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1  Re: HP Craftalong ~Fall Semester 2014~ *Join Anytime* in Craftalongs by FiberAlchemist on: October 16, 2014 03:05:32 PM
Since swap packages have been received I now have some projects to turn in.  Woo!

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Alchemy
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Apple Cider Jelly
Brief Description:  During my research of the goddess Aphrodite I learned that one of the symbols commonly associated with her is the apple, which can represent youth, love, and beauty.  To pay homage to this aspect of Aphrodite I put up a batch of Carmel Apple Cider Jelly.  The recipe I used can be found on Serious Eats.  While I have not cracked open a jar yet what I tasted from the bottom of the pan is a delicious, not too sweet and slightly spicy jelly that would be as great on toast as it would be warmed and spooned over vanilla ice cream.

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Apparition
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: House Sweater Gloves (Gryffindor Edition)
Brief Description: I made these fingerless gloves for WhistleFish in the current round of the Back to Hogwarts swap.  They utilize three different colors of yarn and while making them I was able to meditate on the three Ds of Apparition.  (And the fact that I had to knit them twice because I first knit them on the wrong size needles did not hurt my studying either.)

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Arithmancy
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Cauldron Cake
Brief Description: Last month my husband and I found ourselves browsing the confections at Honeydukes and I was delighted by the cauldron cakes.  Detoured by the price of what appeared to be a cupcake adorned with some chocolate embellishments I was determined to make my own at home.  I used a half circle pan like this to bake up a box of devils food cake mix.  After they were baked, cooled, and the tops leveled I dipped the bottoms of the cakes in melted chocolate.  I used candy melts and used the remaining chocolate and a small piping bag to make the cauldron handles.  While the handles were setting up I frosted the cakes with chocolate buttercream.  I used the recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook; but you could use any that you liked or even store bought.  Finally I added the handles to the tops of the cakes and they were done.  They dont look exactly like the ones at Honeydukes but they are pretty close and I dont think I did too badly making them from my memory (yes I really forgot to take a picture of them).

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Astronomy
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: New Moon Hat
Brief Description: I was inspired the the inky black of the night sky during the new moon.  I knit up a hat with yarn that is saturated black with just a few white speckles running though (they reminded me of stars).

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Care of Magical Creatures
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Raccoon Eyes Toiletry Bag
Brief Description: Sewing this bag gave me nothing but trouble.  The instructions were straight forward but for whatever reason almost every step I had some issue.  First I only cut out half of the pieces I needed; it wasnt until I had stashed my scraps that I realized this and had to cut another piece of each piece.  Things started going better until I got to the zipper.  I had to rip out and re-sew the zipper 4 times before I was able to get everything looking right.  Some of this could be due to the fact that I wanted to make the bad waterproof and used fusible vinyl on the lining.  I was never so happy to have a project completed; and despite all the trouble it gave me it is still a really great bag.

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Flying
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: A Weasley Clock
Brief Description: This is another part of WhistleFishs B2H swap package.  I used a wooden plate/disk as the main base of the clock and then sketched out twelve wedges for each of the locations (I think the clock in the movie has 13 but you cant really tell time on a clock with 13 wedges).  I then painted it with acrylic paint, sealed it and added a clock mechanism.

Class/Challenge/House Pride: House Pride - Gryffindor
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Lunas Lion Hat
Brief Description: This was the last thing I sent to WhistleFish for the swap.  A hat inspired by one of her favorite characters!  I always loved that Luna despite being a Ravenclaw made an awesome lion hat to support Harry during quidditch.  I found the pattern in a book called Animal Hats and knew I had to make it.  I used a supper bulky weight yarn I found at Michaels.  Im not sure of the brand as I tossed the wrapper but I think it might be their store brand.  The loop stitch took a little while to get the hang of but once I did it was a quick knit.  I love it so much I kind of want to make one for myself.
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2  Re: HP Craftalong ~Fall Semester 2014~ *Join Anytime* in Craftalongs by FiberAlchemist on: October 16, 2014 03:02:24 PM
~ Memo from the House Elves ~

He had never had any money for candy with the Dursleys, and now that he had pockets rattling with gold and silver he was ready to buy as many Mars Bars as he could carry-- but the woman didnt have Mars Bars.  What she did have were Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Droobles Best Blowing Gum, Chocolate Frogs, Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes, Licorice Wands, and a number of other strange things Harry had never seen in his life.  Not wanting to miss anything, he got some of everything and paid the woman eleven silver Sickles and seven bronze Knuts.
The Sorcerers Stone, Chapter 6

Cauldron cakes are not described in the books in great detail, though one may assume it is a sort of cake in the shape of a traditional cauldron.  These are made of devils food cake mix, (you could just as easily make your favorite chocolate cake from scratch) and frosted with chocolate butter cream.  The base of the cake is dipped in melted chocolate for added flavor and to help the rounded base of the cauldron stand up and finished with a chocolate handle.  The candles are made by piping melted chocolate onto  a silicon mat and allowing allowing the chocolate to cool and harden.

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3  Re: Back to Hogwarts 5 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by FiberAlchemist on: October 16, 2014 03:00:15 PM
My package from WhistleFish arrived yesterday and it was filled with awesomeness!!  When I opened the box everything was packaged so cutely with little tags; but silly me I forgot to take a picture.

The first thing I opened was inspired by me favorite class, Care of Magical Creatures.  Its a little field guide book necklace!! And it even has tiny writing inside!

Tiny writing inside:

Second, my very own owl from Eeylops.  I love him, especially his tiny orange feet!  Ive been wanting to make a crocheted owl for a while, but anything I try to crochet that 3-D always comes out wonky and lopsided.

And last the most amazing Ravenclaw hoodie!  The front has the house crest and the back the silhouette of an eagle and the traits of a Ravenclaw.  I am so impressed by Whistles stencil work here.  Its is just too perfect!!
Front: Back:

Here is a group picture of everything, including some Bertie Botts Beans, a cute notebook and a little weekly tear off calendar.

Thank you so much Whistle!!
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4  Re: HP Craftalong ~Fall Semester 2014~ *Join Anytime* in Craftalongs by FiberAlchemist on: September 06, 2014 10:26:32 AM
Wow! Shocked So many great project already this semester!  I have a couple to add of my own.

Class/Challenge/House Pride: History of Magic
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Blackberry Jam
Brief Description: This semester to demonstrate my hard work and perseverance I made blackberry jam.  I live in Western Washington where blackberries run wild and are generally considered a nuisance, so one morning I set out with a bucket determined to collect as many berries as I could.  On the initial outing I picked about 9 cups of berries (what the recipe called for) but after returning home and spending quite a while mashing all the berries through a fine mesh strainer I learned that I was going to need more.  Determined to make this jam happen I headed back out for more berries.  After it was all said and done it took me about 6 hours to make this jam a less stubborn person would have given up.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Potions
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Salsa!
Brief Description: When canning anything heat is a very important component.  Jars must be heated and sterilized, the food (jams, brines, etc) must be heated too; but the most important part is either processing in boiling water or in a pressure cooker.  This heat transforms the food into something safe to store and enjoy later. To demonstrate my knowledge of correct heating I put up a batch of restaurant style salsa.
Project Picture:

** Links to full recipes can be found in the project descriptions **
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5  Re: HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2014~ *JOIN ANYTIME* in Craftalongs by FiberAlchemist on: August 30, 2014 09:21:24 PM
Here is my end of the semester project turn in.  I'll be back tomorrow to update Ravenclaw Tower and work on end of semestery things.

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Alchemy
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Anchors Away Bracelet
Brief Description: I was inspired by the sea in creating this bracelet.  I found an anchor charm and used hemp cord in three shades of blue to create a simple wrap bracelet.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Astronomy
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Embroidery Floss Organization
Brief Description: For years my embroidery floss has been a mess. It was just kept loose in a small plastic bin that would require me to go through every skein each time I started a new project.  I didnt want to go the cardboard bobbin route (I knew I would never wind all those little things) so I needed a new idea.  While walking through The Container Store I came across a photo organizer and decided it would be prefect.  I put each skein in a snack sized zip top back (with a notecard for stability) labeled the front and placed them in in number order.  It is so much better!!!
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Charms
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Confetti Thank You Card
Brief Description: I needed a card to thank my neighbor for watering my plants while I was out of town so I made a simple one with black graphic text and magic maker confetti.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Divination
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Boho Dreamcatcher
Brief Description: Dreamcatchers are made to filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind while we are a sleep.  I made this dreamcatcher for Mistress Jennie for the Dreamcatcher Swap earlier this semester.  I made it in a purple and cream boho style using leather cording, lace and velvet.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Flying
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Floating Rainbow Owls
Brief Description: Birds often look as they are hovering in the air, especially predatory birds like owls as they hunt for noms.  For this craft I used an owl shaped punch and paint chips to make a rainbow of birds.  I used mounting tape to make the owls look like they are hovering off the picture frame.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Herbology
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Zipper Key Pouch
Brief Description: When I go for a walk I like to make sure I have my keys, my ID and maybe my debit card or some cash (because sometimes things happen) but I dont want to bring my purse or stuff everything into my bra so I made a little pouch with card slots, a zipper compartment and a key ring.  The tutorial can be found here
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: July Detention
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Quilters Ironing Board
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: As a quilter I often find myself fighting with my ironing board.  Its not sturdy enough and there is never enough room for my quilt and the iron and you loose so much work space by the end that tapers into a point. So I decided to make something better.  I took me a couple months to decide what I wanted, figure out how to make it and actually get the stuff and actually do it.  I made the top out of a piece of plywood cut to 24x 60.  I then traced the shape of my ironing board onto the wood and used that as a guideline to add brackets to keep it on the top of the metal ironing board.  To finish it off I covered the top with a layer of Insulbrite, two layers of 100% cotton quilt batting and a layer of home decor weight fabric.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: August Detention
House: RAvenclaw
Project Name: Crab Shack Coasters
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: I found an extra charm pack floating around in my fabric stash so I decided they would be prefect to use for a set of coasters.  They are two charm squares with batting sandwiched in-between and then top stitched round the edge.  The great part about repetitive projects like this is they can be sewn in an assembly line.
Project Picture:
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6  Hogwart's Kitchens in Craftalongs by FiberAlchemist on: August 29, 2014 10:30:41 AM
"In the corridor outside, one will find a painting of a bowl of fruit; one such fruit is a pear. If one tickles the pear, it will squirm, laugh, and then transform into a green door-knob. Hence revealing the doorway, one can open the door and enter."

"He had one brief glimpse of an enormous, high-ceilinged room, large as the Great Hall above it, with mounds of glittering brass pots and pans heaped around the stone walls, and a great brick fireplace at the other end..."
The Hogwarts kitchen's appearance in 1994

The elves are busy cooking up some magic this fall.  Keep your eyes open for tasty treats popping up this semester!!

Recipes from the Elves
Cauldron Cakes

Student Submitted Recipes
Abbeeroad - Fried Green Beans
calliemae - Baby Eggplant Spaghetti
DragonChilde - Rose and Pistachio Shortbread
DragonChilde - Herb Flower Shortbread
Inselaeffchen - Apfelmus/ Apple Butter in Slow Cooker!
Magpirate - Easy Baked Eggplant Parmesan
Magpirate - Apple/Bacon/Cheddar Chimichangas
MistressJennie - "Let's Get Married" Chicken & Dumplings
Moonflame - Patience is Delicious
tiamatfire - More Apple Sauce!
WhistleFish - Lite Mexican Lasagna
WhistleFish - Slow Cooker Lasagna
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7  Ravenclaw Tower in Craftalongs by FiberAlchemist on: August 26, 2014 12:15:56 PM

~Ravenclaw House Points - 375~
*Reminder: Class/Challenge 15 pts , OWL 100 pts, NEWT 150 pts , SPEW 10 pts extra*

Alchemy - FiberAlchemist, Magpirate, noodle-bug
Apparition - FiberAlchemist, noodle-bug, pottermouth, vincentvanbuck
Arithmancy - FiberAlchemist, noodle-bug
Astronomy - FiberAlchemist, Magpirate, noodle-bug, pottermouth, vincentvanbuck
Care of Magical Creatures - FiberAlchemist, Magpirate, noodle-bug
Charms - noodle-bug
Defense Against the Dark Arts -
Divination - Magpirate, noodle-bug, vincentvanbuck
Flying - FiberAlchemist, pottermouth, vincentvanbuck
Herbology - noodle-bug
History of Magic - FiberAlchemist, noodle-bug, vincentvanbuck
House Pride/Unity - FiberAlchemist, noodle-bug
Muggle Studies - AugustBell, noodle-bug, vincentvanbuck
Potions - AugustBell, FiberAlchemist, noodle-bug, vincentvanbuck
Study of Ancient Runes - noodle-bug, vincentvanbuck
Transfiguration - pottermouth

September Detention - AugustBell, noodle-bug
October Detention - noodle-bug
November Detention -

Bertie's Bean Aubergine - noodle-bug, vincentvanbuck
Bertie's Bean Pomegranate - Magpirate, noodle-bug, vincentvanbuck
Bertie's Bean Shrimp - noodle-bug, vincentvanbuck
Bertie's Bean Broccoli -

Headmistress's Challenge - September - Magpirate, noodle-bug, vincentvanbuck
Headmistress's Challenge - October -
Headmistress's Challenge - November -

pottermouth - Completed NEWT in Transfiguration - Molly Weasley's Big Arse Tree Skirt

* Completed Class + SPEW Project
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8  Re: HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2014~ *JOIN ANYTIME* in Craftalongs by FiberAlchemist on: August 21, 2014 04:40:21 PM
Class/Challenge/House Pride: Quidditch - Beater
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name:  Blue Skimmer Socks
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: Socks need partners.  They are just not helpful when you only have one. 
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Quidditch - Chaser
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name:  Super Eyeglasses Case
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: I had been meaning to make a case for my sunglasses for a while now.  They usually just float around in my purse or car and since they are prescription I decided they needed a better home.  I whipped this little guy up in about 45 minutes the other day.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Quidditch - Keeper
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Alice in Wonderland Pincushion
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: I always think cross-stitch projects will take me no time at all.  Then I'm always wrong... so many little x's.  This is a biscornu style pincushion with stitching on the top and bottom.  The pattern is by Cloud's Factory.
Project Picture:
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9  Re: HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2014~ *JOIN ANYTIME* in Craftalongs by FiberAlchemist on: August 21, 2014 04:38:04 PM
~ Memo from the House Elves ~

"What did you expect? ...Pumpkin juice!?"
     - Chamber of Secrets

Pumpkin juice is a delicious beverage that can be drunk at any occasion, including breakfast, lunch, a feast or at the quidditch pitch.

Class/Challenge/House Pride: Quidditch - Bumphing
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Pumpkin Juice
Project Page Link (if available): brytontaylor.com
Brief Description: This delicious drink would be wonderful to take to any quidditch match.  Whether served chilled during the summer or packed warm in a thermos for a chill autumn match, pumpkin juice is sure to make the game more enjoyable.
Project Picture:

Actual "pumpkin juice" *
   - half of a butternut squash
   - 2 cups water
Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice
   - 1.25 cup pumpkin juice
   - 3 cups apple juice
   - 1/2 cup apricot nectar
   - 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
   - 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
   - 1/2 cup sugar*

   1.   Start by placing your half a pumpkin or squash in a baking tray lined with a layer of water. Roast for approx 40 minutes at 180C until soft when fork is pressed in.
   2.   Remove from oven, cool and remove skin.
   3.   In a blender, combine the squash and water and blend. You can also put the pumpkin through the juicer, following it with water (putting just the pumpkin through does next to nothing).
   4.   In a saucepan, combine the 1.25 cups of the pumpkin juice with the apple juice, apricot nectar, vanilla essence, 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice and sugar. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer for 20-30 minutes.
   5.   The whole point of this? By simmering you'll be reducing the water so it'll have a more concentrated taste and will help the spices infuse with the juices, which plays a big part in the taste.
   6.   Chill and serve (although served hot is wonderful too!)

*Note - Because I was too lazy to roast a squash I experimented and found that you can mix one small (15oz) can of pumpkin puree, not pumpkin pie filling, with 2 cups of water in a blender and get similar results.  Also I found this drink to be very sweet, if thats your thing then great; but in the future I would reduce the sugar to 1/3 cup.
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10  Re: HP Craftalong ~Summer Semester 2014~ *JOIN ANYTIME* in Craftalongs by FiberAlchemist on: August 08, 2014 12:25:35 PM
Class/Challenge/House Pride:  Berties Bean - Casserole
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Pantry Taco Soup
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description: This is an easy taco/tortilla soup using all canned ingredients that can be found in many pantries.  Its perfect for when you need to get dinner on the table in a hurry or if you have time you can dump everything in a slow cooker in the morning and have dinner ready when you walk in the door later that evening.
Project Picture:

Add one can (14.5 or 15 oz) each to a stockpot or a slow cooker
-Black Beans
-Pinto Beans
-Diced Tomatoes
-Chicken Broth (Veggie Broth if you want to make it vegetarian)
-Green Enchilada Sauce
-Cream of Chicken Soup (Cream of Celery or Mushroom if you want to make it vegetarian)
Stir to combine, season with salt and pepper, one taco seasoning packet, and a heavy pinch of cayenne pepper, if you like it spicy.  Let simmer on stove for 15-20 minutes to allow the flavors to combine.  If you are using a slow cooker cook on low for 6 hours.  Garnish with shredded cheese and crumbled tortilla chips.  Serve!

Class/Challenge/House Pride:  Quidditch - Blagging
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Pickle Party!!
Project Page Link (if available):
Brief Description:
From start to finish this project took me about 4 hours.  This summer my cucumbers were not producing much so I broke down and bought a case of pickling cucumbers from my local market.  The result was me putting up far more pickles than I have ever put up.  In total I canned 7 quarts of Extra Garlic Dills, 6 quarts of Spicy Dills and 4 pints of sweet pickles.  All of these recipes can be found in The Complete Book of Pickling by Jennifer MacKenzie.
Project Picture:

 **Jennie if you need me to include the other two recipes that I could not find online, let me know and I will go back and amend the post**
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