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Anthropologie DIY

Anthropologie has such great merchandise. Much of the things they sell are so creative and wonderful, but unfortunately, can be very expensive. Leave it to clever Craftsters to get the same great looks for less; here are a few diy Anthropologie-inspired projects that look great and saved a lot of money.   It’s hard to […]

Color Me Rainbow

I love seeing a rainbow on a dreary rainy day. Bright colors always cheer me up. It’s easy to find rainbows of all types on Craftster; look at the many happy projects I found!   julibooli made several brightly colored fabric bowls in rainbow colors. I think this photo of all her bowls together is […]

@Home This Weekend: Chocolate Bowls. Mmmm.

This weekend, treat your valentine to scrumptious chocolate bowl, filled with beautiful ripe strawberries or other tasty goodies. Make yourself one (or more!) as well, following these easy directions provided by milkmaid01. Hey, it’s ok to have chocolate at every meal, right? Happy Valentine’s Day!

@Home This Weekend: Patio Luminaries

This weekend, make up a set of stunning patio luminaries to brighten your evenings! Follow this simple tutorial by Balatong, and using Dollar Store materials, create a beautiful ambiance for your indoor or outdoor events. I’d love to see these lining a sidewalk on the night of a get-together with friends. So welcoming!

@Home This Weekend: Decorative Earring Holder

  This weekend, transform an unused frame into a beautiful new earring holder. ChameleonHound found a suitable frame at the thrift store, and then backed it with stiffened lace. Perfect for keeping your earrings organized and accessible.


Ah, the elusive jackalope, so very difficult to find in the wild. However, there have recently been several sightings here on Craftster.  I love the expression on this milky white jackalope, expertly crocheted by sarach. He’s crazy, I tell you! At first glance, it seems as if Crafty.Canadian actually bagged a wild jackalope, and had […]

@Home This Weekend: Tiny Bud Vases

This weekend, recycle something and make it beautiful. teaandcraft wrapped empty test strip bottles with washi tape to make these adorable bud vases. I just love the look of these; it’s like a welcome breath of spring. Happy crafting!

Bee Mine

Here’s to the noble bee! They pollinate our plants, provide us with honey, and make great subjects for crafty projects, like these I found this week on Craftster.   Here’s a bright and cheery felt badge showing both bee and honeycomb, created by LimeRiot.   What do bees do for recreation? Word has it they […]

@Home This Weekend: Alphabet Magnets

This weekend, grab some old magazines and some magnetic backing, and whip up a bunch of alphabet magnets, like these by Emu. Pop them on your fridge, and spell out things like “Happy Friday” or “take out the trash!”. What fun!

@Home This Weekend: Blinged Out Mirrors

@Home this weekend, make a gorgeous blinged out mirror using recycled materials. bookstorebabe makes the greatest upcycled mirrors! For this one, she used a piece of cherry cabinet, bits and pieces of old jewelry, a few charms and odd earrings, and iridescent glass tiles from the craft store. A mirror like this would be a […]

@Home This Weekend: Decoupaged Coffee Table

Here’s a simple way to add color and fun to a plain coffee table using decoupage! Emu painted the table top white, and then used panels from a Moomin comic to give this once-boring table a one of a kind look. The entire project took less than a day and looks fantastic. You can do […]

Beautiful DIY Wreaths

Although they’re more abundant in the holiday season, wreaths add interest to your home any time of the year, and can be made with such a wide variety of materials. Dress up your front door year ’round!  Celebrate fall with an all natural wreath. This one, by Acadian Driftwood, is made from gathered bittersweet vines. […]

@Home This Weekend: Dino Planter

Could there be a better way to display a succulent plant than in a crazy dino planter? I think not. OhNoJoJo takes hollow toy dinosaurs, cuts an opening in their backs, and paints them bright colors (in this batch they’re all gold!). These ferocious planters would look great anywhere: a kid’s room, your back porch, […]

@Home This Weekend: Bell Jar Tutorial

Welcome to our new blog series “@Home This Weekend”. Each Friday, I’m going to spotlight a fun project that will make your home more you, more unique, more… you know: “homey”.  Love glass cloches? Balatong created this bell jar with a simple wine glass. Use the instructions in her tutorial and create your own. This […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

  Here on Craftster we have a little something for everyone, and that includes crafts to bring awareness to the importance of taking care of yourself by getting mammograms and doing self exams. These painted pumpkins by swellgirl78 help combine Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween.   Empower Yourself, by fatewineroses, is a stitching project that […]