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Indoor Snow

Even though it hardly ever snows where I live, I always dream of a white Christmas. Here in the south, if we really want snow, we often have to improvise. Bring it on, Craftsters! This snowman by Mamaneedles is all about good clean fun, because he’s actually made of soap. I’ll bet no one complains […]

Snowy Scenes

You don’t have to be outside in the freezing cold to enjoy the snow! Bring a little touch of winter inside and enjoy it by the fire.alwaysinmyroom made this sweet little icy scene using hand-dyed bottle brush trees, some Snow-tex, and a vintage plastic reindeer. Santa’s workshop is always in snow. yoopidou made this marvelous […]

Fiber Thursday: Dyeing Fabric with Snow!

I’m writing this in advance so I’m not sure if it’s snowed lately but I hope so! I love snow! I’m always amazed by ptarmic_wumpus‘ creations and this technique is equally amazing to me! I had NO idea you could use snow to dye fabric. It creates beautiful abstract patterns that would be wonderful for […]