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As Seen on TV: The Walking Dead board game

Are you ready for the season finale of The Walking Dead?! If you can’t bear to be away from the show while it’s off the air, why not make your own Walking Dead board game like SpeakGeekAndEnter did? Tiny little polymer clay cuties running around the board trying to gather supplies sounds like a great […]

Emergency Zombie Defense Kit

Creative thoughts from Craftster Guest Blogger MareMare… Emergency Zombie Defense Kit—Oldies but Goodies I think it’s very important for zombie survival to frequently review your Zombie Preparedness Plan. For this reason I like to revisit this amazing project every once in a while! Craftster member Bunny in a Bear created this Craftster Classic project—an Emergency […]

Gamer Wednesday: Plants Vs Zombies Plush

I simply can’t get over how frickin’ adorable these are! Dellastella used patterns she got from Etsy to make these awesome little plushies that look like the game just magically turned 3D right in front of you! I just want to set them all on my desk to keep me safe from zombies. You can […]

Zombie Cake Topper

Creative thoughts from Craftster Guest Blogger superstitch… Summer is the season for weddings. And everyone knows that you always need something old, something new, something borrowed and something that will EAT YOUR BRAINS! Craftster MamanTattoo shows us that even the Zombie betrothed need something to sit atop their wedding cake in style! To see this […]

Crafty Music Videos: Division Day – Tigers

Yay! It’s crafty music video time again! I love craft music video time. This time we’re featuring a video featuring zombie tigers. Not just any zombie tigers, mind you, zombie tigers made by two of our very own members, tesstessi and KeenBean!

Foodie Friday: Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Wow, well these look delicious and digusting all at the same time! That automatically makes them fabulous. OhThat shared her red velvet cupcakes topped with chocolate zombie brains. I think these would be a wonderful addition to any Halloween party, or just any day you’re in the mood for some cake and chocolate brains.

Zombie Attack!

I’m just sitting here writing articles and wondering what to have for lunch. Soup? Meh. Fish sticks? I dunno…maybe tomorrow. A nice salad? Nah, that doesn’t sound good. Wait, I know… BRAAAAAAAIIIINNNNNSSSS!!!! Zombies have taken over Craftster!! From the Simon Pegg and Zombie swaps to the many, many zombie crafts on all of the boards, […]