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441  ~*Diagon Alley*~ in Craftalongs by Mistress Jennie on: May 27, 2014 12:54:54 PM

~*Diagon Alley*~
"Did he say diagonally?"

Mistress Jennie's Handmade Jewelry
MistressJennie on Etsy has donated a HP Bookmark!

MistressJennie has also donated an Always Bookmark!

Finally MistressJennie has donated a Create Your Own Charm Bracelet Kit!  Winner gets to choose the theme, and Mistress Jennie will pull appropriate beads and charms from her stash to suit you!

Mermaid Themed Bracelet Shown as Example Only
*Ships Worldwide*

Noodle's Notions Nest
The utterly fantastic noodle-bug has kindly offered a *custom* mini-hoop (4"-5"), based on the winner's favorite HP character, magical item, or quote!  Check out this example of her mad stitching skills!

*ships worldwide*

Knotty Gurl Designs
Knotty Gurl Designs on Etsy has donated a Hogwarts House Friendship Bracelet in the winners House colors!  Check out the beautiful example of a Slytherin House bracelet below!

*Ships Worldwide*

Knotty Gurl Designs on Etsy has also donated a CUSTOM friendship bracelet with up to 25 strings!  Winner can discuss specific ideas with margaron, but the beautiful Dark Mark bracelet below gives an idea of what kinds of magic she can weave.

*Ships Worldwide*

Naantje's Needlery
Naantje has kindly donated a a crocheted charger pocket in the recipient's house colors or two other colors of their choosing. Custom-made to the size of their mobile phone.

*Ships Worldwide*
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442  ~*Quidditch World Cup 2014*~ in Craftalongs by Mistress Jennie on: May 27, 2014 08:54:43 AM

~*2014 Quidditch World Cup*~

June Challenge: Choose Your Champions!
June 13th-30th
Excitement over the 2014 Quidditch World Cup is seriously heating up.  With only 4 teams left in the Semifinals, it's anyone's game.  Bulgaria is set to play Japan, and Brazil soon faces off with the USA.  It's time for you to declare your support for your favorite team.  For this challenge you must craft an item inspired by your favorite team in the Semifinals.  You craft can be inspired by a location within their country, the team colors or emblem, team mascot, national flag, native cuisine, etc.  Please be sure to state in your post exactly how your craft is inspired by your team.

Bulgaria Team Colors: Red & Black
Emblem: Black and scarlet Snitch and star.
Flag: White, green and red horizontal stripes.
Facts: The Bulgarian Quidditch Stadium is set in a dark foggy castle in the mountains. Their team mascot is the Veela.  Seeker Victor Krum, well known for the Wronski Feint, has come out of retirement to play for the Bulgarian team this year. At 38 he is considered old for a Quidditch player, but has enormous fan support.  Bulgarian cuisine shares characteristics with other Balkans countries and includes salads, wines and rakia, filo dough based pastries, grilled meats including pork, lamb and sausage, and a high per capita consumption of yogurt.

Japan Team Colors: Blue & White
Emblem: White circle with a green outer rim containing a red dragon with it's claw upon a Quaffle.
Flag: Red circle on a white field.
Facts: The Japanese Stadium is built in the shadow of a Sengoku-era castle, and is surrounded by pink cherry-blossom trees, kept magically blooming year-round. Instead of a normal qudditch pitch, the matches are held over an immense koi pond, which is bisected by an elegantly carved wooden bridge. Their Team Special Move is known as The Tsunami, and involves a lot of spinning, seemingly inspired by martial arts. Japanese cuisine includes rice, noodles, miso soup, fresh fish, pickled vegetables, sake, soy and tofu, and sweets known as wagashi.

USA Team Colors: Red, White & Blue
Emblem: Blue band with three white stars above a shield of vertical stripes of red and white, with a black eagle with a Beater's bat in each claw.
Flag: 13 red & white horizontal stripes with a blue field of 50 white stars in the upper left corner.
Facts: The American team's national stadium is a New England style Victorian, and boasts a year-round Hallowe'en theme. It is covered with pumpkins and its sky is always black. Their signature move is the Harlem Shuffle.  American cuisine varies greatly across the country and due to its immigrant past, it consists of dishes with Irish, Italian, English, German, French, French-Canadian, and Mexican roots, to name just a few.

Brazil Team Colors: Yellow & Green
Emblem: A blue shield with yellow hoops and green stars.
Flag: Blue disc of starry sky spanned by a curved band inscribed with the national motto, within a yellow rhombus, on a green field.
Facts: Shortly before the opening games in April, manager Jos Barboza called the Welsh Chasers "talentless hags". After Welsh manager Gwenog Jones threatened to "curse his face off", Barboza insisted his original remark had been taken out of context. The Brazilian team mascot is the Curupira. Brazilian cuisine has European and African influences. It varies greatly by region, reflecting the country's mix of native and immigrant populations.  Root vegetables, cheese buns, rice & beans, fruits like mango, papaya and guava are popular and coffee is the national beverage.

July Quidditch Challenge: Set Your Portkey!
July 1st-16th at 5:00pm CST
The Summer Quidditch Cup Competition has been scheduled for July 16-August 20, 2014.  Many of us will be traveling to this event in July.  Since numerous brooms taking the skies will most certainly be noticed by Muggles and apparition is not allowed due to the guards in place around the venue, we must use portkeys to travel.
Your job is to craft yourself a portkey; it can be anything you desire.  However, you must submit a picture of your portkey in a location near your home so that it can be registered for the event. (This location must be no more than 50 miles away and must NOT be inside your home.)

Quidditch World Cup
July 17th-August 21st
--Keep in mind that the Quidditch Cup Deadlines will be strictly enforced.  All enchantments and protections spells will end precisely on August 21, 2014 at 11:59pm CST.

--All HPC rules apply for Quidditch events!  Please refresh yourself of these guidelines; they are located first page, first post.

--Remember projects for the HPC should represent your best crafty skills.  Take pride in your work.

--Submissions should take a minimum of 30 minutes to make.

--Incomplete or partial projects will not be accepted.

--No WIPs are allowed for the Quidditch Cup.  (unless specifically denoted in prompt)

--All submissions need to be created during the game, from July 17 to August 21. (unless denoted in prompt)

--Each Hogwarts House has been randomly paired with a World Cup Semifinalist team.  Your House will represent that National Team in the World Cup by crafting.  You cannot change teams, any more than you could change Houses mid-semester.  (Remember guys, even if you don't "like" the team you were assigned, this is all just for imaginary fun.)  

*Randomly Assigned Team Pairings*
Gryffindor will be playing as Japan
Hufflepuff will be playing as Brazil
Ravenclaw will be playing as USA
Slytherin will be playing as Bulgaria

--Events & Penalty Shots=15 points
--SPEW Bonus=10 points

Let's have a fair and fun game!  Once you have complete EVERY event, you may go back and do them one more time. Grin

--Seeker: the Seeker finds the snitch, which sounds simple, but some snitches have a tendency to hide. Demonstrate your affinity for finding hidey-holes by creating a project that includes a hidden detail which only the observant will find.

--Beater: Beaters have to work as a pair to defend all the players on their team from being hit by the Bludgers.  Craft two objects that go together, and do not work without their partner.  (For example, a pair of earrings.)

--Chaser: Chasers have to move and react with speed. Demonstrate your skill by making a quick-craft project; You must work for the HPC minimum of 30 minutes, however to demonstrate your rapidity the project must not take more than 2 hours to complete (time limits refer to active crafting time only; does not including drying/baking/etc. time)

--Keeper:  Keepers must spend hours and hours practicing catching the Quaffle in order to defend their hoops.  Show your willingness to practice your craft skills by making a project which requires repetitive techniques; for example includes a repeating pattern, or many repetitions of an action (such as knitting).

--Broomstick: Wizarding brooms contain a cushioning spell in order to make them more comfortable for the rider.  For this challenge you must create an object to cushion or comfort something or someone.  This could include a pillow, cushion, blanket, throw, neck pillow, tea cozy, laptop sleeve, tablet case, furniture reupholstery, etc.

--Cheering/Spirit: Cheer on your house or favorite quidditch team by crafting something that shows your house/team pride.  (This can be your House  quidditch team, your assigned National Team, or any other quidditch team you support, such as the Hollyhead Harpies or Wimbourn Wasps.  You can literally support anyone here.)

Quidditch is a rough game!  Time for you to take your penalty shot.  You can choose up to 7 shots to complete.  You may NOT repeat a shot once you've completed it.

--Blagging: Seizing the opponent's broom tail to slow or hinder. Craft something that takes a long time. (For this challenge, the crafted object must take OVER 3 hours to complete.)

--Blatching: Flying with the intent to collide.  Create a craft that uses two or more different crafting techniques. This could be something that is both carved and painted.  Knit and felted.  Or even a mixed media piece.

--Blurting: Locking broom handles with the intent to steer an opponent off course.  Craft something that locks or closes.

--Bumphing:  Watch out!  Bludgers hit towards spectators.  Craft something to make watching the match at the World Cup more enjoyable.  This could be a comfy stadium cushion to sit on, a delicious snack to share with friends, a jar light to guide you back to your tent when the game ends.  Just remember that the item must be something you could easily pack and take outside with you.  (ie, Don't craft something that must be kept cold like ice cream, or should be served hot out of the oven like pizza.)

--Cobbing: Excessive use of elbows towards opponents.  Craft something that is *excessive* in some way.  (ie. Excessively sparkly, excessively large, excessively time consuming, excessively detailed.)

--Flacking: Pushing any portion of anatomy through the goal hoop in an attempt to push the Quaffle out. Craft something based on a portion of the human anatomy or that is worn on a portion of the body. (ie. Hat, gloves, bracelets, etc.)

--Haversacking: Chaser is still holding to or touching the Quaffle as it goes through the goal hoop. Finish WIP youve been holding onto. (This is the ONLY exception to quidditch crafting timeline.)  

--Quaffle-pocking: Tampering with the Quaffle somehow like poking holes in it so that it will fall faster. Adapting the quaffle to alter its behaviour is not allowed; instead, you must adapt a pre-existing item to better fit its use, or to change the way it is used to better fit your needs. This could include taking in a dress thats too big or hemming an old set of curtains to fit new windows.

--Snitchnip: Any player other than the Seeker touching or catching the Golden Snitch. Craft something outside your comfort zone.  (ie. Something new to you or difficult for you.)

--Stooging: When two of a team's Chasers knock the opposing team's Keeper out of the way so that their third Chaser can score a goal easily. Craft something that is easy for YOU to make.  (ie. Your signature, go-to craft)

Gryffindor as Japan
Mistress Jennie, alumni: Quidditch-JUNE, Quidditch-JULY, Q-Chaser, Q-Beater, Q-Chaser, Q-Keeper, Q-Blatching, Q-Blagging, Q-Bumphing, Q-Flacking, Q-Quafflepocking, Q-Stooging
rockmygypsysoul, 4th Year: Quidditch-JUNE
165 points, 2 players = 82.5 points average

Hufflepuff as Brazil
Acadian Driftwood, 4th Year: Quidditch-July, Q-Snitchnip, Q-Haversacking, Q-Blurting  
AnnoyingBigSister, 4th Year: Quidditch-JUNE, Quidditch-JULY,
gaudiknight, 3rd Year: Q-Seeker, Q-Chaser, Q-Keeper, Q-Broomstick, Q-Cheering, Q-Blurting, Q-Bumphing, Q-Blagging,
midkiffsjoy, 5th Year: Quidditch-JUNE, Quidditch-JULY, Q-Seeker, Q-Chaser, Q-Keeper, Q-Beater, Q-Broomstick, Q-Cheering, Q-Blatching, Q-Bumphing, Q-Blagging, Q-Cobbing, Q-Haversacking, Q-Stooging,
Moonflame, 7th Year: Q-Keeper, Q-Chaser, Q-Blagging
450 points, 5 players = 90 points average

Ravenclaw as USA
FiberAlchemist, alumni: Quidditch-JUNE, Quidditch-JULY, Q-Beater, Q-Chaser, Q-Keeper, Q-Blagging, Q-Bumphing
Magpirate, 4th Year: Q-Chaser, Q-Cobbing, Q-Flacking
netchez, 5th Year:  Quidditch-JUNE, Quidditch-JULY, Q-Beater, Q-Chaser, Q-Seeker, Q-Cheering, Q-Broomstick, Q-Keeper, Q-Flacking, Q-Blurting
noodle-bug, alumni: Quidditch-JUNE, Q-Keeper, Q-Chaser, Q-Beater, Q-Broomstick, Q-Haversacking, Q-Snitchnip, Q-Blurting, Q-Flacking, Q-Bumphing, Q-Stooging, Q-Blatching
pottermouth, alumni: Quidditch-JULY
teag, 6th Year: Quidditch-JUNE
vincentvanbuck, 4th Year:  Quidditch-JUNE, Q-Beater, Q-Chaser, Q-Keeper, Q-Cheering, Q-Blagging, Q-Blatching, Q-Cobbing, Q-Snitchnip, Q-Stooging
600 points, 7 players = 85.7 points average

Slytherin as Bulgaria
calliemae, 2nd Year: Q-Keeper+SPEW, Q-Chaser, Q-Cheering
ErinAquaheart, 7th Year: Quidditch-JUNE, Quidditch-July+SPEW, Q-Beater, Q-Beater+SPEW, Q-Keeper+SPEW x 2, Q-Seeker, Q-Seeker+SPEW, Q-Chaser x 2, Q-Cobbing, Q-Team Pride, Q-Team Pride+SPEW, Q-Broomstick, Q-Broomstick+SPEW, Q-Blagging, Q-Flacking+SPEW, Q-Bumping, Q-Haversacking, Q-Quafflepocking, Q-Stooging
Inselaeffchen, 4th Year: Q-Beater, Q-Chaser, Q-Stooging
margaron, 2nd Year: Q-Chaser, Q-Blagging,
Naantje, alumni: Q-Broomstick  
TechnicolorAquahearts, 7th Year: Quidditch-JUNE, Quidditch-JULY+SPEW, Q-Chaser, Q-Keeper, Q-Seeker, Q-Bumphing, Q-Cobbing, Q-Snitchnip
680 points, 6 players = 113 points average

*Give your team a boost with SPEW bonus points.*

~*Challenge Badges*~

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443  ~*Detention in the Dungeons*~ in Craftalongs by Mistress Jennie on: May 27, 2014 08:13:35 AM
~*Detention in the Dungeons*~

This semester there will be three Detention Challenges, one for each month.  You are welcome to do any, all, or none of these challenges.  (Remember, they are just here to help get your crafty juices flowing!)  All Detention projects are worth 15 House Points and may be turned in anytime during the semester, regardless of what the newest Challenge is, up until the semester ends on February 28th.  (For example, you may turn in June or July challenges in August.)

June Challenge:
Help with Headless Hunt!  Nearly Headless Nick, still trying to join the Hunt, has asked for your help impressing the other ghosts as one of his party guests.  The only problem is that you'll be surrounded by ghosts who seem to like to glide right through you.  The touch of a ghost feels like a dip in icy cold water, which is normally rather unpleasant.  But since it is already turning into a hot summer, this has become somewhat refreshing.  This month craft an item that you could use when you visit any icy ocean, cold river, or cool summer lake to refresh yourself from the heat.

July Challenge:
When Madam Hooch left the class running braking drills while she ran up to the castle, you got into yet another fight with Malfoy.  When Madam Hooch inevitably caught you at it, she gave you detention.  You will be trimming the grass of the Quidditch pitch, one blade at a time, without magic. For this challenge you must complete a Work in Progress.

August Challenge:
Madam Pince has caught you & Ron practicing the Jelly-Brain Jinx on First Year's in the library, has assigned you the tedious task of 1,000 lines of "I will not perform jinxes on classmates."  For this challenge you must craft multiples of the same item or craft something very tedious.

~*Challenge Badges*~
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444  ~*Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans*~ in Craftalongs by Mistress Jennie on: May 27, 2014 08:13:22 AM
Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
A risk with every mouthful!

"You want to be careful with these. When they say every flavor, they mean every flavor - you know you get all the ordinary ones like chocolate and peppermint and marmalade, but then you can get spinach and liver and tripe. George reckons he had a bogey-flavored one once." - Ron Weasley

Its no secret that Hogwarts students love sweets.  And teachers, Headmasters & Headmistresses have been known to enjoy their share of treats too.  Therefore, your brilliant Headmistresses have devised an epic new *series* of Mini-Challenges for you.  

Every two weeks we will pull a new bean out of the bag.  Each bean will be the inspiration for a mini-challenge.  Students may complete and post a craft based on that theme to earn 15 House Points, and a Badge for that challenge.  Once a new challenge is posted, you have until 11:59 Central time THE SAME DAY to finish posting the "old" bean.  Items posted after that can earn Badges, but no House Points  As with all things in the HPC, you are welcome to do any, all, or none of these challenges.  They are just a way to inspire your own magical crafting adventures.

*If the Semester ends before the Bean's two week span is over, the Bean will continue into the new semester.  You may only enter your Bean project in *one* of the semesters.

And this weeks bean is...

Fluffy white marshmallows are a treat nearly everyone enjoys, especially when toasted over a campfire.  But be careful, or all too soon your gooey treat can become a blackened blob of char and ash!  For this challenge you must craft something either entirely black or white, or a combination of black and white together.

~*Challenge Badges*~
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445  ~*Dumbledore's Army - Still Recruiting!*~ in Craftalongs by Mistress Jennie on: May 27, 2014 08:13:02 AM
 Please note that the "official" time period for the Join the DA Challenge has ended.  If you got behind, you will have this semester in order to finish the challenge.  But please remember that projects turned in out of their appointed time frame only receive 10 House Points, not 15. (Unless they are SPEW projects, which all receive an automatic 10 Point bonus.)  

Are you sick of Umbridge already?  Do you want to learn - properly learn - practical defensive magic?  Do you need to know what it's really like facing him?  Facing Vo... Voldemorte?   Are you ready for a brand new epic *series* of Craftalong Challenges? Do you have what it takes to join Dumbledore's Army?

Well then you are in luck my friends because your Headmistresses have dreamed up another awesome challenge for you!  This challenge series spans three HPC semesters, and covers the journey taken by our favorite Trio, and their faithful friends, as they learned to use magic, and fought to live in a world without fear or prejudice.  Each individual challenge will have a specified time frame, much like you saw in Summer Quidditch.  The Fall Semester contained 3 awesome challenges.  Winter semester we had lessons with Harry Potter himself!  This semester we will have three more challenges, a new one each month!  Each 'on-time' project you submit will earn you 15 House Points, just like all other Class and Challenge prompts.    

So, what's our next task?*

*If you did not complete the Fall or Winter Semester's tasks in time, but would still like to participate, please scroll down to the bottom of this post for directions on how to catch-up!

~*Department of Mysteries*~
May 11 - May 31, 2014

"There is a room in the Department of Mysteries that is kept locked at all times. It contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature. It is also, perhaps, the most mysterious of the many subjects for study that reside there. It is the power held within that room that you possess in such quantities and which Voldemort has not at all." Albus Dumbledore

The Department of Mysteries is a section within the Ministry of Magic where the various mysteries of the world are studied, including space, thought, time, death, and love.  On June 18th, 1996 Lord Voldemorte planted a vision in Harry Potter's mind, of his godfather, Sirius Black, being tortured somewhere within the Department of Mysteries.  When Harry decided to rush to Sirius' aid, he was accompanied by his best friends, Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley, as well as  Dumbledore's Army members Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom.  Though many students had joined the D.A., it was only Ginny, Luna and Neville who rushed to help Harry fight the Death Eaters and rescue Sirius, without thought for themselves.  

"We were all in the D.A. together. It was all supposed to be about fighting You-Know-Who, wasn't it? And this is the first chance we've had to do something real or was that all just a game or something?" Neville Longbottom

For this challenge you will need to follow Luna & Neville's example and go out of your way to help a friend who could really use a hand.  You can create any sort of crafted item, provided the intended recipient is a good friend, and the craft is intended to help them in some way.  Be sure to explain the situation in your post.

~*Mastering the Patronus Charm*~
March 17 - April 7, April 22, 2014

"This ancient and mysterious charm conjures a magical guardian, a projection of all your most positive feelings. The Patronus Charm is difficult, and many witches and wizards are unable to produce a full, corporeal Patronus, a guardian which generally takes the shape of the animal with whom they share the deepest affinity. You may suspect, but you will never truly know what form your Patronus will take until you succeed in conjuring it."

The Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum) is an immensely complicated spell that evokes a partially-tangible positive energy force known as a Patronus, or spirit guardian. The charm was primarily designed for defense against Dementors and Lethifolds.  Dementors as you know, feed on human happiness, draining it from their victims until all they can feel is depression and despair.  While Witches & Wizards are able to defend themselves with this charm, Muggles have no such luxury, and there are many living in depression and despair every day.  A successfully cast corporeal Patronus is able to shield not only its caster, but also other human beings around them.  In this way a single Witch or Wizard can defend their families, friends, neighbors, and even strangers.  

For this Challenge you must craft an item for a CHARITY, that will help bring hope to someone in despair.  Please check out the SPEW Craftalong for a wonderful list of organizations that accept handmade items.  Many of these charities even have guidelines, tutorials and patterns available to help you in your crafting.  Your crafted item will earn you 15 House Points, and cannot be combined with any other class.  However, in effort to promote the spread of joy and love in the world, your Headmistress is also giving you a chance to earn extra House Points on all charity items crafted within this Challenge's timeline.  For each additional SPEW item you craft, you will earn an additional 5 House Points, on top of the normal 10 points. These SPEW points CAN be combined with Class prompts.  For example, you could create a daffodil yellow quilt for Quilts for Kids to complete your History of Magic homework.  This would earn you 15 House Points for History of Magic, + your normal 10 SPEW points, + 5 Bonus SPEW points = 30 House Points!

~*Lessons With Harry*~
December 1st - February 28th
It's time we learned how to defend ourselves from Voldemorte and his Death Eaters.  Throughout the Winter Semester you will be learning practical defensive spells from Harry Potter in the Room of Requirement.  In order to earn the right to move on in the Join the DA Challenge, you will need to master 5 out of 8 of the following spells.  You may choose any 5 you wish, and you have until the end of the semester to post them.  However, as a good Headmistress I must remind you that leaving all your studying to the last minute will result in poor performance on your exams.  So start thinking, planning and crafting as soon as you wish!
And since I just *know* someone will ask...  If you master your 5 spells and still wish to continue crafting the others you may do so.  If you complete all 8 *within this semester* only, you will earn a bonus of 10 House Points, and an extra fancy badge.   Cheesy

1. Disarming - The word expelliarmus is derived from the Latin roots, expel, meaning 'to drive out' and arma, meaning 'weapon'. For this challenge you must remove something standing in the way of your completing a craft project.  This could include striping down a piece of furniture in order to refinish it, redyeing an object to hide a pesky stain, bleaching to remove color, or cleaning out & organizing your messy craft area in order to better utilize the space.
2. Impediment Jinx - The Impediment Jinx is used to freeze something in its current place.  For this challenge craft something that either literally freezes like homemade ice cream, or something that blocks or stops something else like a door stop.  Other ideas include a shawl to keep out the chill, a batch of Freezer Meals for busy work nights, or draft blocker for one of the doors in your house.
3. Reductor Curse -  The Reductor Curse is used to blast an object into tiny pieces.  For this challenge you have two options.  One is to break down a larger object into smaller pieces and use them in a completed craft project, such as breaking plates into small tiles to create a mosaic table top.  Your second option is to craft something tiny.  This can be anything you desire, but the maximum size is 3x3x3.  (For our friends using the Metric System, this is 7.6 cm, but you may round it up to 8 cm. Wink)  
4. Stunning Spell - The Stunning Spell, otherwise known as Stupefy, is used to render someone unconscious or to halt a moving object.  For this challenge you must create something that stuns at least one of the 5 senses.  For example, it can dazzle the eye with sparkle, dazzles the ear with sound, dazzles the taste buds with flavor, dazzles the nose with an intoxicating scent, dazzles the sense of touch with softness.  (Note: Please do not try to render anyone unconscious in your crafting! Wink)
5. Shield Charm - Shield Charm is a term applied to several varieties of charms that create a magical barrier to deflect both physical entities and spells. For this challenge you must craft something that will shield either you or another person, from an outside force. Ideas include a potholder to shield you from hot pots & pans, a hat or scarf to shield someone from the winter's cold, or a sleep mask shields tired eyes from the bright sun.
6. Protean Charm - A Protean Charm is a very advanced spell, which links multiple objects together for a common purpose.  In 1995 Hermione Grainger cast the Protean Charm on a series of fake Galleon coins in order to communicate with other members of the D.A.  A change in Harry Potter's master coin would be magically reflected on the other coins, as well as emit a heat signal, alerting group members to the next meeting date.  The genius of this method of communication is that even if a student was searched by Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad, they wouldn't find any sort of contraband on the person as it is perfectly legal to carry currency.  For this challenge you must craft an object that is actually something else in disguise, or that contains a hidden meaning.  Examples include a pillow quilt or "quillow", a clever tea cozy, a mask, or something more personal like noodle-bug's ingenious "Birdhouse In Your Soul" project from last semester.  
7.  Fred & George Fight Back - After the D.A. was betrayed by Marietta Edgecombe, Fred and George Weasley continued to fight back against Umbridge's hold on the school by doing what they are best at; namely causing mischief, chaos, and laughter.  They released some rather impressive enchanted fireworks to disrupt lessons, created a swamp in the corridor, and in their final act of rebellion, struck several members of the Inquisitorial Squad with jinxes, summoned their brooms from Umbridge's office and escaped the school to start their joke shop.  For this challenge, take your inspiration from Fred & George's methods.  Craft an *impressive diversion* for yourself or a group of friends.  This could mean creating a stunning display of lights & decorations around your home for the holidays.  (Think beyond hanging ornaments on the tree.)  Or how about crafting food, decorations & favors for a fabulous New Year's Eve party?  On this challenge, be sure to GO BIG.  This is for Fred & George after all.
8. Help the Room of Requirement - The Room of Requirement, otherwise known as the Come and Go Room is possibly one of the most fascinating parts of Hogwarts Castle.  The room is thought to have some degree of sentience, because it transforms itself into whatever the witch or wizard needs it to be at that moment in time.  It is also Unplottable and can only be accessed by a witch or wizard who has great need of it.  For this challenge, you will take your inspiration from the room itself and craft something for which there is *great* need.  You can decide just what is needed and how to best supply it, but you must explain this clearly in your posting.  For example, perhaps your broom closet is overflowing with plastic grocery bags and is an utter mess that you can no longer control.  You could turn those bags into a set of reusable bags.  (Thanks noodle-bug.)  Or perhaps your great aunt Muriel has been getting cold while reading in her drafty old house.  You could crochet her a new lapghan to keep her warm.  Whatever you choose, remember to explain why it is so needed.

~*Sign the Parchment*~
November 8th-30th

"I I think everybody should write their name down, just so we know who was here. But I also think that we all ought to agree not to shout about what we're doing. So if you sign, you're agreeing not to tell Umbridge or anybody else what we're up to." - Hermoine Grainger

This next challenge should be a real doss for everyone.  Hopefully a nice way to wind down the semester.  As easy as signing your name really.  For this challenge you will need to create something in your 'signature craft'.  The craft that you are most comfortable and familiar with.  You may create anything within that medium, no restrictions.  If you have more than one craft that is your signature, you may pick either medium.  If this is somehow still unclear, think of it this way.  If two Craftsters were to have a conversation about you, your signature craft would be how they'd identify you.  It would probably go something like this:

Abbeeroad:  Hey noodle-bug, do you know Mistress Jennie?
noodle-bug: You mean that girl who makes all the charm bracelets?

Yep, that girl who makes the charm bracelets.  So, if you were me, which you're not because you're you, but if you were me, then you'd craft a charm bracelet.  If you were pinkleo, you'd crochet something.  Etc. etc.  So get going on signing that parchment!

~*Have a Drink in the Hog's Head*~
October 10th-November 7th

"Hi," said Fred, reaching the bar first and counting his companions quickly.  "Could we have... twenty-five butterbeers, please?'
The barman glared at him for a moment, then, throwing down his rag irritably as though he had been interrupted in something very important, he started passing up dusty butterbeers from under the bar.

Sometimes darkness lies ahead.  Whether it be a long war against evil, or the long dark nights of autumn and winter.  But even when times are difficult and the road ahead of us looks impossible, there is comfort in sharing a moment of peace, some laughter, and some good food & drink with friends.  For this challenge you will take inspiration from Fred & George, and share a treat with your friends or family.  You must make a food, drink, or sweet treat to share that will serve at least 5 people.  (Not dinner for 2. The purpose of this challenge is to share with a larger group of friends.)  Further, in an effort to broaden the effects of your sharing spirit, you MUST post the complete recipe here in the HPC thread, in order to earn your Badge & House Points.  
***It should go without saying that, like all craft submissions here in the HPC, a picture must also accompany your post. No picture also = no points.***

~*Fear of a Name Challenge*~
September 11th-October 9th

"Harry, don't you see? This... this is exactly why we need you... We need to know what it's really like... facing him... facing V-Voldemort." - Hermione Granger

Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.  This is a lesson that all Potter fans take to heart; that facing your fears is the first step towards defeating them.  Hermione began to face her fears when she said Voldemorte's name for the very first time.  For this challenge you will will learn from her example, and face your crafting fears.  You must choose to craft something in a new medium that you have been afraid to try before, OR, you may craft something in a medium you are familiar with, but with a new technique that you have been afraid to try before.  For example, perhaps your a a knitter, and have made tons of knitted items, but you've always been afraid to try cables.  Then this is your chance to try knitting the heck out of those cables!  Since you will be trying new things, you have 4 weeks to complete this challenge, giving you lots of time to make mistakes and perfect your technique.

Catching Up with the D.A.

You:  Dear Headmistresses, I did not get a chance to complete the first DA task, but I would still like to participate.  What can I do?

Glad you asked my friend!  Your Headmistress and I have discussed this and come up with a solution for anyone who missed the first challenge, but still wishes to participate.  Whether you were too busy to jump in during a busy Fall Semester at your real world school, or family & personal obligations kept you from crafting as much as you'd like, you may have fallen (or may in future fall) behind with the DA Challenges.  This is not a problem, and you can still participate.  (As can folks who decide to join the HPC over Winter or Spring semesters.)  

Since learning practical defensive magic and joining the fight against Voldemorte and the Death Eaters was a journey for our characters, you will still need to complete the same journey they do in order to earn your place in the DA.  Therefore, you will still need to do all the challenges *in chronological order* to complete the task.  Therefore, if you missed the Fear of a Name Challenge, you will still need to complete it before you dive into the Drink at the Hog's Head Challenge.

But, there is a bit of fine print...  Wink

First off, each challenge will be assigned a required amount of time "Catch Up" time.  This means that you cannot post your NEXT craft until that amount of time has past.  (This amount of time will be noted with the closed challenge prompt.)  For example, the Fear of a Name Challenge has a Required Make Up Time of 2 weeks.  So if you missed that prompt but you still want to join the DA, first you must plan and craft an item that fits the Fear of a Name challenge prompt.  After posting it, you cannot post a Drink in the Hog's Head Challenge for 2 weeks.  This is not because we are mean.   Smiley  It is because we want each and every crafter to craft their best, rather than rush through a large number of poorly made crafts in a short time.  (It will also make more sense later, when there are lots more projects to get through in order to Catch Up.)

Second bit of fine print:  Each project completed DURING the official Challenge Period will receive 15 House Points.  Any project completed AFTER the official period will earn 10 House Points. For example, if you are joining the HPC this semester and complete the Fear of a Name challenge, you will earn 10 Points for it, because that challenge closed last semester.  You can then begin planning and crafting your Drink at the Hog's Head project and may post it 2 weeks after you Fear of a Name project.  If, in the course of catching up, you get to making some of this semester's challenges (during the semester), you will earn 15 Points for those.  If you still have questions, feel free to PM both ME, and pinkleo.  We will be happy to clarify.


***Please remember, you can choose to do any, all, or none of the Challenges and Challenge Series that come up.  The goal here is always to have fun and to be excited about our crafting!  None of the Challenges are intended to cause you stress or strife.  Even your Headmistresses do NOT plan to do ALL the things.  So craft on Friends, craft on.***
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446  *~Headmistress Tower~* in Craftalongs by Mistress Jennie on: May 27, 2014 08:03:36 AM
~Headmistress Tower~
:::password: cockroach clusters:::

~Daily Prophet~
*Look for new Daily Prophet Reports this term!*
* Craftster now has a special HP pinterest board for those interested in crafty magic.
* Show off OWL & NEWT progress on Advanced Studies Friday!
* JOIN the Society for the Protection of Everyone's Welfare, also know as S.P.E.W.!
* Great Hall Now Open: FOC Off-Topic Chat Board
* I'm so hungry I could eat a hippogriff!: Magical Recipes Revealed

~Badge Station~
To claim your badge, just left click the image; it will open another window with a larger image, which you can right click and save to your computer.  Then, you can do whatever you wish with it.  Ideas on how to use your badges: as an avatar, put it in your profile under Brief Bio, or create a pinterest board for all your badges.

Class Badges

Quidditch Badges

House Pride, House Unity, & Award Badges

~Chocolate Frog Cards~
These are the Chocolate Frog Cards aka CFCs offered within the HPC thread, also known as Common CFCs.  There are some Special CFCs that have been handed out by HPC Staff from their private collection that may have not been revealed yet in the thread.  You can collect CFCs by completing a CFC challenge prompt or by doing extraordinary crafty magic.
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447  Dreamcatcher Swap (SIGNUPS CLOSED; MAIL BY 7/7/14) in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by Mistress Jennie on: May 24, 2014 12:32:09 PM

Swap name: Dreamcatcher Swap
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: Mistress Jennie
Sign-up date range:  May 24, 2014-June 7, 2014
Date to send item by: July 7, 2014

Limited to a certain number of people? NO

Restricted to people who all live in the same country? NO

Additional Age requirement? NONE

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:
- Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
- Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
- Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES
- Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES
- Is at least 18 years old: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
- Has been a member for at least one month: YES
- Has posted at least 15 times: YES
- Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: YES
- Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES
- Does not have any negative feedback: YES
- Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: YES
- If within the US, understands that Delivery Confirmation number is required for this swap: YES
- If outside the US, understands that a mailing receipt copy is required for this swap: YES

Details of swap:
For this swap you must send 1 Medium Dreamcatcher crafted item, and 1 Small item based on your partners interests & loves. The Medium Dreamcatcher may be a traditional style Dreamcatcher, or it may be an alternate crafted item, with a Dreamcatcher as the central theme or idea.  The Small item may be crafted or purchased and can be anything you desire to give, based on your partners interests.

As a refresher, here are Craftster's Size Guidelines:
By Time
-Large = 3 or more hours
-Medium = 2 or more hours
-Small = 2 or less hours

By Size
-Large = A shawl, a shirt, a skirt, a set of jewelry with four to five items, a purse
-Medium = one single necklace or bracelet, a scarf
-Small = Earrings, stickers, wallets, pouches, bookmarks

By Price
-Large = $30 or more
-Medium = $10-$30 dollars
-Small = $10 or less

Links to tutorials on creating Dreamcatchers
Promise Land Ranch Traditional Dreamcatcher Tutorial
Lisa Tilse's Modern Dreamcatcher Tutorial
Video Tutorial by ashleygoboom on Youtube

If you want to participate, information to send to organizer:

Name of swap:
Craftster username:
Email address:
Your real name:
Mailing address including the country:
Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country?
Confirm that are at least 16 years old: (YES/NO)

What are your favorite colors?
Least favorite colors?
What is your style? (Hippy, Shabby Chic, Boho, Modern, etc.)
What are some of your favorite themes?

Do you hope for a traditional Dreamcatcher, or are you open to alternate crafted items with a Dreamcatcher theme?  (Embroidery, jewelry, papercrafting, etc.)

If you are open to alternate crafted items, is there anything you might enjoy most?  (No promises! Wink)

What are your favorite crafts to make?
What are your favorite crafts to receive?
What are your favorite hobbies outside of crafting?
Do you wear jewelry?
Supplies you are always in need of?
Is there anything you would NOT like to receive? (Religious, adult, etc.)

Do you smoke?
Do you have any allergies?
Do you have any allergens in your home?
Do you have an objection to receiving a finished item that uses animal derived craft supplies? (traditionally Dreamcatchers include leather, feathers, etc.)

Do you have a Pinterest or a Wist?
Anything else your organizer or partner should know about you?


Also, remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find other rules about participating in a swap.
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448  ~*Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests*~ in Craftalongs by Mistress Jennie on: May 22, 2014 08:18:10 AM
IMPORTANT: To be eligible to take your NEWT, you must have completed one OWL.  If you have not completed an OWL, you cannot propose a NEWT.
1. Select which subject you would like to complete for your NEWT.  You may only do one NEWT at a time so select carefully.
2. Propose what you plan on doing for your NEWT project.  You may do this by PM to your NEWT Examiners or by posting in the HPC thread.  When making an NEWT Proposal, please use the header below, and make sure you give details such as methods using, materials using, plan of action, timeline.  These details will help us cheer you on and inspire future NEWTs.
3. Begin work on your NEWT project.  Feel free to add progress pics in the HPC thread.
4. Once your project is complete, post a picture of your project in the HPC; make sure to use the NEWT Header provided below.  Once you post a completed NEWT, your NEWT Examiner will notify the Headmistress, and you will earn your NEWT Badge for that subject.

NEWT Subject:
Project Name:
Brief Description: (explain how your project relates to your subject, pattern/techniques used, materials using, plan of action, expected timeline, etc.)

NEWT Subject:
Project Name:
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.)
Project Picture:
Feel free to also include your house and any storycrafting you've created for your project.

So, whats a NEWT?! A NEWT is impressive! A NEWT is just enough crazy that youre not totally sure you can make it to end, but not so crazy that youll land in the padded wagon on your way to the finish line.  A NEWT is much like a thesis.  You are to choose the course of study you wish to take in a particular subject.  Research your desired subject, find a facet of that subject that you wish focus your advanced studies.  Form a plan of action, and make your proposal.  Remember your NEWT should be detailed and should be a craft endeavor that take you 1 month or more to finish.  This is Advanced Studies so make sure to stretch yourself and your crafty magic.  You may take NEWTs in the following subjects:
--Alchemy: Students are expected to show extensive knowledge of basic elements, as well as the transmutation of substances.
--Arithmancy: Students display their mastery of all things magical and mathematical.
--Astronomy: Students should demonstrate knowledge of the celestial heavens.
--Care of Magical Creatures: Students should demonstrate extensive knowledge of magical creatures and their proper care and handling.
--Charms: Students are expected to have total mastery over charms.
--Defence Against the Dark Arts: Students must demonstrate the ability to defend themselves in magical combat.
--Divination: Students should have a sound knowledge of a variety of techniques of foretelling the future.
--Herbology: Students should have a vast knowledge of magical plants and be able to easily manipulate complex organic creations.
--History of Magic: Students must produce evidence that they did not sleep through all of Prof. Binns lectures.
--Muggle Studies: Students should demonstrate their knowledge of all things muggle and have the ability to blend into muggle society with ease
--Potions: Students should exhibit full knowledge of all potions and a mastery at mixing complex potions.
--Study of Ancient Runes: Students are expected to decipher obscure markings with ease.
--Transfiguration: Students will demonstrate the ability to transfigure and vanish.

~*Students Eligible to Take NEWTs*~
Abbeeroad, Acadian Driftwood, Audania1, CraftLadyMJ, DragonChilde, Eiseldora, ErinAquaheart, FiberAlchemist, indigo_roses, jenleahlynn, jennieingram, jillybeans, Kit the Brave, lelyonna, Magpirate, MamanTattoo, Melissaurus, Moonflame, Naantje, netchez, Nicajeanie, noodle-bug, patty_o_furniture, PenguinSoup, pinkleo, pottermouth, rockmygypsysoul, Supermutts, tiamatfire, travelgirl, and WhistleFish


Abbeeroad: Arithmancy, Sept. 6, 2013
Melissaurus: DADA, Feb. 9, 2013
MamanTattoo: Astronomy April 07, 2014
pinkleo: HoM, Dec. 23, 2013
rockmygypsysoul: Care of Magical Creatures, July 03, 2014
tiamatfire: SoAR, Jan, 22, 2014

Acadian Driftwood: Herbology, April 10, 2014
CraftyLadyMJ: Transfiguration, July 10, 2013 (PM Proposal)
gaudiknight: Arithmancy March 28, 2014 - On HOLD as of 4/30/14
Moonflame: Transfiguration, June 6, 2013
patty_o_furniture: CoMC, August 18, 2013

BadWolf314: Alchemy, March 02, 2014
indigo_roses: Ancient Runes, Mar. 4, 2013
Magpirate: Alchemy (Email Submission) April 05, 2014
netchez: CoMC, Sept. 1, 2013
noodle-bug: History of Magic, June 24, 2014
PenguinSoup: Ancient Runes, Jan. 17, 2013
pottermouth: Arithmancy,  June 30, 2014

DragonChilde: Divination, Oct. 12, 2013
ErinAquaheart: Divination, August 15, 2014
margaron: Potions, August 17, 2014

Mistress Jennie: Transfiguration

Acadian Driftwood: Herbology

pottermouth: Charms

ErinAquaheart: Muggle Studies
Naantje: Arithmancy

~*NEWT Certificates*~
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449  ~*Ordinary Wizarding Levels*~ in Craftalongs by Mistress Jennie on: May 22, 2014 08:16:33 AM
NOTE: Once you propose, please go forth on your Advanced Studies projects.  Your Examiners will PM if they have any inquiries.

~Everything O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s~
---Ordinary Wizarding Levels, OWLs, and Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests, NEWTs, are advanced crafting projects.  OWLs and NEWTs are supposed to be more complex and challenging projects.
---OWLs and NEWTs are more time-consuming than HPC classes and challenges.  There is no hard and fast rule on how many hours a project should take, because speed and difficulty levels are too subjective.  What we are really looking for is a project that will be a personal challenge to you.
---OWLs should take 3-4 weeks to complete.
---NEWTs should take more than a month to complete. (Please see post below for more on NEWTs.)
---Projects that do not take the allotted time of crafting will not be counted as complete; keep that in mind when you post your completed OWLs and NEWTs.  If you finish your OWL or NEWT earlier than expected, then craft an additional item(s) that correspond with your subject.  Add notes on how you finished earlier than expected and details about your additional crafting in your Completed Project post.
---You must propose your OWL or NEWT before starting so that we may be your cheerleaders and help encourage you during this more challenging craft adventure.
---You may only do 1 OWL & 1 NEWT at one time.  (Dont want you to be stuck with a ton of OWL & NEWT WIPs!)
---You may propose an OWL or NEWT any time during the semester.
---OWLs and NEWTs can carry over to the next semester.
---If you decide to abandon an OWL or NEWT project, notify your OWL Examiners, and they will erase that log from their records.  Once you have submitted to have an OWL or NEWT erased, you can propose a new one.

1. Select which OWL you would like to complete.  You may only do one OWL at a time so select carefully.
2. Propose what you plan on doing for your OWL project.  You may do this by PM to your OWL Examiners or by posting in the HPC thread.  When making an OWL Proposal, please use the header below, and make sure you give details such as methods using, materials using, plan of action, timeline.  These details will help us cheer you on and inspire future OWLs.
3. Begin work on your OWL project.  Feel free to add progress pics in the HPC thread.
4. Once your project is complete, post a picture of your project in the HPC; make sure to use the OWL Header provided below.  Once you post a completed OWL, your OWL Examiner will notify the Headmistress, and you will earn your OWL Badge for that subject.

OWL Subject & Option(if available):
Project Name:
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, materials using, plan of action, expected timeline, etc.)

OWL Subject & Option (if available):
Project Name:
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.)
Project Picture:
Feel free to also include your house and any storycrafting you've created for your project.

--Alchemy:  Option 1-Alchemists have, through their mystical quests, made significant contributions to our world.  These include metalworking, production of inks, dyes and cosmetics, ceramics and glass manufacture, preparation of extracts and liqueurs and the invention of gunpowder.  Honor the work of these alchemists by creating something from one or more of these contributions.  Option 2-The Four Elements of alchemy are Fire, Earth, Air and Water.  Craft a project that represents all four of these elements.
--Arithmancy: Bridget Wenlock was a famous thirteenth-century Arithmancer, and the first to establish the magical properties of the number seven.  Your OWL quest is to turn in something that involves the number seven.
--Astronomy: Option 1-Craft a star chart.  Option 2-Interpret the solar system into a craft.  Option 3-It is believed that we can only see 5% of the universe, the rest is made up of Dark Matter and Dark Energy which is invisible to us. Create something where at first glance you can only see a small portion, but when you look closer you can find the rest of the details.
--Care of Magical Creatures:  Option 1-Even in the muggle world, we are surrounded by fascinating and breathtaking creatures.  Craft something inspired by an everyday animal you find magical.  Option 2-Dragons are terrifying yet awe-inspiring; craft something inspired by these magical creatures.
--Charms: Research the different charms and show your mastery of a particular charm by crafting something inspired by it.  For example, Alohomora is an opening charm; craft something that open or has an opening.  Another example, Confundus is a confusion charm; craft something you find a bit confusing.
--Defence Against the Dark Arts: Option 1-The patronus is an effective charm against dementors and to call for help when in need, though difficult to master. Craft something using or inspired by your patronus animal.  Option 2-Craft something inspired by one of the DADA professors.
--Divination: Option 1-Create at least 4 items you need for a successful reading.  Option 2-Create a dream item.  Option 3-Create something inspired by the zodiac.
--Herbology:  Research magical and mundane plants, and show your knowledge by creating something inspired by one or more plants that could be found in a wizards or witches garden.
--History of Magic: Option 1-Create 4 different items, one item for each house, these items should reflect your interpretation of the characteristics of each house.  Option 2-Craft 3 items which represent 3 characters with Harry Potter.   Option 3-Craft something using a vintage pattern, material, or technique.
--Muggle Studies: We all know the Tales of Beetle Bard, but did you know that muggles have a vast array of fantastical stories?  The most fascinating are known to muggles as fairy tales.  Study these tales and craft something inspired by them.
--Potions: Option 1- Show off your ability to work with many ingredients by showcasing at least 3 different colors/pattern/textures.  Colors can be monochromatic.  A variegated yarn or one fabric swatch with various colors within it count as one color.  Option 2-Research different potions and show your mastery by crafting something inspired by it.
--Study of Ancient Runes: Option 1-Use an intricate charted design; you may create your own design for this project.  Option 2-Create something that contains 7 or more letters/symbols.  Option 3-Create a set of runes; these can be presented in one or more pieces.
--Transfiguration: Option 1-Practice your vanishing and conjuring spells by taking a large amount of supply and crafting one piece.  Option 2-Craft something with a dual purpose.  Option 3-Craft your Animagus.


Abbeeroad: Transfiguration, Sept. 6, 2013
butterflyangel: Potions, Option 1 July 23, 2014
dwfan10: Arithmancy, Apr. 30, 2013
IsikkahJai: Herbology, Sept. 6, 2012
Melissaurus: Divination, Jan. 28, 2013
Mistress Jennie: History of Magic (Option 3), Feb 11, 2014
pinkleo: Muggle Studies, Dec. 23, 2013
rockmygypsysoul: Transfiguration, Dec. 5, 2013
sakuracat23: Transfiguration, Jan. 22, 2013
spikefan: Transfiguration, Sept. 4, 2012
The Mad Quilter: Transfiguration, Sept. 3, 2013
tiamatfire: Herbology, December 25, 2013
ttsaria: Study of Ancient Runes (PM Proposal), Sept.15, 2012
whenindoubtsew: Care of Magical Creatures, Sept. 23, 2012

BringMeKnitting8: Astronomy, Option 2, June 11, 2014
blupaisan: Arithmancy, Jan. 27 2014
CraftLadyMJ: Potions, Option1 (PM Proposal), Mar. 25 2013
jillybeans: Transfiguration, Mar. 27, 2013
Kit the Brave: Arithmancy, Dec. 1, 2012
midkiffsjoy: Divination, June 4, 2013
patty_o_furniture: CoMC, Aug. 18, 2013
seeuudee: Charms, June 20, 2014

Audania1: Arithmancy, March 01, 2014
AugustBell: Transfiguration, Jan.16, 2013
BadWolf314: Potions, Option 1, March 02, 2014
consultingcorsair: History of Magic, Jan. 9, 2013
FiberAlchemist: SoAR, Option 1 April 07, 2014
Flip-floP: Charms, Apr. 10, 2013
krashromance: Potions, Mar. 19, 2013
kstaron: Charms, Sept. 6, 2012
Listessa: Potions, June 17, 2013
Magpirate: Astronomy, Option 3, June 14, 2014
Natasjadreams: Study of Ancient Runes, Sept. 7, 2012
PenguinSoup: Care of Magical Creatures, Jan. 18, 2013
SenatorOrgana: Tranfiguration, Oct. 20, 2013
ShardaeDobby: Muggle Studies, Sept. 11, 2012
SiakelA: Alchemy, Jan. 5, 2013
Swimswamswum: Transfiguration (PM Proposal), Sept. 2, 2013
the_essence: Charms, Dec. 9, 2012
vincentvanbuck: Alchemy, Dec. 3, 2013

Ant Bee: Transfiguration, Sept. 8, 2012
audio: Transfiguration, Jan. 27, 2013
bookie0013: Charms, Sept. 1, 2013
calliemae: Care of Magical Creatures, Option 1, August 24, 2014
coulsenl: Potions, Dec. 2, 2013
DragonChilde: Transfiguration, Option 1 April 01, 2014
FreakieGeekie: History of Magic, Apr. 26, 2013
Inselaeffchen: Charms, July 02, 2014
lightninglisa: Astronomy, Sept. 3, 2012
Naantje: History of Magic, June 4, 2013
samash90: Transfiguration, Option 1 & 2 March 18, 2014
SKooKum: Potions, Apr. 2, 2013
TechnicolorAquahearts: MS, June 16, 2013
travelgirl: Arithmancy, July 23, 2013

jenleahlynn: Charms
WhistleFish: Transfiguration (Option 1)

Acadian Driftwood: Care of Magical Creatures, Option 1
Moonflame: Charms

noodle-bug: Alchemy, Option 1
noodle-bug: DADA, Option 2
teag: Potions, Option 1

calliemae: DADA, Option 2
calliemae: Transfiguration, Option 1
ErinAquaheart: Potions, Option 1

~*OWL Certificates*~
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450  CLOSED-HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2014~ in Craftalongs by Mistress Jennie on: May 22, 2014 08:05:30 AM

~Harry Potter Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2014~

~*BEGAN June 1, 2014*~
~*ENDED August 31, 2014*~

~*Summer 2014 Crafty Magic Stats*~
The Summer Semester lasted 92 days.
38 Students were enrolled at Hogwarts.
464 Projects were Posted!!

That is an amazing average of around 5 projects a day and 12 projects per student!

Welcome to Hogwarts!
The Harry Potter Craftalong (HPC) is not your typical craftalong; we are gathered here to celebrate our love of crafting and the Wonderful World of Harry Potter.  In the HPC you will be completing classes and challenges with your skills in crafty magic.  These classes and challenges all have HP centered themes, but your crafts do not have to be Harry Potter."  Your mission, as a student at Hogwarts, is to complete at least one class or challenge during this semester.  You may join any time during the semester.  I hope you join us; the HPC is a great way to stretch your crafty muscles, meet HP crafters, and have fun!

---The HPC is here to help us each finish projects and to explore new challenges as we better our crafting skills.  Prompts and guidelines are there to help stimulate creativity and growth; the size and complexity of the project submitted should reflect a level of personal growth and challenge over the time you spend in the HPC.
---Projects for the HPC should represent your best crafty skills.  Take pride in your work.  Classes and challenges should take a minimum of 30 minutes to make.  
---A project can only be submitted for one class/challenge (the same project cannot be entered in multiple categories) unless noted in prompt (it will be CLEARLY noted if allowed).
---Projects must be turned in within the timeframe designated by the type of assignment or challenge.
---For a project to be counted, it must have a picture or picture link included.  If your item is a private piece, you may submit a picture link to one of the headmistresses.
---For any cooking/food project, in addition to a photo, you must post a complete recipe, or link to the complete recipe you used.  No recipe = no points.  [EDIT due to questions: *For our purposes, a "complete recipe" means it includes a full set of ingredients, and step-by-step instructions that another HPC member could replicate themselves at home.
---There is SO MUCH to do in the HPC.  Do not feel like you have to craft everything.  Think of the HPC as a "Choose Your Own Adventure".  Craft what inspires you, but don't try to do everything and get burned out.  Keep in mind these wise words , "It does not do to dwell on lists and forget to craft."  

For each assignment/challenge, use this header:
Class/Challenge/House Pride:
SPEW: (If your item is for charity, enter that here; if not leave blank or add n/a.)
Project Name:
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques/recipe used, any fun tips, etc.)
Project Picture:
Feel free to also include your house and any storycrafting you've created for your project.
---You can add more than one project to your post, but a header must be used for each project.

~*HPC FAQs*~
---How long is a semester?  Semesters are as follows: WINTER- December, January, February; SPRING-March, April, May; SUMMER-June, July, August; FALL-September, October, November.
---When can I join?  You can join anytime in the semester.
---Do I have to sign-up to join this craftalong? No, all you have to do is post in the thread a hi or completed project post.
---How do I complete a semester/earn my year? To complete a semester/year, you only have to complete one class or challenge during the semester.
---What timezone do we use?  We use Headmistress pinkleo's Central Timezone (Texas time).
---Do you sort me?  NO, you will decide which house you belong to, but you can only choose one.
---I have a problem or question; who can I ask?  You can send a Personal Message (PM) to Headmistresses Mistress Jennie AND pinkleo.  You can also ask specific questions to HPC staff.  And you can post your question in the thread; our students are very helpful!
---Can I turn in something I did earlier? With a very few exceptions the answer is NO!  You must complete your project during the current semester. Exceptions are Detention and OWLs; look for details about these projects in their information posts.
---Are we swapping? No, this is not an organized swap.  We are just encouraging crafting with a HP twist.  But if you enjoy swapping, keep an eye out for HP themed swap info in our thread.
---Do I have to craft all the classes and challenges? NO, you pick what you inspires you.  There is tons to choose from so choose your own HP Craft Adventure through the castle.
---What kind of projects are allowed for classes/challenges? If Craftster has a category for it, then it is a viable HPC project.  And since Craftster has a board for almost everything, your choices are vast.
---Does my craft project have to be Harry Potter themed? NO, if your item fulfills the class/challenge prompt, then it can be posted in the HPC.  Above all, we are here to encourage crafting.

~*House Points*~
~*Your triumphs will earn you points*~
Points System
15 points for a Class Assignment & Challenge*
100 points for OWLs
150 points for NEWTs
10 points extra for SPEW aka Charity Items

House Points Guidelines
--- *You cannot double dip for Class & Challenge points.  For example, if you turn-in a project for Herbology & Geminio, then you would get 2 badges but only 15 points for the project.
---You cannot get credit for a class or challenge twice.  For example, if you turn in 2 Alchemy projects, then you will only get points for the first one.
--- SPEW points are extra credit.  You can earn SPEW points for each project you turn in if it goes to charity.  You do not have to give the charity's name, just that you are donating to a certain cause.  (I happen to know that some Battered Women's Shelters don't like their names/locations posted.) SPEW projects must be clearly marked with SPEW to earn extra points.  I suggest adding it to your header.  Also, SPEW project can be turned in as stand-alone projects; they will earn 10 points.  Unlike most projects, you can turn in more than one SPEW project for points.
---HPC Challenge Points do not include House Challenges.  For Example, a Gryffindor Lion-along project would not count for points unless it also fulfills a HPC Class or HPC Challenge.
--- To determine House Cup Winner, an average from the points accumulated per house and the number of members per house.  If there is a tie, then more than one house will win the cup.  Note, a House Member is someone who has turned in at least 1 project.
--- Don't stress over House Points, but do craft your personal best. (This varies from person to person.  And I'm not really worried about "crafting your best" bit because HPCers are amazing crafters!)

~*HPC Portkeys*~
Headmistress Tower & Badge Station
Deputy Headmistress' Office
Diagon Alley
Witch/Wizard of the Week
Room of Requirement - Join the D.A.!
Daily Prophet
Berite Bott's Every Flavour Bean Grab Bag
Wizard & Witch Career Placement Agency
Pinterest Pixie's Projects Page
Quidditch Pitch
Hogwarts Kitchens
SPEW Headquarters

House Keys
7th Floor Gryffindor
Hufflepuff PARTY Common Room
Ravenclaw Tower
Slytherin Dungeon

Professors' Classrooms
Detention in the Dungeons
Alchemy Dungeon
Astronomy Tower
Care of Magical Creatures
History of Magic
Muggle Studies
Dungeon 5: Potions
Room of Runes
Classroom 1B: Transfiguration
Ordinary Wizarding Levels
Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests

~*The Great Hall OT Chat*~

Craftster craftalongs are for crafting and crafting encouragement.  If you would like to talk off-topic, such as in-depth Harry Potter discussions, then please visit The Great Hall.  Thank you for keeping the HPC within Craftster guidelines.

~*Summer HPC Staff*~
Headmistress pinkleo
Deputy Headmistress Mistress Jennie

Gryffindor Head of House WhistleFish
Hufflepuff Head of House Moonflame
Ravenclaw Head of House FiberAlchemist
Slytherin Head of House DragonChilde

SPEW President Ant Bee

Alchemy Professor Inselaeffchen
Apparition & Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor noodle-bug
Arithmancy Professor POSITION OPEN
Astronomy Professor DragonChilde
Care of Magical Creatures & Divination Professor ErinAquaheart
Charms Professor Madame Suppler with Spirit Division Contact noodle-bug
Flying Professor POSITION OPEN
Herbology Professor Madame Suppler with Spirit Division Contact noodle-bug
History of Magic & Muggle Studies Professor WhistleFish
Potions Professor POSITION OPEN
Study of Ancient Runes & Transfiguration Professor BadWolf314

Kitchen Elf FiberAlchemist

Badge Baronesses BadWolf314, FiberAlchemist, Mistress Jennie, pinkleo, WhistleFish,
Pinterest Pixie Inselaeffchen
Spreadsheet Sorceress Mistress Jennie
Math Magician Mistress Jennie & pinkleo

~*Members of Slug Club This Term*~

~*Past HPC Semesters*~
Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Winter 2012/2013, Spring 2013, Summer 2013, Fall 2013, Winter 2013/2014, Spring 2014

~*Previous Winner of House Cup*~
Winter 2012/2013: Gryffindor
Spring 2013: Gryffindor
Summer 2013: Gryffindor
Fall 2013: Gryffindor
Winter 2013/2014: Ravenclaw
Spring 2014: Ravenclaw

~*Previous Winner of Quidditch Cup*~
Summer 2012: Gryffindor
Summer 2013: Gryffindor
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