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11  Dalek (red) Cross Stitch in Needlework: Completed Projects by Arachnea on: March 12, 2014 12:13:28 PM
I finished this guy up a little while ago - I haven't ironed him out yet or anything as I haven't found a frame for him yet, but wanted to share anyway:

In Progress:

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12  The Goblins Grimoire - Small Bound Book (Picture Heavy) in Paper Crafts: Completed Projects: General by Arachnea on: March 12, 2014 12:04:10 PM
I have a thing for goblins - a big thing for goblins, so I've decided to put that into craft form by creating a small bound "Goblins Grimoire"

A burlap cover, ribbon tie and neat bits abound!

The spine of the Grimoire

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13  Miniature Skulls and Bones in Polymer Clay: Completed Projects by Arachnea on: March 12, 2014 11:43:32 AM
This is my first time working with any kind of clay - I bought a wee package of Sculpey and went to town making myself some miniature skulls and bones for use in shrines, dollhouses, and perhaps jewelry.

I'm quite tickled with how they turned out.

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14  Re: Wee House Craftalong-Ongoing 2011-Forever! in Craftalongs by Arachnea on: June 22, 2013 05:43:46 PM
Window time!

I opted for a tudor window style as I'm quite taken with the look, but it's not always easy to achieve. So I went out and bought myself something called "pinstriping tape" from the local hobby shop (think R/C and railroads rather than crafting hobbies). The one I bought came in a tube with various widths of tape - not quite what I wanted, but it was all they had, so I made do. I also printed off a tudor window design I found by doing a Google Image search.

I poked out the existing windows and used them as templates. I had some transparent sheets laying about in the ol' craft room (for projector slides, but I honestly can't for the life of me remember what I bought them for originally).

I tapes the print-out to the transparency while working so I had a guide and used the smallest of the tape to create the effect on all the windows, then gluing the wood back into place.

I tried to match windows with thicknesses as I sadly didn't have enough tape to do all windows in the same thickness (boo!), but I'm quite tickled with how it looks, none the less.

And here's a bit of a close-up at an upper window - wee!
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15  Re: Wee House Craftalong-Ongoing 2011-Forever! in Craftalongs by Arachnea on: June 22, 2013 12:04:31 PM
Next set of pictures!

I attached the bottom front of the house and then used some poly filla to mend things...please don't mind my Lenore mug - crafting is thirsty work!

Then I painted the whole of the outside a medium grey colour, as I knew I would be "stoning" it later on. You can see I've taken off most of the wooden window bits as well - had to use a kitchen knife for that, it was a bit tricky.

Around all the windows and doors I've cut out bricks from drink trays you get at fast food places

It was finicky, but was nothing in comparison of what was to come! So this is the door and windows finished - I'm quite happy with the look but sad to say that when the "stoning" is finished they do get lost a bit.

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16  Re: Wee House Craftalong-Ongoing 2011-Forever! in Craftalongs by Arachnea on: June 22, 2013 08:45:24 AM
Okay, so after much whinging on my part, I've got my normal laptop running again and some progress pictures on my "wizards house".

I am not the worlds best hobby photographer, so bare with me here as most of the photos are taken in the wee hours with a horrid flash.

Roof progress!

This is the first couple of coats of brown stain on the roof

Then I dry brushed a light green on to accent where I was going to apply a moss finnish

I used Woodland Scenics' "fine turf" for moss here - don't worry, that won't all be staying - it will soon be making a fine mess of my living room carpet.

And here I've achieved most of the look I've been going for - but of course I'm never satisfied and will be adding more things here and there as I continue to work.

So that's the roof!
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17  Re: Wee House Craftalong-Ongoing 2011-Forever! in Craftalongs by Arachnea on: June 10, 2013 11:35:10 AM
I wasn't happy with the door that came with the dollhouse so I decided to make my own. After all - a wizard needs a good, sturdy wood door for knocking and slamming.

Here's a bit of a "how I did it" for the door via photo's...

This is what the door looked like before I took it off the hinges and re-did it

I cut lengths of basswood to fit the door frame (measuring, using the old door as a model). Some of them were a bit marred and the bar code was big and bright, but it didn't matter - none of that would show in the end.

Using an X-Acto knife and metal file, I cut into the tops and bottoms of each of the "planks" of the soon-to-be door to age it.

I whittled away at the planks to age them even more and this is them together.

Next came the staining...

This is the final door after inking it and adding the horizontal planks. I quite like how it came out. I'm not sure about a handle yet, though. I might add a door-knocker, too.
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18  Re: Wee House Craftalong-Ongoing 2011-Forever! in Craftalongs by Arachnea on: June 09, 2013 10:27:27 PM
So this thread has been rather slow for a little while now and I wanted to post some of my progress on my "wizard house".

A little while ago I was given a house destined for the trash heap that was in pretty rough shape (pictures below) and I wanted to revive it and turn it into something neat and magical.

The house I was given is the Greenleaf Arthur (the same house Knickertwist found and turned into her AMAZING haunted house!)

So...this is what I was given:



More updates to come!
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19  Miniature (Dollhouse) Red Leather Wingback Chair Re-do (7 pics) in Completed Projects by Arachnea on: June 05, 2013 10:25:14 PM

I bought a chair on-sale at the local dollhouse store that I planned to refinish to put in my wizards house I'm working on.

Dollhouse furniture isn't cheap and even on sale, this one was twelve bucks, but I had ideas and I really liked the shape of the chair and I could picture my aged old wee wizard sitting in it, pouring over his magical tomes.

Sadly I didn't grab a very good "before" picture, so this is as good as it gets, here:

The chair was bright red and gaudy looking.

I starting putting on layers of gesso, about 3, maybe 4, sanding it down here and there. I also gesso'd the flashy gold feet of the chair as I knew I'd be painting them, as well.

This is after a couple of coats of a red paint I mixed up myself just using dollar store paints.

It's really hard to pick up the shade of red here, depending on the lighting and such - but I'm hoping you can get the idea.

Another shade of redish brown, accents of black. I also took a nail file to the seat and back to make the chair look more "lived in" and older. I'm really going for an aged chair look here.

I added gold detailing to the chair.

I finished it off with some matte mod podge to really give it a leathered look, painted the feet, and voila! I put a penny next to it so you get a better idea of size. It's a 1:12 ratio.
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20  Miniature Aged Spell Book With (Cheaters) Picture Tutorial (Photo Obese) in Paper Crafts: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Arachnea on: May 17, 2013 02:50:05 PM

I've been working on making some books for a roombox scene and thought maybe I should actually post a little something about the process I'm using in case anyone else wants to try it out. Above is the finished product, a book I made just for this tutorial - larger than my other books for photography's sake as I don't know where my macro lenses are.

A magazine that is glued - not stapled and the thickness you want.
A ruler
An Xacto knife
Tacky Glue
A clothespin or something to hold the book shut
Paint (various shades of brown and black and gold)
Material of some sort (I used a black kitchen clothe that had nice texture)
Cosmetic sponge
Paint brushes
A candle
A lighter
A crafters cutting board
Cardstock in any colour
Toothpick or something to spread glue
Gamer ink
Wood glue/cement

Grab your magazine, ruler (I recommend a metal one), Xacto knife and cutting board. Instead of making "signatures" and doing proper bookbinding, we're cheating. We're using the magazines already glued binding for the inside of our spell book. This does mean, however, that the pages won't be blank inside. If you need blank inside pages and still want to cheat - get yourself a notepad. The kind you rip the pages off and is glued at the top.

Using your Xacto knife (and ruler for straight edge), start scoring the pages of the magazine at the size you want your largest book to be. Remember that these are the inside pages and the cover will be a little larger. It will take a while if you're using a smaller knife like the one I have pictured - if you have a blade that has a large flat base, it will go by much quicker. I was dumb and didn't take a picture of that one, though.

Next, you're going to decide how tall you want your book pages to be and start scoring those pages out. The pages can get everywhere!

Then you've got your completed detached inside binding pages. Much quicker than making signatures and binding them and doing it by hand.

What I do next is take the "book" and line it up on some card stock. This card stock will be the base for the cover of the book. Leave a little on the top, bottom and each edge.

Then, using the magazine as a guide I mark the spine - it is VERY important to leave space in the spine on either side when marking the book so that it has space to bend, you're not just marking the magazine tight against the spine here - just leave a teeny bit of space. Then finish on the other side.

Take the ruler, using your lines as a guide and bend along the lines of the spine to create your cover.

It will look something like this...

What I do next is sort of roll the spine in my fingers to make it take a more rounded shape, like it's been sitting on the shelf for a bit.

Here I've cut out a bit of the dishcloth I want to use and have painted one side (the more textured side) a dark brown. The paint is from Dollarama...nothing special going on there.

Using Tacky Glue and a toothpick, I spread glue on each cover of the card stock but not the spine.

Place the cardstock on the non-painted side of the dishcloth and patiently wait for it to dry. I put some weight on it while I waited as I was afraid it might curl - you may want to do the same.

Once dry, I cut the dishcloth like so - make sure you cut the spots at the spine - I found it helps with the overall look.

This was a choice I made - and something you may not have on hand - I used wood glue/cement for attaching the dishcloth inner bits to the inside of the cardstock. It dries very quickly and once dry, that stuff is solid.

After it was glued, it looked like this - yours will probably look neater - hehe

I used the Tacky Glue to glue the magazine into the cover - next time I would probably only use the cement as it dries quicker and stays solid.

Now is when your art skills start to come in. I used about 3 different shades of brown paint (including the base brown) and a cosmetic sponge (shown) to get the paint on. You can go to the dollar store and get a pack of 24 for a buck - no big expense there. What I do when doing an "aged" look is start with the darkest colour and start dry brushing the lighter ones on. So dark brown, lighter brown, tan, etc.

Something I've also done is taken some black paint and a flat paint brush and dry brushed in, on both sides a black line where the spine would start on both sides, sort of exentuating it.

The next part is time consuming, smelly and can sometimes hurt. However - it looks amazing when you're done.

Grab your candle, lighter and incense. Light the candle and the incense. (Please excuse my paint covered fingers) Grabbing small bits of pages as shown with your lit ember incense (use a scent you like because you're going to smell it a lot!), roll and burn the edges of the paper. You're going to have to repeatedly re-light your incense, which is where the candle comes in. Just relight with the candle (rather than the lighter each time). It will take a while. Be careful. I burned myself a couple of times. The things we go through for the love of craft!

Don't let the picture fool you, it's actually a giant clothespin I bought in the craft section of Dollar Tree specifically for this purpose. Once you've burned all the edges of the book paper, your book is NOT going to want to close. Some of you may want and like this look - some of you may not. If you don't, not to fret, simply pin the book. I left mine for an hour or so and it was fine, but I left it overnight anyway just to be sure.

You can see here how the pages look once the book is closed.

For the most part, the rest is up to you guys and your own artistic and craftistic expertise! I used so many layers of paint on this, just going over and over with that cosmetic sponge it was crazy pants. Lining the edges with black, then tan, then black again. I also used something called "Gamer Ink" which you can get in hobby stores (I don't know that craft stores carry it, but I could be wrong). It's black and you mix it with water. It really adds to the aged look of the cover of the book.

For the symbol, I just used the alchemical symbol for "steel" and painted it with my teeny tiny (like pin-head tiny) brush in Game Color's "Polished Gold" - again, from a hobby store, not a craft store. I went around the edges of the symbol with some gamer ink and some dry brushed black paint as well.

And just because I haven't included one so far, here's a picture of the back - nothing special, just wanted to show it as well.

So have fun with it! Use some different colours! I totally want to try a red and a blue one!

If you've got any questions or if I've left anything out of the tutorial, let me know and I'll be sure to fix/answer. Hope this was useful....never done much in the way of books before, so go easy on me (please! lol)

Thanks everyone!
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