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1  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Winter Holidays / Enviromentalfriendly wrappers- let's save the world this christmas on: December 18, 2013 05:53:49 AM
This is hardly what I would proudly call craftyness and creativity, but I think it is such a neat idea that I wanted to share it with you all. Because, let's be honest, most of us crafters tend to have a lot of scrap pieces of fabrics lying around, right? =)

We are constantly striving to be more eco-friendly in our home, and wrapping up our (mainly) eco-friendly gifts in loads of paper that is then simply thrown out (or at best: used one more time before they are rubbish) didn't sit right with us. So I've been making re-usable wrappings instead. It is a mix of simple bags tied together with ribbons, and knot wraps/furoshiki that can be tied in loads of various ways depending on the shape of the gift. It looks lovely piled up under the tree, there is not cleaning up loads of papers afterwards, and no waste. Win-win for both us and nature =)
(and to be honest- doesn't it look a bit more fancy than common paper-wrapped gifts?)

So, I am sharing this now to call on all my lovely fellow crafters to do a good deed and save nature one present at a time! <3

2  CLOTHING / Costumes: Completed Projects / My elven costume on: August 15, 2013 02:41:10 PM
A bit picture heavy... Sorry >.<

This autumn I will be going to a larp as the elfish "dreamer". She has the ability to predict the future and mainly stays put in one place all the time which means that for ones I get to play a classical elf-in-the-wood who doesn't have to have 100% practical clothes to be able to get around without getting caught in everything in the forest. Sooo-I present to you my first classical full-length elvish costume ^^ Jay.

As always I can point out sooo many things I am not pleased with, but I shall try to focus on the whole and say that I like it.

So, here she is.
I really like the absurd length of the sleeves, even though weaving the hem on them took forever.

Close up on the details. I card weaved them both in the same pattern but in different colours)

The dress is only closed halfway down, so it opens up on an underskirt with some light embroidery in the lower front.

close up on the embroidery (I am really lousy at decorating stuff and have never embroidered like this before)

Close up on the embroidery along the neckline

I wanted the costume to fit all kinds of weathers, so in case of colder days I also have additional sleeves/half gloves knitted in wool

And for the cold nights I of course have a cloak

For warmer days the entire sleeves of the dress can come of

aaaand sleeveless from the back.

what do you think? I could sort of pull it off, right?
3  KNITTING / Knitting: Completed Projects / Bountiful Booties on: August 05, 2013 03:28:38 PM
I started making these a while back, to sell in a project to raise money for a women's shelter. I make them out of left over bits of yarn and then the entire profit of the things can go straight to the women who needs our help. Neat huh?
Anyway, I thought I'd show you because I simply adore this pattern (not made by me, but I have gotten special permission from the amazing creator to sell them for the good cause).

aren't they adorable?
4  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / The T in t-shirt is for Tardis on: August 05, 2013 03:20:28 PM
I found this really comfy organic t-shirt at a store and knew right away that it needed to be turned in to a proper pieces of clothing, so I re-fashioned it a bit to suit my tastes ^^

5  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / Organic pants on: August 05, 2013 03:17:49 PM
I found this lovely organic cotton fabric at a store and felt right away that I had to do something with it. At first the pattern felt a bit too insane for an entire clothing, but I quickly realised that if I added black details the thing was much more muted and lovely. So, I threw these pans together rather quick. My favourite design for pants so far- big enough to be comfortable, but not so big that they get impractical when biking etc. Also, they have huge pockets so I can fit big bottles and my tablet in them wherever I go ^^

What do you think?
6  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Weddings and Bridal Showers / My first wedding dress on: December 01, 2012 12:09:52 PM
My friend got married this summer, and asked me to make her dress.
I was way nervous, but the design was pretty simple so I felt semi-confident I could pull it off okey.
She was really cute in it and the wedding was fantastic, so even though it's not perfect everywhere I still get all fuzzy inside when looking at these pictures.
I love how the bottom-seam is a bit wrinkly in some places, cause we were running short on time so she had to help hem it (lovely to sit and handstitch with a brilliant friend on a circular skirt between us and some shakespeare on the tv). She did a good job for someone not used to sewing a lot, but it got a bit twisted and looks very hand-made =)

It's a bit Audrey Hepburn-inspired. And I knew pretty much nothing about the fashion from that era, so I had to look up a lot of inspiration.

It was an insane project. I made a toile like a few months before, then she came to visit me for three days (I think it was), only shortly before the actual wedding, so it was a bit hasty to get it all done before she had to go home again.
But it did get done, if only about 10 minutes before she had to rush to get to the train back home...
I love seeing a bride relaxed enough to do something that carelessly =)
7  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / Apron - now with tutorial! on: November 30, 2012 01:47:48 PM
I realised I never got around to uploading this, but this is an apron I made for myself this spring, which I have used more than any piece of clothing I currently own.
I moved to a house on the countryside, where I do a lot of garderning and hanging around with the animals. Lying on my knees in the dirt and grass all the time, and having little goats climbing in my lap to play and cuddle kind of makes my clothes a mess basically everytime I go out to do something. So to protect my clothes and not drag in a lot of dirt I made this.
The design is inspired by regency fashioned aprons, but altered for function. The skirt is wide, and pretty much covers everything so I can simply sit down and not have to worry about about getting dirty, and the straps are wide for comfort.
The pockets (I have added two larger ones since the picture was taken) are full of useful stuff I usually need for gardening and stuff. And moss sometimes too, since one of the baby goats has made a habit out of picking moss and stuffing it down my pocket when I'm not watching...

Funny thing is... I swear this fabric was green when I bought it. And while I was sewing. Then I stepped into the light and it was reddish! Those wierd lamplights tricked me!
And just in case you didn't know- aprons are the best for carrying stuff. You know when you've been cleaning out weeds and have heaps to carry away, and you can only carry so much in your arms without dropping loads... Not a problem anymore. Just put it in the apron and you can carry immense piles at once.

After an entire summer's work the poor fabric isn't as clean anymore... There are stains all over from different coloured current and blueberries, and grass and dirt and heaven knows what. But I like it. I looks used, as it should =)


As per requested by all you sweet people, I have tried to draw one. It's very messy, but I hope you can understand it somewhat =)

1. Cut out the pieces:

The meassurements here are in centimeters (sorry all you inchy-people out there), and does not include hem allowance, so don't forget to add that! I know my picture is really messy, but everything is mostly just even squares/circles apart from the front which is slightly wider in the bottom, and the sides which are a bit wider in the bottom to give it a shape I prefer. This is completley unnecessary though, and you can just cut them as stright lines. This is what my sides look like up close:

Now, as far as the skirt goes it's pretty much just a little more than halfe a circle. I think I just started drawing half a circle, then added what I could fit on the fabric. It's somewhere between a 3/4 circle and a half circle. If you do not know how to draw circles them ask me and I'll tell you, otherwise, just draw as much as you can fit =)

2. Hem

Hem the sides marked with red here. (just fold and sew them down. Either zig-zag and fold ones, or fold twice (which is what I do)

3. Sew the sides together with the front

(you know this guys- right side against right side)

3.2. Wrinkle the lower side of the front.

Sew a loose seam here, then pull at it to wrinkle it slightly. You just want to shorten it a few centimers (maybe 3) for shape.

4. Sew the belt to the top

Once again- you know this part. Right side against the right side, and of course you want the front/top centred on the middle of the belt.

5. Attach skirt to belt

Right side against right, and still in the centre, of course. In my first picture the skirt looks a bit mis-shaped and not in the same sixe as you cut out. This is just because I suck at drawing, so don't mind it. Really it should by now look more like the pic to the right.

6. Add pockets

Just meassure out where you want the pockets to be, and then sew them on. I have two pair of pockets in various sizes. If you want this too, then just sew the smaller ones on first, and then let the bigger ones lie over them. Just put the squares on the skirt, and sew them on in double seams for stability (that is- one seam just by the very edge, and one seam like 0,5 centimeter further in).

7. Hem the last parts.

This was kind of difficult draw so I'm guessing my picture doesn't explain anything at all. Anyway, just take the belt and fold the hems down and sew a seam all along the belt, crossing over to hold the inner hems of front+belt, and skirt+belt down.

8. Attach the shoulder straps to the back.

Put the apron on and adjust your shoulderstraps to sit comfortably. I have mine crossed in the back, and placed just outside of the skirt on the belt.

And et voila- you're done! (I hope. I didn't miss anything did I?)

If you make any of these, please let me know, cause I'm dying out of curiosity and would love to see!<3
 And if soemthing is unclear, don't hesitate to ask me
8  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / Apron, regency-style-ish on: January 16, 2012 02:42:04 PM
My sister has just moved to a house on the countryside, so I figured she needed something to protect her clothes while she's being all house-wifey and country-side-y (yes, this might just be my romantic picture of how her life there will actually be, but none the less, aprons are always useful). she, just liek me, is a big fan of Austen, so I decided to make it loosley based on the apron Elinor wears in the newer production of Sense and Sensibility.

So, enough said!
It's a very simple thing, and in all honesty simply thrown together really quickly. But I'm happy with the result none the less =)



9  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / Steampunk-inspired dress on: January 16, 2012 08:43:49 AM
I'm sorry if this gets a bit picture heavy. And that the quality of the pictures are horrible, my camera is simply not very good.

Anyway, here it is! It's a UB dress (does that make it a skirt?) to be worn over some sort of other clothing.

From the side:

It's got tiny hooks on the side, and matching on the inside so it's possible to hitch the front sides of the skirt up.

Like this:

Which makes it look like this:

I don't know if you can see it in my crappy pictures, but the side of the dress has pockets (which kind of hides away when the flaps are hitched up)

Crappy close-up picture of the right hand pockets, sewn to contain a small book, a fan, two test tubes (containing my medications. Of course), and a pen.

On the left hand there's a bigger pocket, closed up with buttons, for whatever else I might need to carry around. I need pockets to survive.

Extremely crappy picture, sorry, but this is the outer closing of the dress, four what-ever-they're-called.

And behind that is the real closure. The dress is (although the pictures doesn't really show it) basically an UB going out in to a skirt, so it's fitted for my body and sewn like a proper corset (though gentle) so it needed lacing for the shape.

The skirt worn under is a basical victorian-inspired skirt based on a design my friend once made.
It's all wrinkled right now and the picture is dark, but here it is:

And of course it's possible to hitch the top layer up if you like:

So... that's it. horrible pictures, but I don't have a better camera right now... Someday I'll make sure to take good pictures of it, because I am really proud of what it looks like in reality. Not in these pictures.
I wasn't sure whether to upload them here or in costumes, but the thing is that I do wear them in real life as clothes, so....
Though sometimes I wear pants under the dress, instead of a skirt ^^
Like here, Christmas photo from my mother's place:

So, crappy quality aside.. what do you think?  =)
10  CLOTHING / Costumes: Completed Projects / One set of kind of correct Medival clothes coming up on: September 22, 2011 10:40:07 AM
Sooo, I've always loved the dark ages and everything that goes with it, and I've gone to medival markets since I was a kid (medival markets are kind of the equivalent of american reneissance fairs, we're just more into older stuff than you guys Wink ). And my boyfriend is in a reenactment group recreating the 15th century, so this year I went with them to the biggest medival gathering of the year, on our bigest island with lots of lovely old ruins and left overs from the olden days. Brilliant place.

Anyway, of course I wanted to make a new outfit to wear because my old ones are far more costumey and less real, so this time I worked with classical medival patterns (14th century I think) for a simple clothing for a simple girl. I've always preferred the farmer/worker class simple rough clothes to the refined complicated upper class.
In the end I made one under dress in linnen, and a dress in green wool to go over, and a woven belt. I also made a Gugel because they're just dead wonderful, warm and cosy and I like the way they look.

This spring I learned tablet weaving for the first time, and I also learned how to weave the band on to the garment so it would be attached right away and more integrated with the fabric.

Enough talking, here it is:

detail of the sleeve of the under dress (I just fell in love with the Herring bone stitch this summer)

silly random shot my boyfriend took and was very proud of though I have no idea why, but it shows the gugel from the front (though badly)

from the back, just to show of the length of it:

and closer up to see the details somewhat better:

the lining around the face of the gugel is woven in green, just to give a slight detail and shape to it:

the lower lining of the gugel has the pattern which ties all the pieces together:

Same lining on the green wool dress around arms and neck:

and of course the very same pattern for the belt:

I realise I didn't get any good photos at all cause you can't see anything clear on these, and my hair (or the gugel) keeps covering up the upper part of the dresses >.< I'll have to take clearer pictures later, but for now I like these mostly for the background because this Island is amazingly beautiful with the white pebble beaches and the old stone walls going around the older part of the city.

I know it's a very plain and slightly boring dress, but I really love the simplicity of it, and it's soo comfortable. Honestly, I use the green dress as everyday wear cause it's so soft and hugs the body so comfy and warm.

What do you think?

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