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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: It’s a Wrap!

Whew! You are finally done with all of your crafting and now you just have to wrap your presents. You didn’t skimp on the gift, so don’t skimp on the wrapping. CMarion3’s tutorial for Fancy String is just what that gift of yours needs. Brown paper packages tied up with string can be more than […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Moleskin Planner

It is time to start looking to the new year. I can’t believe I just said that! It will be 2016 before we know it. Why not give a gift that someone can use throughout the year with KiddyFactory’s tutorial for a Moleskin Planner. This is the perfect present for a person on the run […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Danish Heart Basket

You can never go wrong with giving a gift card. They are practical and easy. Instead of giving just a card, create a wrapping that is fun, can be filled with other treats and be reused again and again. Kittykill shares her tutorial for a Danish Heart Basket that not only makes a perfect holder […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: T-Shirt Yarn

Don’t throw out those old t-shirts! Upcycle them into something new. CraftADDchick shares her tutorial for making T-shirt Yarn out of scraps of old shirts. This project is very easy and is a great way to turn something old into something new. Make up several balls of yarn and give them to your favorite knitter […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Butterfly Stumpwork

You don’t have to torture yourself to create a beautiful piece of art if you follow sheepBlue’s tutorial for Butterfly Stumpwork. This gift is perfect for those collectors of art or butterflies. It is an elegant twist on needlework and once you have the technique down, you can create a wild kingdom. In addition to […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Somerset Star Pot Holder

Do you have a great cook in your life? One that can whip out a meal with just a few scraps from the fridge? If so, why not make them a special potholder for their kitchen. Elderflower shares her tutorial for a Somerset Star Pot Holder that may be too pretty to use for everyday […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Whitman’s Sampler

Are you looking for a clever way to give a gift card or holiday cash? Why not take a page out of Jenxx’s book and create a felt Whitman’s Sampler for fun packaging. This gift isn’t just a box to hold cash, you can make little felt treats for kid’s to play with. Create a […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Casserole Carrier

One of the greatest things about the holiday season is sharing a meal with family and friends. Carry your treats in style and bring a hostess gift at the same time with Alexampersandra’s tutorial for a Casserole Carrier. You can customize the fabric to fit any holiday or decor. This also makes a great gift […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Stencil Shirt

Do you have a fashion diva in your circle? What do you get a person who has great taste but also has everything they need? Why not make them a Stencil Shirt with their favorite image or quote. EdelC shares her tutorial for creating a one of a kind gift that is sure to please […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Mandrake Ornament

Let’s give Harry Potter fans something to be happy about this holiday season with a Mandrake Ornament for their tree. Pottermouth shares her tutorial for making your very own Mandrake Ornament that can be hung from your Harry Potter tree or happily displayed on a mantle (an office desk is great too!). This little guy […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Fancy Flip Flops

Do you have a group of girlfriends that you need to make gifts for? Why not give them a home spa pedicure package. Add nail polish, nail files, lotion and other fun stuff to a bag. Don’t forget to add Fancy Flip Flops to the gift. Thanks to EdelC, those mistletoes will sparkle in a […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Fabric Flower Hairpin

All of your Christmas gifts are wrapped and under the tree. Now you just have to finish getting stocking stuffers. Why not do a little scrap busting and make one of a kind Fabric Flower Hairpins. Acadian Driftwood shows you how to create cute hairpins that are the perfect size for stocking stuffers. Use your […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Dishtowels

Some may think that kitchen towels would not be a good gift to give. To those people I say, “C’mon give kitchen towels a chance!” You can pair these custom Kitchen Towels by craftADDchick with lots of different ideas: a pasta party, sweet treats or a saucy dish. Our Handmade Holiday Gift Guide is a […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Sewing Machine Service

What do you get the person that has everything? How about instead of a gift, you can do something for them. I do not know one person who owns a sewing machine that doesn’t want or need it serviced from time to time. Hannnahmaree offers her tutorial for How to Service a Sewing Machine. It […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Needle Minder

Holiday needlework can be a bit overwhelming. There is only so much our stitchy little fingers can take! We have a hard enough time remembering how many crosses to count, we can’t watch out for our needles too. AugustBell created the perfect gift for those stitchers in our life. A Needle Minder is a cute […]