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@Home This Weekend: Painted Frames

This weekend, see what a difference painted frames can make. noodle-bug inherited some of her great-aunt’s embroidery, but it really wasn’t her style, so she painted inexpensive frames bright colors and voila!~ everything looks fresh and modern. What a great way to showcase a loved one’s art.

@Home This Weekend: Souvenir Tea Towel Pillow

This weekend, use a tea towel to create a unique one of a kind accent pillow. TheMistressT created this nostalgic pillow with a vintage style tea towel featuring a map of Washington and Oregon. What a wonderful way to showcase your home state or favorite vacation spot!

@Home This Weekend: Decorative Bulletin Board

This weekend, use an old frame to make a decorative bulletin board. Tadhg painted and distressed her frame, then added some lace. She even added a row of bottlecaps so she could use magnets. What a great way to get organized!

@Home This Weekend: Upcycled Chair

This weekend, take a tip from FoxyBlue and make a plain old chair fabulous. FoxyBlue not only painted the wood a beautiful turquoise, she painted the seat with an adorable sleepy fox. What a great accent to any room!

@Home This Weekend: Furniture Restoration

This weekend, restore a piece of furniture to its original beauty. HSG stripped this library card catalog of, in my opinion, an unfortunate paint job, and made it beautiful again. Be sure to click on the link to view the sad “before” photo, and then enjoy the process HSG used to achieve this fantastic result.

@Home This Weekend: Cloud Light

This weekend, bring the outdoors in and make a dreamlike cloud light to hang from your ceiling. gozer used tiny LED lights in her cloud. She’s planning on making a few more clouds and maybe adding some birds or hot air balloons. What a whimsical way to light up a room!

@Home This Weekend: Prayer Flags

This weekend, round up some colorful fabrics and make some beautiful prayer flags. Whether you hang them inside or out, they’re sure to brighten up your day. Mountains and Clouds plans on hanging hers outside in her lanai.

@Home This Weekend: Pallet Shelf

This weekend, make a shabby chic shelf for knick knack display. creativelushboutique painted a simple wooden pallet white, hung it on the wall, and creatively styled it with collectables. Doesn’t it look great against the soft green wall color? Paint yours to match your decor!

@Home This Weekend: Lamp Transformation

This weekend, make the old new again. AmyLynn98 took an outdated brass lamp, and gave it new life with a couple coats of paint and a brand-new shade. It’s a cost effective way to enhance your decor!

@Home This Weekend: Pallet Coasters!

This weekend, have some fun with wood and make some unique coasters. At first glance, one of these coasters by moosedoom looks just like a builder’s pallet, but this tiny version actually serves to protect your furniture from condensation. How cool is that?

@Home This Weekend: Removable Fabric Wallpaper

This weekend, liven up a bit of a hallway or kitchen by using fabric to create as an accent wall. schnerby found a fun fish print, and mixed up some wheatpaste to adhere it to the wall over the door in her hallway, and also in her kitchen. The best part? If you get tired […]

@Home This Weekend: Mirror Wall

This weekend, make your space look larger with a bold mirror wall.  Luna1375 layered every other square with lasercut paper for contrast, and then hung them with removable velcro so they’re not only easy to put up, they’re easy to remove. Perfect for renters or people who like to redecorate often! This is a quick, […]

@Home This Weekend: Monster Pillow

This weekend, delight your favorite kid (or kid at heart!). Make them an oh-so-scary monster pillow, like this one, designed by jillybeans. It’s so much fun, it’s frightening!

@Home This Weekend: Teapot Cozy

This weekend, decorate your teapot and keep your tea at the perfect temperature with a handmade teapot cozy. Choose a fun fabric; Homerof2 picked this lovely green material adorned with snowflakes. Care for a spot of tea?

@Home This Weekend: Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Having company over the holidays? This weekend, avoid party mixups by making some chalkboard wine glasses. Use this great tutorial, provided by jillybeans, and everyone can mark their glass. Now no one will be in danger of Aunt Edna’s germs! Cheers!