn't like a picture of their kid to hang up for the holiday?
2519  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Winter Holidays / Re: Easy, Kid-Friendly, Non-sucky Holiday Crafts for the Masses on: November 10, 2007 10:13:00 PM
I had to make crafts with some little girls once,every month  at work for a couple of years.One thing we did was cut a sheet of construction paper into a simple mug shape.Cut a second piece and staple all around,leaving the top open.We put a single serve package of hot chocolate inside,and wrote "a warm wish for you" on the front. I think the top piece was slightly smaller at the top ,can be different colors,and I think we may have glued on a half circle to the handle on the bottom piece,to make it look like the inner space of the mug handle.Or just cut out the handle shape.Since you may run into kids with allergies,ect,you could skip the hot cocoa mix,and just decorate the mug cutout-it still makes a cute card.
If you can find someone with an old stack of highlights magazines,you've got it made-I got more ideas from the crafts page.You can use the bottom of an egg carton for a mancala game.Use buttons,ect.for the pieces.Glue or tape something on each end to hold the pieces,like the bottom of a paper cup,ect.The event disbanded before I got to use my stash of egg cartons,I could find the Highlights article and pm it to you,or post it here,if you want more detailed directions,and game rules.
Make bookmarks.Have some precut yarn for a tassle,punch a hole in the top.Use cardstock if you have it-have pages from magazines to cut up,or even construction paper,scraps of anything are great,and just use a gluestick to collage them on the bookmark.
I love the wall mosaic idea!!
Make lapel pins.I bought thin sheets of craft foam,precut them into 2 different shapes-a cocoa mug and a snowman-let the kids go crazy with glitter glue,ect.I bought some cheap pin backs at walmart,the kind where you peel off the paper and it's already sticky.Maybe good old safety pins taped to the back with clear packing tape would work,I don't know.
Maybe to go with a recycle them,have plastic to cut up to make something?Plastic lids,like on a can of mixed nuts,coffee,ect,are flat,brightly colored,and easy to cut up.I don't know how well glitter and glue would stick to plastic,have'nt tried it out,but it could be cut  up and staped together,or punch a hole in it and use yarn?
Print off a single sheet calendar for 08.Have the fronts of old greeting cards,magazine pages,ect.Kid picks out picture,glues to top of sheet of plain/colored paper.Glue calendar page onto paper under your picture.Punch 2 holes in the top.Pick out a a piece of yarn,from a stack of different colors you've cut up,to string through for a hanger.My girls loved that one.

Cut a piece of felt in a circle.Punch holes around the edge.Draw a tice tac toe grid.Run yarn through the holes to make a drawstring.Fill with 9 pennies-heads are O's,tails are X's.A small portable tic tac toe game.
Have a table filled with misc.supplies.Nothing exspensive or fancy,and challenge kids to come up with a creation of their own.Macaroni,paper scraps,pipe cleaners,glitter,googly eyes,lots of child safe sissors and glue sticks,fabric & yarn scraps,empty plastic bottles,kids like plastic bottle caps for some reason,pompoms,popsicle sticks,drinking straws,whatever is in the clearance bin at the store,paper plates,ect.Give a kid a big table of stuff and their imagination will run wild.Add a brave adult or two to help when asked,and referee if needed,and plenty of glue sticks and sissors,so several kids can work on stuff without waiting for someone else to finish using them-or more likely try to snatch them away! Smiley
Baby wipes are great for cleanups.
I like the cardboard gingerbread house idea.Use cotton for snow,dribble on some white glue,or have an adult spray on some adhesive,and dust with glitter to make it sparkly.The kids could color/glitter the front of the house before it's put togther.A puff of cotton would make good smoke for a chimney.I like precutting the pieces so they can be slid together.That way the kids get to decorate and personalize it,which is the fun part,and not get frustrated trying to make it fit together.I'm drawing a blank on decorating them,except for coloring/glittering the cardboard,sorry!
Any craft,precut whenever possible.I always tried to have plenty of crafts that were just fun and winter related.Some christmas stuff is okay,but I didn't want anyone who didn't do christmas to feel left out of the fun.I know my daughter's troop has christian,muslim,and jewish children.Ornaments are fun,by all means have them,just have something else also.And remember ornaments can be hung in a window or on a doorknob.
I think I got carried away-good luck with your event!

2520  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Winter Holidays / Re: Obnoxious Holiday/Christmas Letters...help me craft one. on: November 10, 2007 08:58:24 PM
Just saw a new book at work-Christmas letters from hell.Need I say more?
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