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31  Monster Book of Monsters (pic heavy) in Paper Crafts: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by DragonChilde on: October 16, 2013 04:24:44 PM
This book started its life as a nursing textbook. I cut out the inside and covered it with pages from a paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I made the teeth out of homemade salt dough, and then painted them with watercolors. I printed the title on a piece of scrapbooking paper and glued it down after covering the outside of the book with parchment paper. Once it was all prepped, I glued the scraps of fur down, fitting them together as best I could.
I found the belt and belt buckle at a thrift store (I had to punch new holes in the belt)
The finished product got sent to my partner in the Back to Hogwarts 4 swap.

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32  Re: HP Craftalong ~Fall Semester 2013~ *join anytime* in Craftalongs by DragonChilde on: October 12, 2013 11:48:19 AM
OWL Subject & Option: Herbology
House: Slytherin
Project Name:Mandrake Hoopla
Project Page Link (if available): None (yet)
Brief Description: I made a mandrake hoopla for my partner in the Back to Hogwarts 4 swap. I made this hoop using a new technique, stumpwork embroidery. The body is made of brown split stitches, the legs were stitched on a wire frame on another pice of fabric using satin stitch, the leaves were stitched on another piece of fabric using the leaf stitch and fly stitch. I had tons of fun trying out this technique!
Project Picture:

NEWT Subject: Divination
House: Slytherin
Project Name: So you have chosen to study divination....
Brief Description: I would like to make myself a book detailing different methods of divination including tarot; cartomancy with a deck of plain playing cards; the elder futhark runes; the celtic ogham runes; scrying with fire using wax, flame, and smoke; scrying with water using the wax on water method, and water gazing; scrying with a mirror; scrying with crystals; scrying with tea leaves; dowsing with a wooden rod; dowsing with a pendulum; palmistry; basic astrology; numerology; basic dream interpretation (excluding a dream dictionary); and ornithomancy. Once I have finished research on all of the methods of divination I will write them out with my quill using walnut ink on small pieces of paper that will be collaged onto paper that is covered in crayon, water color, earth, and other mediums. So far I have made the covers with end papers (the last time I read the Harry Potter series I pulled out the quotes relating to divination and prophecy and wrote them on little slips of paper. So far I have finished the research for tarot and cartomancy using playing cards, and am working on the research for the futhark runes.
Pictures of progress so far:
The pictures are of the front cover, the front endpapers, the back cover, and the back endpapers.
The tarot card on the front cover is the tower.
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33  Re: Back to Hogwarts 4 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by DragonChilde on: October 10, 2013 06:31:03 PM
Everything is so awesome! I love the howler arm warmers and the hand of glory and and.... well everything! also I RECEIVED TODAY! *happy dance* I was so very very happy to come home and find my package waiting for me!

The first thing I saw was a hoopla

Then some awesome dishcloths (yes I took most of the pictures with the help of my typewriter)

Then I saw a cauldron perfect for mixing potions

Inside the cauldron, I found all sorts of awesome stuff
like these bottles for potions with chalkboard labels and some premixed potions, chalk and faerie dust There was also this little bird house, which I will likely expand into the Burrow or Hogwarts
and my most favorite thing: this little baby dragon The note around his neck says "I found a baby dragon on my way to the post office. I have no room in my home for him, so I hope you can take care of him for me.  Smiley" I love hime very much and ZombriNation can trust that I will care for him well. Thanks so much ZombriNation!

Merlin's Beard! I forgot to add a picture of something! This necklace is fantastic and so snake-like!

And a side note, I was telling some friends about this swap and my selection of Slytherin as my house and they thought that I wasn't a Slytherin but a Ravenclaw... and when asked why that was they said "Slytherins are bad"....

(House: SLYTHERIN, Class: Potions or DADA, Shop: Slug and Jiggers Apothecary)
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34  Re: HP Craftalong ~Fall Semester 2013~ *join anytime* in Craftalongs by DragonChilde on: September 19, 2013 09:37:53 AM
Welcome to SLYTHERIN dynamine!
noodle-bug - I adore those socks! They look so pretty and cozy. That hat looks wonderful as well. The baby quilt you made? It is positively adorable.
jennieingram - That is an ambitious NEWT! I can't wait to see all the bracelets! I love all the ones I have seen so far

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Astronomy
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Canned Pears
Project Page Link: None
Brief Description: As urban farmers, my family is a part of the local Farm Co-op list serve and one of the things they do regularly are bulk buys. Basically, you get a chance to buy bulk organic produce straight from the farmers (in quantities like 20, 30, 35, etc. pound cases). THis time around we got a case of pears, a case of Gala apples, a case of Honeycrisp apples, and a case of Yukon Gold potatoes. THe pears are really good but they came in a 30 pound case (maybe 35 I don't exactly remember) and there was no way we would be able to eat them before the lot went bad. As a result, last night my mother and I canned pears until 11:30. We ended up with 9 jars of canned pears that sealed beautifully. The pears had to be water processed for 25 minutes and when we pulled them out of the canner, the jars seemed to glow with a soft white/yellow light which looked very similar to moonlight. The pears themselves are also a pale white color reminiscent of the moon. I opened one of the jars this morning and they were a little soft but delicious!
Project Picture:

We canned in a very light syrup (10.5 cups of water with 1.25 cups of sugar) that had ascorbic acid added to it as per the instructions on the bottle to prevent growing. We peeled cut and cored the pears and layered them in jars. Then we poured hot syrup over the fruit leaving headspace of 0.25 inches. Once the water canner was properly heated, we put rings and lids on the jars and processed them for 25 minutes.
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35  And I'm back again because I couldn't stay away :D in Craftalongs by DragonChilde on: September 16, 2013 09:29:49 PM
Class: History of Magic
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Pie Jars
Project Page Link: none
Brief Description: I did some research and the food at our castle is prepared by House Elves. Many of the other menial tasks around the castle are also attended to by House Elves. While this information was never published in Hogwarts, A History, Hermionie Granger petitioned to have this information added, likening the service of a house elf to slavery, the summer between her fourth and fifth years at Hogwarts (you will remember she created S.P.E.W. in her fourth year) but appears to have been unsuccessful. Much like a House Elf, I got up early the morning that we got to visit my little sister to give her Birthday presents and made pies in 4 ounce jars from scratch so that they would be fresh and warm when we got to see her. I also made some fresh whipped cream. I used the piecrust recipe that our grandmother used (she died in May), as well as her berry pie recipe, and the tayberries were the last that she had bought and frozen over the years. The pies were yummy though they did bubble over a little, ok no, a lot. Next time, maybe I will make it look like something a House Elf would be proud of. I will add the recipes for the piecrust and filling tomorrow.
Project Picture:

Piecrust Recipe
2.25 cups white flour (303 grams)
0.75 cups + 2 tablespoons Crisco
a dash of salt
1/3 to 2/3 cups ice cold water (the bowl that you scoop the water out of it should have ice floating in it)

Mix the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl. Cut in the Crisco with a pastry blender or fork until the mixture is the texture of cornmeal. Add just enough ice cold water and mix with a fork until the mixture sticks in a ball quite easily, it might be a little slimy on the outside, that is fine. Form the dough into a two balls, each ball making either the top or bottom crust. An easy way to tell if your crust turned out that if when you are placing the crust in a pie dish and it sticks (which doesn't always happen) and it looks flaky when you peel it off of the floured surface. I use this crust for both sweet and savory pies. It took me a few times to get it to come out right but it is totally worth it when it does.

Pie Filling Recipe
*This recipe comes from an old and worn edition of a Good Housekeeping Cook Book
2/3 to 3/4 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons flour or 1.5 tablespoons quick cooking tapioca
1/2 teaspoon grated lemon rind
1 to 2 teaspoon lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon salt
4 cups berries, or sliced peeled peaches or plums (fresh or frozen)
1 tablespoon butter
Combine all ingredients except berries and butter. Place half of berries in a lined pie plate: sprinkle with half of sugar mixture. Repeat. Dot with butter. Top with a slitted pie crust (moisten the edges that will meet for a better seal). Glaze if desired. Bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 to 50 minutes, or until filling is tender and crust nicely browned.

Because I was using previously frozen berries, I thawed the berries overnight and then reduced them in a large pot. I added the spices and tapioca while the berries were reducing. If I do little pies this way again, I will bake the pie crusts empty and spoon in the already cooked filling. Also, because I was making little pies I opted to forego the top crust because I know that it would sink. The extra crust is what led to the Shepherd's pie that I turned in for SoAR.
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36  Re: HPC Craftalong ~Fall Semester 2013~ *join anytime* in Craftalongs by DragonChilde on: September 15, 2013 12:49:12 PM
The projects so far this semester have been fantastic! I am in awe of the coverlet of 7 fandoms!

Class: Arithmancy
Project Name: Mouthwash
Project Page Link: none, as of this moment
Brief Description: For my Arithmancy homework I chose to make a mouthwash that calls for 4 ingredients (excluding water). I took the recipe from here. This mouthwash leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. I halved the recipe so that I could keep it on the counter without fear of spoilage. (also for those of you who are wondering, 1.5 teaspoons is equal to 0.5 tablespoons) The first picture shows how the mouthwash will settle and the second one shows it shaken for use.

Combine the juice of one lemon, 0.25 teaspoons baking soda, 0.75 teaspoon cinnamon, 0.75 teaspoon honey, and 0.5 cup of water. Use when you feel the need to freshen your breath. Shake before using.

Project Picture:

Class: Care of Magical Creatures
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Lonely thoughts
Project Page Link: none
Brief Description: I am a fairly introverted person and when I am having a hard time I will think negatively about myself or the situation. These negative emotions and thought don't help at all. The other day my thoughts were particularly negative so I took out my journal and tried my hand at some visual journaling. I wrote single words that summed up the things I was thinking and feeling in watercolor pencil. I then took a wet paintbrush and smeared the words together. I printed out an image [found HERE] of a horse patronus, which is the form I believe my patronus would take, and glued it over my negative thoughts. To finish I took a silver paint pen and wrote positive affirmations over the picture and page. I used the affirmations "I am beautiful", "I walk my path in grace and beauty", "I am worthy", "I will endure", "I am loved", and "I will be positive".
Project Picture:

Class: Potions
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Chicken soup
Project Page Link: none
Brief Description: When we get whole roasted chickens (or when we cull our chickens), I will carve it and use the bones to make good strong chicken stock. I will then make a good wholesome chicken soup (either with noodles or rice). What better way to combat the beginnings of a cold, or a dreary day than a bowl of warm hardy chicken soup?

Take the bones and skin (if you don't eat it) of a roasted chicken and place in a pot. Fill the pot with water and bring to a boil. Continue to boil the bones in water, adding bay leaves and a splash of vinegar (to extract some of the calcium from the bones) until you have a good strong broth (I usually boil the bones for 2 to 3 days). Strain out the bones and return to the stove. Add cooked chicken that has been cut into bite sized pieces. Add coked bacon, garlic, pepper, and salt to taste. Chop some carrots, celery, broccoli, and any other vegetables (you could also use frozen vegetables) and heat throughout. Before serving cook some noodles or rice and stir into soup.

Project Picture:

Class: SoAR
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Shepherd's Pie
Project Page Link: none
Brief Description: We just bulk bought a lot of Yukon Gold potatoes. We also had a rabbit in our fridge (we raise meat rabbits) that needed to be used. I had half of a pie crust left from making pies for my sister's birthday and knew just how I was going to use it. I made a shepherd's pie using the rabbit, some chicken, broccoli, carrots, celery, onion, cream of celery soup, cream, butter, and milk. I covered the pie with mashed potatoes. I made this pie pretty much same way I make chicken soup, that is without a recipe and with a lot of improv. I layered a mixture of chicken and rabbit pan fried with an onion, and garlic and chopped vegetables mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup in a pastry lined pie dish. I baked the pie at 350 degrees fahrenheit for about 30 minutes and then poured in some cream and milk before covering it with mashed Yukon Gold potatoes. The pie came out a little runny ( I should have added a thickening agent) and needed a little salt (something we rarely use in our house) but other than that it was really good.
Project Picture:

Challenge: Lobster Bean
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Scented Playdough
Project Page Link: none
Brief Description: My littlest sister's birthday was this month and I made some homemade playdough [from here]. I made two batches and waited until it was cool to add color. I divided each batch into 4 and kneaded in color and essential oils (clary sage, peppermint, lime, bitter orange, and rosemary). My little sister is currently living with her mother and and stepfather (my mom is her stepmother and she is my half-sister through an adoption by her dad), we gave this scented playdough so that she would think of us and our home and know that we will always remember and love her.
Project Picture:
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37  Re: HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2013~ *Join at any time!* in Craftalongs by DragonChilde on: August 31, 2013 11:30:41 AM
I have a few assignments to turn in (finally!), and just before the end of term.
Class/Challenge/House Pride: Astronomy
Project Name: Making Magick
Project Page Link (if available): None
Brief Description: I found this wonderful dark blue fabric with stars on it at Value Village a while back and just had to get it and use it for something. I ended up turning it into this door hanger. I played around with the embroidery a bit using chain stitch, cross stitch, split stitch, stem stitch, and straight stitch. I thought that the stars looked like they should glow in the dark so I painted over them with glow in the dark fabric paint. The "DO NOT DISTURB" also glows.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: CoMC
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Hoo is it?
Project Page Link (if available): None
Brief Description: I turned a portion of a sock into this cute little owl. The ears are blue around the edges like a Jobberknoll and if it were real it would have feathers. I may end up making a lot more little sock owls because my little brother really really wants one
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: History of Magic
House: Slytherin
Project Name: St. John's wort oil
Project Page Link (if available): None
Brief Description: I went out and harvested late season some St. John's Wort in July and infused it in almond oil. I think this oil will be turned into a sore muscle salve that my friend's late mother used to make for her, I just need a few dozen jars. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Midsummer than by harvesting St. John's Wort
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Muggle Studies
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Never forget
Project Page Link (if available): None
Brief Description: One of the most important things that you can bring when you go muggle style camping it TP. I made a handy little Tp dispenser out of an empty yogurt container. I cut a slit in the container to dispense the TP and covered it in fun colorful pictures. I say goodbye to damp TP in the morning when I am camping muggle style!
Project Picture:

While I have been away from Hogwarts, I have been busy with baby bunnies and our new goats!

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38  Re: Back to Hogwarts 4 ~CLOSED-Thank you everyone for a flake-free swap!~ in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by DragonChilde on: August 02, 2013 05:05:15 PM
I just sent in my questionnaire. As a first year I will begin creating my wish list on pintrest. Here is a picture of a project I have submitted to craftster It was hard to choose just one picture because I craft in so many arenas...
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39  Re: HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2013~ *Join at any time!* in Craftalongs by DragonChilde on: July 31, 2013 01:42:11 PM
Wow. I have been gone for a week and so much has happened in the castle. I have a few (ok, well two I'm still working on a few things) assignments to turn in and a ton of projects to comment on! Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Headmistress!

TechnicolorAquahearts ~ That trinket box is adorable and a wonderful take on the potions assignment! Your coffee zombie makes a great portkey. THe sticker slaps are wonderful. I have got to try baking a mug cake that looks fantastic!
jenleahlynn ~ What a wonderful rendition of a tiger (I would have submitted it for hose pride based on the colors). That Tie Dye shirt sure does look like fire. Those smoothies look wonderful.
panda bear ~ Your watermelon slice is so cute!
Ant Bee ~ That is a wonderful looking 'Ghan! Your portkey is absolutely adorable.
patty_o_furniture ~ I'm not a Hunger Hames fan but I do love that charm bracelet portkey. Your divination bracelet is beautiful as well. That butter beer sauce sounds very yummy!
travelgirl ~I have got to try that sorbet recipe! It looks delicious. I love your portkey! It is one of my favorite portkeys.
teag ~ I love the colors in your watermelon bean accessories! Your portkey is adorably unique. The craft display/organizers you made look great! The awards that you made for yourself are fantastic! What a wonderful idea!
Naantje ~ That curry looks like it turned out fantastic. A yarn-bomb makes a fantastic portkey! It looks like you had a ton of fun!
VegJess ~ Your 'framed' house unity picture is absolutely perfect! That cotton candy stand is so cute! I love your portkey.
Moonflame ~ Your portkey is wonderful! I love your first Quidditch shot! That bunny bento is so cute! That playaway protector is ingenious and adorable to boot. That us a fantastic bookmark, though I somehow manage to loose bookmarks and usually end up using random scraps of fabric or paper to mark my place (I think I have dog eared pages once - never again) I am going to try your Purging Potion. I am glad to hear that they work really well. We happen to have Washing Soda but it was really hard to find. Another cute bookmark! I think I would manage not to loose that one! THat apple cosy is sooooo cute!
FiberAlchemist ~ I want to take your portkey home with me! I really really like your watercolored peacock! Those stamps are wonderful. DINOS! SO. CUTE. That cherry shake looks very good. A mason jar is a fantastic way to store matches! I love the sleep mask. That quilt looks fantastic.
CraftyLadyMJ ~ That bottle carrier is super cute. Your portkey is also adorable! Those Cable Needles look fantastic, they make me want to learn to knit even more!
ntrebleagain ~ I love how your portkey doubles as a pen to write with during the match. That mug is so cute.
AnnoyingLittleBrother ~ I really like your gazing ball portkey.
AnnoyingBigSister ~ Your portkey rock is perfect.
sakuracat23 ~ I love your hinkypunk lantern.
jennieingram ~ That quilt turned out fantastic! I love that colors! Your NEWT looks like it is going wonderfully. I love the dishcloths that you have been making! The color are so fantastic. Your bracelets are so beautiful! I would be lying if I said that I didn't want one. That Corn and Zucchini salad sound delicious.
lelyonna ~ *Squeeeee* That dragon is sooo cute. I am sorry about your high amounts of pain but those pants are cute.
Audania1 ~ Those mitts are waaay cute. Those burboned cherries sound and look fantastic! Your Wisps are also very cute.
noodle-bug ~ Your yummy hoop looks fantastic! I really like your portkey hoop! All of your Quidditch hoops are wonderful!
tiamatfire ~ biscuits, blueberry butter, and whipped cream. That sounds so delicious.
midskiffsjoy ~ That Fiatelli looks wonderful now! I am jealous of that constellation curtain! More moon pads! It is so fantastic that you are making these to donate! Your bottle of Hinkypunk Essence is fantastic! The drawer cover is very clever. That shirt is fantastic! I really like the set of clothes you made for the discarded Liv doll.
pottermouth ~ I don't play Animal Crossing but I love those little critters. That slideshow book is fantastic!
netchez ~ I love the Slytherin bracelet and the Hinkypunk necklace. The peacock necklace is also fantastic. Those baby hats are so cute. I love the Dobby romper! I love the dresses!
BadWolf314 ~ Love the peacock socks! That owl step is really cute too!

After writing so many comments I feel repetitive and tired, time for me to turn in some things and then go pick blueberries.

Class: Apparition
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Pincushion
Project Page Link: None
Brief Description: In the family sewing basket we have a box of pins, only the box doesn't close very well and we have A TON of pins so when you try take out a single pin you get 5 or 10 and a few on the floor. Looking around my room I sound a small candle holder that I don't use because it is very difficult to light a candle in it. I grabbed the candle holder, some yarn and fabric from my stash, and some stuffing and set to work. I knitted a little square for the top (I can knit but I want to learn some more advanced stuff) and sewed in into place on the mesh thingy that slides into the holder (with a piece of white fabric underneath). I then tacked down a small bit of fabric with a few stitches and stuffed the whole thing with stuffing. Once it was full to my satisfaction I slid it back into the candle holder and took some pins out of the box and put them in my new pincushion.
Project Picture:

Class: Alchemy
House: Slytherin
Project Name: It is our choices that make us who we are
Project Page Link: None
Brief Description: These labyrinths are based on something I saw at the Goodwill a few weeks ago. It was a rock that had been colors sliver, had a labyrinth pasted on it (with some words that escape me now), and swirls and dots in puffy paint. I made these by coating rocks in Model Magic, pasting on a labyrinth and coating the entire thing with a satin varnish. The labyrinths represent how we each walk our own unique path, and in this way it reminded me of the uniqueness of the beautiful peacock. Some of these will be given away, I will keep one for myself, and I am not sure what I will do with the rest of them.
Project Picture:
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40  DADA, Arithmancy, and SoAR in Craftalongs by DragonChilde on: July 13, 2013 12:36:12 AM
Everyone's projects are amazing! I really should start leaving individual comments but it is so late right now that I am lucky to be able to turn in these assignments.

midkiffsjoy The divination instruction book will be NEWT-worthy, I think, but as I started it in May it is a WIP and since I am a first year without any OWLs I cannot submit a NEWT... That's alright though.

Class/Challenge/House Pride: DADA
House: Slytherin
Project Name: A Wisp of a Worry
Project Page Link: N/A
Brief Description: This is a hinkypunk that tried to lead me astray and I, though slightly unsure in my path, managed to capture it. I built a compicated cage for it for my Arithmancy assignment. I have found that this will-o'-the-wisp makes a good listener and even functions a little like a worry doll.... The wisp glows at night but I was unable to get an picture showing this.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Arithmancy
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Worry's Cage
Project Page Link: N/A
Brief Description: This structure was dangerously complicated to build (I tried at least three different techniques before finding something that would work). I built it to house a will-o'-the-wisp that I caught while out wondering. Not only was it dangerously complicated to construct, a curse breaker would need to be able to contain/neutralize different magical entities. The frame was constructed by lashing lengths of copper wire together and stringing them with bot glow-in-the-dark and UV color change pony beads. The top of the cage holds the wisp's lantern and will allow the wisp and cage to be hung or carried as a lantern. The sides of the cage consist of wire wrapping (imbued with powerful charms and spells) and the bottom is a net made of seed beads. The front panel can be lifted to take out the wisp. Pictures are as follows; the cage with UV sensitive beads activated, and the cage in an indoor situation. I was unable to get a picture showing the cage glowing at night.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: SoAR
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Pie
Project Page Link: N/A
Brief Description: In the first project I posted for this semester, I mentioned that my grandmother had died. Tomorrow is her memorial. One of the things that my grandma gifted to me was her pie crust recipe (and lessons on how to make it). Whenever there was any kind of special occasion, my grandmother would bake pies and generously share them with any and everyone. Tonight I made two pies; a berry (my grandmother's signature pie and the one with the woven lattice top), and an apple pie (that has pie crust cut outs in the shape of a heart on top of the top crust). I picked the berries (737g of blueberries and 430g of raspberries, tayberries, and loganberries combined) on the Hogwarts grounds with my cat who would eat any overripe berries ::casts muffliato charm so that only my housemates can hear me, my cat is really my dog (a yellow lab) transfigured into a cat so that I could bring her with me and she adores berries::. The pies will be taken to the memorial tomorrow and are a way of giving a last gift (for now) to my beloved grandma and of sharing something very special with those at the memorial. I really hope this fits for the SoAR assignment but if not let me know and I can submit the pies for something else...
Project Picture:
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