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1  Re: Woodland Creature & Enchanted Forest Swap Gallery! in The Swap Gallery by suereal on: July 08, 2014 10:46:18 AM
and here's the front of the Entling stump..

And it's personal post..

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2  Bog Roll Ent Stump Pencil Holder in Completed Projects by suereal on: July 08, 2014 10:43:27 AM
No, I'm not British...I just thought Bog Roll sounded more enchanted then toilet paper roll.  I made this pencil holder for fancybutch in the recent Enchanted Forest Swap.  All it requires to make it is the TP roll, hot glue, paint, glaze, some extra bits of stiff paper, and a face mold...

I started by hot gluing the TP roll to the stiff paper.  You want a piece quit a bit bigger than the TP roll so you have room to make roots.  Then just keep building up the hot glue.  I used bits of the paper to fill in the roots and make them join to the stump up higher.  I also did some of the bark at this time.  Once my glue gun got super hot, it was too runny to be much good for bark, so I got out my face mold (sold to use with FIMO) and used the super hot glue to make the face.  Once I filled the mold, I stuck it into the frig to help it to completely cool the mold faster.  I let it cool for several hours.  It has to be totally hard, or it would distort if you try to remove it.  Once cool, heat up your gun again and stick it where you want.  I also did more bark work then too.  After it is all hard, cut off the paper bottom that didn't become the root system.  After that, just start painting.  I think I used 4 different coats of paint to get the depth I was looking for.  Then I glazed it and I chose to glue felt to the bottom, just so it looked more finished..

The little Ent looked a bit lonely, so when I found this little crow bead, I decided it wanted to live with the Ent Grin

Thanks for looking Grin
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3  Re: Woodland Creature & Enchanted Forest Swap Gallery! in The Swap Gallery by suereal on: July 08, 2014 10:23:45 AM
Here's the personal post link for the Wild Stick Fairy..


And a pic of it's packaging

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4  Wild Stick Fairy in Completed Projects by suereal on: July 08, 2014 10:21:29 AM
I made this wee creature for my partner fancybutch in the Enchanted Forest Swap.  All it is is natural materials, wire, a rock and resin.  I found the technique in a book called Resin Alchemy by Susan Lenart Kazmer (the developer of Ice Resin).  If you have always wanted to try resin but can't quite get started, I would recommend this book.

I started by taping a white plastic garbage bag (which I bought at a dollar store) to a board.  I used kitchen sponges (also bought at a dollar store) cut into wedge shapes to apply the resin.  I started by glazing the maple spinners into pairs of twos with a bit of wire between the join points(I recently found some spinners that were still joined in the middle.  If you have those I would not break them apart but use them joined).  I did mine flat on the plastic, but when I do it again, I'll try and hang them so they resin doesn't pool so much.  Wait 24 hours.  In the mean time, I gathered or dug out of my stash all the other parts.  The body and legs are one  root that were collected along a logging road.  The arms are another root that I wired to the body.  The head is the rock inside of a sycamore bomb.  The hair is the inner part of a dried rose.  It took about...5 different resin applications to get it all together, but now that I've done it, I think I can do it in three steps.  Then I just wired it to a rock and one more resin coating.

This was so much fun to make.  And though it seems very delicate, it is way tougher then it looks Grin

Thanks for looking Grin
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5  A Little Dead Bird Quilt in Quilting: Completed Projects by suereal on: July 07, 2014 02:56:59 PM
I was paired up with RobbinZombie for the Loyal Mutant Swap of 2014!!  I wanted to play around with her log on name so I made her this little applique quilt "card"

The beak and the wing bone are from a set of gloves.  They glow in the dark.  I used some red paint to obscure some of the blue stripes in the chest to make it look more like a robin with mold, instead of a striped robin.  The black part is a skull pattern from a sweatshirt I got to cut up for stuff..like this Grin  It was a fun and quick project

Thanks for looking Grin
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6  100 Glow-in-the-dark Pull Tab Lampshade--VERY LONG POST! in CHALLENGE 100 ENTRIES by suereal on: July 07, 2014 02:41:05 PM
As soon as I heard about this challenge, I knew I was going to play with pull tabs.  For one thing, I knew I had well over 100 of them.  I also wanted to incorporate my new crafting love, resin.  And of course, it needed to glow in the dark some how.  If I was going to bother to make it all glow, I wanted to make sure it was easy to charge up.  That's when I decided to make a lamp shade for our back entry way.  It was just an old school "pineapple" style clear glass dome....

OKies...lets start at the beginning.  I counted out my 100 tabs, and safety pinned them into groups of 5, so I wouldn't loose track of any of them.  Then, I unrolled strips of packing tape and put them into a plastic box, sticky side up.  I wanted to make sure they stayed still, so I used magnets on either side of the box lid to help to keep things from slipping around.  I layed out the tabs on to the tape.  After they were all layed out, I went over them all with a brayer to make sure the tape was well stuck to the back of the tabs.  Then mixed my resin with my glow powder.  I used a pop sickle stick to drizzle little bits of the glow resin into one of the hols of the tab, being careful to not get any into the other hole.  Well...best laid plans and all, some of the tabs were not sealed as well as I hoped, and the resin did creep out.  But it was not a complete disaster, as that was enough to seal the tabs, and I just had to do do another coat of the glow resin the next day.  Then it was just a mater of peeling them off the tape, and clipping off the extra resin bits..

After that, I repined them together, just to make sure I had my count right..

The hardest part of the project was deciding how to attach them to the lamp.  I wanted miniature chicken wire, but could nto find any of that (the lady at the craft store showed me the miniature chickens thay had when I asked her Grin)  I also could not locate a mesh that I could buy in small enough quantity...they all wanted me to buy a complete roll.  My mom found these at a by the pound thrift store..

So, I clipped them in sets of two holes diagonally, so that when I folded the strips, the holes matched up.  I rolled them over with a brayer to get them nice and smooth.

Once that was done, I folded the strips lengthwise, to form an L shape.  The open side went along the glass, and the folded side became where the tabs would go through.  I made one hole at the end of the strip larger, to go around the brass knob at the bottom of the glass.  Then I molded the strips along the glass.  I used an aluminum tape that I had to secure the end to the glass top.  As it turns out, aluminum tape doesn't really want to stick to aluminum, but it stuck to the glass fine, so I just had to add more tape along the edge that fit up to the glass to get it to all stick together.  The whole thing was super fiddly but I eventually got it to stick satisfactorily...

I decided to not use jump rings and just cut the tabs to go through the holes, so it would weight as little as possible.

Then I just had to feed the open end through the holes.  I used pliers to make sure the tab ends were clicked back into alignment. Due to the top of the tab hole haveing a flat surface, they hang off to one side.  Not what I was expecting, but I think it helps the glow to charge better, as the aluminum strip is not obscuring the light source.  OOh yeah...and I bought a 100 watt equivalent LED to put into the outlet, for 20 bucks!

Thankfully, though the bulb is wider then a traditional bulb, the mouth of the shade still fit over it Grin

Then it was just a mater if setting it into place.  As it turns out, it is quit hard to take a good photo of it, either off or on.  It is not obtrusive in the daylight.  When the light is on, it shines and shimmers off the shinny aluminum and helps to diffuse the 100 watt brightness.  ANd it doesn't take long to charge and glows for many hours.  I think it looks a bit like a deep sea jelly fish of some sort when it's all charged up.  Here's a few more pics of my photo attempts..

I'm quite happy with.  I hope you enjoyed my process Grin
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7  Captain Pepper Pusstapus--An Angel Project in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by suereal on: July 06, 2014 02:30:31 PM
What seems like a million years ago at this point, BirdBones and I hosted a Mutation swap.  if you want to see our Science Fair results, look here..

We had a little hiccup and needed an Angel for Acadian Driftwood.  Though I felt a bit greedy, since I hosted it, I just was too inspired by her list, so I Angeled for her.  The results are Captain Pepper Pusstapus

He is a result of 16 things from her wish list...
1. Cats--The head

2. Glitter--Lots of the skin, antlers

3.  Tentacles--I used doll legs and arms for the tentacles

4. Rainbow--Rainbow Pirates sword

5.  Mermaids--well...octomermaid Grin
6.  Wings--Bat wings
7.  Action figures--The base was an action figure.  One arm and three legs are movable.  The head can be gently turned from side to side to pose easier.
This is the base of the action figure (thanks craftylittlemonkey Grin.)  I also used random doll arms for the other "legs"
8.  David Attenborough--This was a hard one.  The parrot is the result.  This Australian parrot is not your normal parrot.  This is a female Eclectus Parrot.  It is unusual in the parrot family for its extreme sexual dimorphism of the colors of the plumage; the male having a mostly bright emerald green plumage and the female a mostly bright red and purple/blue plumage.  In fact, it was thought to be two different species until recently.  I hope that sounded a bit like David Grin

9.  Picard--The flute is a reproduction of the Ressikan flute from the Inner Light episode where he lives a life time in 25 min. and one of my favo epis.

10.  Janeway--Turns out Captain Janeway played Tennis in high school...thus the tennis racket
The racket shows up int the side photo.  I just happen to have a tiny one in my collection (thanks to CLM again...she is such a treasure!@
11.  Piratres--Tri-corner hat, parrot, sword
 The hat is felt, deco cord, and 1/2 of a Kinderegg.
12. Tattoos--skull, star, Pokemon, and claws/paws

13.  Pokemon--Poliwrath tattoo
14.  Antlers--Glittery antlers Grin
16.  Glow in the dark--Lots of the skin, sword case (the strap is faux leather BTW), skull tattoo, tentacles, and bat wings.

I learned so much from this project.  In fact, it was the project that made me understand I'm actually a mad scientist and not an artist at all.  I was experimenting like a ...well..made scientist!  I bought the cat head, just because it was too perfect.  But the rest was from my stash.  The appendages were applied with a glue gun and then covered over with CeluClay.  Then, once dry, I used a household problem primer.  I think I used 3 layers, just to make sure it all held together.  I used the primer on anything I had to paint.    Then I used several coats of Martha Stewart acrylics to get a depth of color in the tentacle part.  The suckers are glow paint and then dimensional glow paint to make the suckers pop a bit more.  The sword is a plastic knife I bought at a Halloween discount sale.  the sword sheath is glow in the dark Duct tape...LOVE that stuff Grin.  Picard's flute is a chop stick covered in a heavy paper glaze.  The Tattoos are all rub ons I've collected around the years.  OOH!  And the name Pepper comes from the TY tag I just could not bring myself to cut off.

I do think this figure was a turning point in my creative life.  While I love him terribly, it was not hard to send off, as it was so very much made for Acadian Driftwood.  AND, to all the other Mad Scientists out there, look for another Mutation Swap sometime before the end of this year Grin

Thanks for looking Grin
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8  Re: Woodland Creature & Enchanted Forest Swap Gallery! in The Swap Gallery by suereal on: July 04, 2014 03:17:03 PM
OKies...my turn to add to the awesomeness.  My package from fancybutch and it's super cool Grin

I love this and have the perfect place to hang it.  they are moss spirits.  they remind me of the soot sprites from Spirited Away

This sweet owl-y mug rug.  One can never have too many mug rugs Grin

I love this squirrel fabric!  And bags are always handy Grin

And a very cool mutant t-shirt.  It's a lizard bird hybrid, and everyone should know by now, I always need more mutations in my life Grin

And some excellent craft supplies.  Lots of green ribbon (one of my favo color ways), leopard tissue, which is great for decoupage...and my allergies Grin.  A pack of sparkly green and sliver sequins....I just bought a pink flamingo from a thrift for .69 cents and was thinking of covering it in sparkly things so PERFECT!  Some adorable little green bunnies, one is out of the pack so you can see how adorable they are.  Some cool blue butterflies, which some will just get used for wings, and a cool card.  Oh yeah!  and a cute owl eraser Grin

Thanks so much for everything FB!  I do hope my package lived through the shipping...not sure I've ever been so worried about shipping :Grin
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9  Setting up my laboratory... in Interior Decorating: Completed Projects by suereal on: June 18, 2014 03:56:01 PM
I decided a few months ago that I'm actually a mad scientist and not an artist as I previously thought.  So, I don't call my craft space a studio, or craft room.  Somehow, this small change has helped me to take the space more seriously.  I've been working for 3 to 6 hours a day in the laboratory trying to get it sorted out and organized.  Since I have a chaos brain, being organized is not my strong suit.  I have been just throwing things into a big pile for the last three years...

This is after a few days worth of work.  It's mostly to illustrate just how much stuff I have and how it tends to be all over the place.  But I did manage to clear out a corner completely so I could get a table into that space.. 

But I didn't have a table to put there.  So, a few days ago, the Hub and I went out to hit the thrifts to see what kind of deal we could find.  We located a butcher block style table with solid wood legs.  It had a 30$ price tag, which was a bit more then I wanted to spend, but still a decent price.  We went to pick it up today and the price was 25$ today, so YEAH!  After we picked that up, we went to the local Salvation Army to see if they had anything to add in.  They were having a clearance sale!  I got 6 other pieces for 2 bucks each!

I was just going to get one of the end tables, but the Hub thought I should get all three pieces, so as not to mess up the set Grin.  About an hour later he was like, "Did I just encourage you to spend more money then you were planning??...Do I have a temperature??" LOL.  The white stool/table will go onto my desk, once I get around to redoing that space.  I'm also not sure if the side table will stay on top of the table.  My little drill press, vice and toaster oven are probably going on the table....anyway, lots of options now Grin

This is just faze one of a much bigger project, but I wanted to show it off a bit anyway Grin
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10  Re: CRAFT MY BELOVED PET in New Swap Theme Ideas by suereal on: June 06, 2014 04:18:35 PM
So...just to show one doesn't have to think painting in this situation, here is a memento of my Basset Hound Sophie..

She is modified from a moose pattern I had.  I made two, one for me, colored like Sophie was with fabric markers, and another for my then 3 year old nephew, just with a spotted fabric (I think...it's been awhile Grin)

I also made a dog for gotgrey to commemorate her beloved Greyhound.  It was for the Junker Jane doll swap...

Just a thought Grin
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