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Handmade Gift Ideas: Elf Sweater

A cold elf is a cranky elf and a cranky elf means no holiday cheer in your house. The only legal way to keep that elf quiet is to knit the poor little guy a sweater. Pottemouth shares her pattern for an Elf Sweater that will sure to put a smile on that Christmas imp’s […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Lace Cuff

I have a friend who is over the top girly…okay, it’s not a friend…it’s me. Don’t judge. I’m so glad that Katara posted her tutorial for Lace Cuffs. It is the perfect gift for those in your life that are a little more girly than tomboy. You can use any type of lace and make […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: A Dinky Donkey

Everyone has a favorite stuffed animal from their childhood. Mine was a little mouse with a bow on its tail. I carried that thing everywhere. I loved that mouse. Why not create a special friend for your little one with Pottermouth‘s pattern for a Dinky Donkey. This little lady can take your child on magical […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Fabric Paper Popcorn Bag

That’s it! The holiday stress has gotten to me. I am off to join the circus. I will arrive in style with Calabaza’s tutorial for a Fabric Paper Popcorn Bag. This is the perfect gift for fans of the big top. For kids, you can fill the bag with toy circus animals and performers. For […]

Handmade Holiday: Puffy Cloud and Hearts Mobile

Want to bring a little love and sunshine into a deary December day? Sweets4ever has the perfect gift idea for you with her awesome tutorial for a Puffy Cloud and Hearts Mobile. This clever creation can be used as a photo prop or decor for any room in the house. Is it wrong that I […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Scented Cleaning Vinegars

I have never been a fan of practical gifts until now. BelleBeyrl shares her tutorial for Scented Cleaning Vinegars that will change your mind about giving that special someone a practical present. I will admit that at first I was thinking who would want cleaning supplies for Christmas then I looked at the pictures and […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Double Layer Hogwarts Scarf

Raise your hand if you are close to a fan of Harry Potter. Why not make them their very own Double Layer Hogwarts Scarf. Not only does it keep them toasty warm but it also screams, “I’M A FAN!” They will wear their scarf with pride and shower you with magical wizard kisses. Graverobbergirl’s tutorial […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Child Drawing Ornament

Nothing makes a child more proud than to see their artwork hanging in the house. Abbeeroad shows us how to create a keepsake out of your child’s artwork with this Child Drawing Ornament tutorial. I love the idea of creating a new one each year. This is a great gift for family members such as […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Cowl and Shoulder Warmer

Are you ready for that long drive to grandma’s house this holiday season? Have your snacks packed? What about something to work on for the long trip? Adrig has the perfect road trip project for you…A Cowl and Shoulder Warmer . Not only will this project keep you occupied, but would also make a great […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Paper Mushrooms

Nature lovers will give you a big ol’ bear hug when they receive these adorable Paper Mushrooms. It’s hard to believe that these little guys are so easy to make, but loukr assures us that they are. I trust her and you can too! So…let’s all commune with nature and make some awesome paper mushrooms! […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Paper Roll Hats

I bet you have a person in your life that loves miniatures. Anything that is cute and small just sends them into a tailspin. These Paper Roll Hats by teag will bring a smile to their face and some rest on your pocketbook. Almost everything in this project is from recycled items that you have […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Polymer Clay Wreath

Sometimes you have friends and family that are impossible to make something for. It’s not that they won’t appreciate your craftiness, it is just hard to pick out something that they will like and use. I think that WingsofClay has solved your problem with this beautiful Star Polymer Clay Wreath. You can change the stars […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Cupcake Liner Flowers

Flowers are so wonderful, they can brighten up any day. The downside is that they don’t last forever…until now. Apis_melis’ bouquet of Cupcake Liner Flowers are perfect for any season or occasion and the best part is that they last forever. There are so many different varieties of cupcake liners that you can make a […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Lazy Scarf

A unique friend deserves a unique gift. Ptarmic wumpus shows us that a one of a kind gift doesn’t need to take a lot of your time and effort. This felted Lazy Scarf is a perfect project for anyone looking to get started in the fiber arts. A wonderful felted scarf will not only keep […]

Handmade Gift Idea: Star Book

Rackycoo can make you a star…okay, so that’s not entirely true. She can’t make you shine but, she can show you how to make this clever Star Book. This gift is an excellent way to showcase memories or your own artwork. Your friend or family member will smoother you with kisses and you will be […]