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Spotlight on: Flip Flop Crafting for Summer

In summer we all have that go to pair of flip-flops. Whether going to the beach, shopping or out to dinner, flip flops become to shoe of choice. Let’s face it, they are quick easy and comfy. Flip flops can be purchased just about anywhere. The dollar stores even carry them in all colors, styles […]

Craftster Crush: jillybeans

This month, our Craftster Crush is jillybeans! She’s a former Master Craftster, a Tutorial Contributor and an all around fantastic crafter! Her crafts run the gamut from ATCs to stencils to quilts to ceramics, but they all have one thing in common. They’re great! Here are some random crafty facts about jillybeans! Her current craft […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Sweater Boots

These adorable sweater boots are sure to be a hit! They’re probably easier than you’d expect. Urban Threads does a good job explaining how you can make your own. You can machine embroider a fancy embellishment on the top, leave it plain, or even just embellish them with a brooch! You can see the full […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Glittered Heels

If you’re known for your handmade holiday gifts, shoes are probably not high on the list of items people are expecting! Surprise someone with this gorgeous glitter shoes! Glitter makes everything better. You can see the full tutorial here: For more great gift ideas check out our specific gift guides or our full list […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Fabric Slippers

Keep your loved ones warm and toasty with these wonderful slippers! Scale them up or down to fit anyone on your list You can see the full tutorial here: For more great gift ideas check out our specific gift guides or our full list of ideas. Gifts for Children Gifts for Crafters Gifts for […]

Wear It This Weekend: Cozy Slippers

If you’re like me, this weekend is allllll about relaxing after all the holiday craziness. That’s why these cozy slippers are a perfect thing to make to wear this weekend! You can make them really quick and then get back to playing with all your new goodies! Papilionette shared this really easy to follow tute […]

The Wild Things are Here!

So the Spike Jonze live action movie version of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are” opens soon!! Who’s excited?!?! Everyone seems to love this story and of course, when Craftsters love something, they craft it! Check out all the Max & Monster goodies lurking around the forum! Click on the pics below to see […]

Manic Monday: Ruby Slippers

I wasn’t able to sneak this into the Featured Projects this time around but I definitely wanted to give it some attention! A little fabric glue, tons of sequins and a fair chunk of time was all that was needed to make these Dorothy knock-offs. Katelouise spent about 9 hours and used 17 meters (55 […]

Stiletto Cactus Planter

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… Ever wonder what to do when you love high, high heels, but don’t really have many occasions to wear them? Etsy seller giddyspinster has a hilariously awesome solution — turn them into a planter! These spiky cacti look right at home in this spiky shoe, and let you enjoy […]

Wear it This Weekend: Ballet Flats

Handmade shoes are one of the items that, for me, seem next to impossible. I mean, the idea of making your own footwear! It’s just so seemingly complex that my brain twitches a little at the prospect. However, iheartohmy‘s tutorial is so simple and easy to understand that it makes me want to give these […]

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Craftsters are no strangers when it comes to making, reconstructing and painting shoes. Shoe crafting can be as simple as painting an image on a pair of thrifted heels to creating a pair of shoes from scratch. Here’s a gander of what has been happening on the shoe board…

Footwear / Shoe Fetish Challenge! Starburst Ballet Wrapper Flats, Gardening Clogs & More

Craft Challenge #10 – Footwear Fetish is finished an the votes are in! First Place Starburst Wrapper-ed Ballet Flats! by fluffysam Second Place super gardening clogs! by eronoel Third Place Blinged out Heaven and Hell Heels by Stifflersmom Fourth Place Death to Doc Marten’s by *k* Fifth Place Tuck-and-Glue Cherry Shoes […]

Infinite Shoe Styles

Oh my. This is like my dream come true. I am such a shoe junkie but I’m trying to save money so no more new shoes for me these days. Fortunately Craftster member TheWrongGirl has solved my problem for me! She came up with the brilliant idea of adding snaps to plain leather shoes and […]

Ugg And Ugh

Ugg Boots Ugh How Cute Booties The new knitting show on DIY TV called Knitty Gritty come up with this super clever pattern for Ugg Booties for babies. The booties above where made by the talented Craftster member cheekymamaof2. Click here to see the thread she started and read what Craftster members are saying about […]

No Sweat

I heard about a really great company called No Sweat Apparel on the radio today. Here’s their mission: Sick of supporting sweat shops every time you buy clothes? Now you can fight back with every thread you buy. No Sweat Apparel has created the first casual clothing brand that actually fights sweatshops – by creating […]