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@Home This Weekend: Revamped Clock

This weekend, customize your home. If you’ve got something that doesn’t quite fit in your decor, revamp it! teaandcraft had an old clock that was still functional, but its ugly metal exterior just wasn’t working for her. Using acrylic paints, she transformed it into this Adventure Time themed clock. What time is it? “Time to play […]

@Home This Weekend: DIY Drum Light

This weekend, create a one-of-a kind drum light, like this floral lamp. jenihall created this using a embroidery hoops, a light kit, fabric and ribbon. Want to make one of your own? Click on the link for instructions!

@Home This Weekend: Covered Organizer

This weekend, take a sturdy shoebox, cover it with scrapbook paper or fabric, and make the perfect organizer. marcymallow made this brightly colored Loteria themed organizer to hold her makeup.  There’s even a handy drawer for smaller items. (I think I could use one for craft supplies.) Happy organizing!

@Home This Weekend: Quick and Easy Organizer

This weekend, keep your supplies together with a handy organizer made from an old canvas, covered in fabric. Mixedpibbles made this one with pockets designed to fit her quilting rulers perfectly. This would be perfect for all sorts of lightweight supplies, and would look great on your studio wall. Happy organizing!

@Home This Weekend: Teacup Bird Feeder

This weekend, invite birds into your yard with an adorable birdfeeder made from a teacup and saucer. Mistress Jennie picked up a cup and saucer set at a thrift store for $1, and put together this fanciest of feeders. What a whimsical way to feed your feathered friends!

@Home This Weekend: Magical Fairy Garden

This weekend, add a bit of magic to your yard and create a whimsical fairy garden. You probably won’t go as all out as Knickertwist did for her Fairy Tour 2014, but make sure you check out her post for tons of great ideas, like this precious fairy house made out of a boot.

@Home This Weekend: Quick Outdoor Shelf

This weekend, take some trays and leather shoelaces, and make some great outdoor shelves. It’s quick and easy, if you follow DinkyTiny‘s tutorial. What a great place to display lightweight plants and candles!   

@Home This Weekend: Creative Planter

This weekend, give your yard a creative edge by repurposing items to make yard art and decor. violentjayne made a lovely planter from an old wrought iron fish tank stand. This one of a piece looks great in the yard, especially when filled with colorful flowers.

@Home This Weekend: Brighten Your Mailbox

This weekend, say “no” to boring mail and decorate your mailbox! While I can’t guarantee it will change your bills-to-fun-mail ratio, at least it will make retrieving the mail a little more pleasant. cackle freehanded this whimsical floral design and used One Stop Sign paint to last for years. Is the mail here yet?

@Home This Weekend: “Metal” Borders

This weekend, have some big fun with some foil duct tape and a border punch. Look how beautiful these decorated vases turned out! apis_melis gives lots of tips on how to work with the tape and achieve a great result. This technique doesn’t have to only be for vases; there are lots of things that […]

@Home This Weekend: Fairy Garden

This weekend, add some enchantment to your home by making a fairy garden! Using small plants and miniature accessories, create a tiny perfect world. kittykill made this lovely beach scene, using blue marbles for water. Doesn’t it look relaxing? Check out her post for more photos of the details.

@Home This Weekend: Ribbon Organizer

This weekend, take your masses of unruly ribbon spools and organize them! OriginalYouth shares a great tutorial on how to make tidy stacks of ribbon out of the mess. Get inspired! It’s so much easier to craft when everything is visible and easily accessible. Plus, these colorful displays look great in the craft room. Happy […]

@Home This Weekend: Upcycle!

This weekend, scout around for items you can upcycle! singersullivan made this great table out of the legs from a broken chair, and then planted a lovely fern in an unused drawer to make a wonderful indoor garden corner. It’s like a breath of spring for your home. Happy weekend!

@Home This Weekend: Rockin’ Crockpot

This weekend, heat up your kitchen! Give your old crockpot a facelift using automotive paints. schizo319 repainted the outside of her old crockpot with a hot new flame motif. What’s cooking?

@Home This Weekend: Decorative Outlet Covers

  This weekend, glam up your boring lightswitch and outlet covers! BriannaB03 used Mod Podge to adhere printed images to the plastic covers. What a bright idea!