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Become a Fairy (or just dress like one!)

Have you ever wished to be a fairy? I don’t have the magical powers to transform you, but with help from some of your fellow Craftsters, you can at least get a head start on the wardrobe.   Start with some wings, using the enclosed tutorial by NLJ. They’re big and swirly and pink, just […]

CrafTATstic: Crafty Tattoos – aphrasdaughter’s Fairy on a Spool

This tattoo isn’t exactly a crafty cover-up as much as it is a super crafty addition! The fairy had been on aphrasdaughter for about 10 years and almost got covered up, until aphra had an epiphany: add a spool and buttons! The finished addition looks wonderful with the original tat. Aphrasdaughter says, “I like that […]

Whip it! Roller Derby Crafts Rock!

It seems like lately everyone is talking about roller derby. Even Drew Barrymore is getting in on the action with her new movie. To celebrate the tough roller derby dames of Craftster we have a selection of rockin’ roller derby crafts for your pleasure. Anyone who still thinks embroidery, knitting and sewing are gentle crafts […]