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@Home This Weekend: Belted Chair Seat

This weekend, fix up an old chair. Here’s a great idea from lunke13: use thrifted belts to weave a new seat! He just pulled each belt tight and buckled them up. Check out his post to see how the buckles were all featured on the back of the chair.  

@Home This Weekend: Solar Path Markers

This weekend, use this great tutorial from Jenxx and make some great solar path markers using recyled and Dollar Store supplies. During the day, they’re almost invisible, but at night, they gently guide your way. Genius!

@Home This Weekend: Furniture Rehab

This weekend, go from drab to fab! Transform your plain, boring furniture with a few coats of paint. anderlance found a couple of old dressers at a garage sale for only $30, and totally transformed them. Beautiful!

@Home This Weekend: Dragonfly

This weekend, create a beautiful dragonfly to hang on your wall. You’ll never guess what Jenxx used to make this fabulous insect, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you: it’s four ceiling fan blades, a chair leg, a glass garden globe, a little paint, and a lot of talent. Click on the photo to […]

@Home This Weekend: Spammy Warhol

This weekend, take a page from spaminmyroom  (formerly known as alwaysinmyroom) and pay tribute to Andy Warhol’s iconic painting “Soup Cans”. spaminmyroom one upped the master this time, though, by using tins of Spam instead of the expected soup cans. Is this the next best thing in art?

@Home This Weekend: Initially Fantastic!

This weekend, wrap a paper maché letter from a craft store with some book pages to create a personalized initial for your home. HSG embellished her initial with pretty flowers. It looks great on the wall!

@Home This Weekend: Your Own Patron Saint

Could you use a little divine assistance in your life? This weekend, summon up your very own patron saint. Using a candle from the Dollar Store, some photoshop and some washi tape, the_trademarks created the patron saint for the New York Mets. I wonder if it works?  

@Home This Weekend: Thrifty Cake Stands

This weekend, economically elevate your pastries with a beautiful glass cake stand! craftADDchick made a couple of inexpensive stands using glass candlesticks and plates she found at a thrift store. They look great- perfect for her upcoming bake sale.

@Home This Weekend: Cabinet Rehab

This weekend, totally transform a cabinet with a painted stencil. You won’t believe the before and after photos of this once drab piece of furniture. schizo319 created an intricate phoenix stencil to embellish the doors, and then polished the blackened hardware to reveal their beautiful copper finish. Gorgeous!

@Home This Weekend: Revamped Clock

This weekend, revamp a clock to reveal your casual approach to time. Why worry about the hour if you’re late anyway? homebunnyj painted the frame of an old clock, and then gave it a new, more forgiving timeface. What time is it now? Does it really matter?

@Home This Weekend: DIY Lampshade

This weekend, remake a lampshade using this great tutorial by blupaisan. She included lots of photos and step by step instructions. Her lampshade features a kitty, but yours could be any theme you choose. What a bright idea!

@Home This Weekend: Santa!

This weekend, enjoy your holiday. Ho ho ho, I hope Santa came to your house last night if you hung your stocking. I love this ceramic Santa; it’s one of my favorite things I ever received in a swap. Thanks, cinnamon teal!

@Home This Weekend: Happy Plaque

This weekend, expound upon the “happy wife, happy life” sentiment, and proclaim the truth: “happy spouse, happy house”. bunny1kenobi created this personalized plaque because she and her spouse know that when you’re working together to make each other happy, everyone wins. Love it!

@Home This Weekend: Handy Pressing Board

This weekend, create the perfect pressing board for your sewing room using an old tv table. It’s small, portable, and just the right height to sit near your sewing machine. Plus, it folds up for easy storage when not in use. ActsofCraftiness provided a complete tutorial with handy photos in her post. Any seamstress would […]

@Home This Weekend: Rustic Wreath

This weekend make something new, like this rustic wreath, out of something old! TheMistressT found a rusty red wheel, tied it up with measuring tape twill, and added some greenery to create the perfect wintery accent for her outdoor woodshed.