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Handmade Holidays: How to Make Challah and Challah Covers

The holiday season is here, and it’s time for delicious treats. What is yummier or makes the house smell better than fresh baked Challah, the light, eggy bread served on the Jewish holidays? It is traditionally a braided loaf, but as you can see by these tasty looking posts, it can be shaped in a […]

Fresh Bread for Your Feast

Nothing smells as delicious as fresh baked bread. Why not make some for your holiday feast? There are lots of recipes on Craftster that are sure to fit in with your menu. We have picked out a variety of delicious recipes: traditional and no-knead bread, pumpernickel, dinner rolls, sweet breads, corn bread, soft pretzels, even […]

Panda Bread!

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… I’ve seen some cute things in my life (hello! llamas in costumes!) but this has to be near the top of the cuteness meter!, has a tutorial on how to make your own PANDA BREAD. *dies of cuteness* Actually, it was originally posted on Taro Taro but was […]