@Home This Weekend: Upcycled Mini-Cabinet

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blog This weekend, make a stylish little mini-cabinet to hold some tiny items. jazzminh upcycled old plastic cd cases to make these shelves. She covered them with bright magazine pages, and voila! a great little set of cubbies to store all sorts of goodies.

Laundry Day!

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LoomyTheLaundryMonster Sunday is both blog-writing and laundry day for me, and I’ll give you two guesses as to which is my favorite activity… for one, I get to search through the thousands of awesome projects on Craftster and get inspired to MAKE ALL THE THINGS, and the other is completely repetitive drudgery. I need something to maybe make laundry not so bleh. Maybe I just need someone to keep me company when I do laundry! This adorable little laundry monster by Scribble Dolls would brighten anyone’s day and make the chore seem a lot more fun!
OutDamnedSpot Or… (and?) maybe I need some cute and inspiring wall art for my laundry room! This example (which I did censor very slightly because, well, it may be Shakespeare, but I’d hate to get anyone in trouble… click through for the unaltered version!) by craftADDchick would be just the thing for the literature lover!
PantsOnALine Or I could string a line along one wall and hang up tons of little underpants in bright colors, like pickled_peppers made! How cute would that be?

Or how about this lovely hoop by Averia? Wouldn’t that just make you smile every time you went in to do the laundry?

Whatever I do, I need to do it fast, because I’m not sure I can muster the energy to do laundry in my boring old laundry room much longer, and if I don’t get the laundry done, it’s either the wedding dress or the dust bunny costume for work on Monday…

Tute Tuesday: Little Felt Basket

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IMG_3426 When spring time hits, I am ready to get rid of my winter decor and decorate the house with flowers. The only problem is what kind of container will I use to really my flowers and plants pop. I could use an old jar, or a vase I got at a thrift store, or I could follow LimeRiot’s lead and make a Little Felt Basket. These little baskets are perfect for small bouquets or succulents but once you have the pattern down, I bet you could make them big enough for a large arrangement. This little basket would also make a great get well soon or house warming gift. I love that it can be reused over and over again.

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Fun with Felt

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blog4 I have recently embarked on a love affair with felt. It’s so much fun to craft with; it doesn’t fray, and it comes in so many wonderful colors. It’s the perfect fabric to make fun things for both kids and adults.

There’s no end to the possibilities when making felt finger puppets: animals, people, aliens, monsters…you’re only limited by your imagination. SheLovesToCraft shared all sorts of fun finger puppets in her Craftster post.

Felt is also perfect for making faux food for play. Look at these delicious looking sugar cookies by bperry042. If you’re interested in making fun foods, you really need to check out her post; it includes all kinds of foods and directions on how to make them. blog5
How cute are these kitty magnets by roler? So many fun colors and embellishments. blog2
Keep your superhero identity private. Make up a slew of superhero masks so no one will know who you really are. sometimeshomemade showed what a cool mom she is by making these masks for birthday party favors. blog1
Look how bright and cheery these flower keychains are! BeaG wrote up a great tutorial and included many examples for inspiration. These would also be cute as zipper pulls or bag tags. blog3

There are many great projects made with felt on Craftster. Click on the felt tag to find more!

Meatless Monday: Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos

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11-22-2011006 It’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is also true that I am the world’s worst at eating breakfast. The majority of time, I just eat a boring bowl of cereal….real original, right? MareMare has decided to help me, and you, spice up our breakfast time with her recipe for Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos. These breakfast tacos make a great main dish for Sunday brunch. You could have a breakfast salsa bar with your tacos and don’t forget the bloody mary’s Oh my goodness! I don’t think I can wait till breakfast, I am going to whip these up for dinner!

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@Home This Weekend: Custom Lamp

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blog This weekend, make a custom lamp for your home. TheMistressTmade a beautiful floorlamp, repurposing a beautiful wooden tripod. What a great accent for any room!

Tute Tuesday: Boutonnieres

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tute tuesday It’s that time again! Time for spring dances and weddings! You could do what everyone else does-pick up a boring flower boutonniere or you could be original and make your very own with maleficent’s tutorial for customized boutonnieres. Make the night special by creating a memory with this tutorial. It will be a keepsake that they will treasure for years to come. These boutonnieres are great for weddings too! Match them up with a corsage or a keepsake flower bouquet. Stand out, be original for other things besides those funky dance moves.

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Craft Challenge #108 Announced – Live Events!

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Craft Challenge #108 – Live Events, has been announced!

Your mission this month is to craft a project that shows major love to one of your favorite live events or productions! Concerts, sporting events, family entertainment, music festivals, arts & theatre, you name it!

Entries are due May 1 – 10, 2015. Read all of the challenge details here. 😀

Yoga Time!

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yoga socks

I want to like yoga, I do. But I can’t hold downward facing dog for more that 5 seconds without my arms turning to limp noodles and child’s pose is just very, very uncomfortable. I keep trying, hoping I’ll get better and that I’ll like it one day, but so far, no luck. Why would I keep trying, despite my miserable failure? Well, there’s the health benefits, sure, but there’s also… yoga socks. I love yoga socks, and I just feel like a fraud wearing them without actually being a yoga person. I’d adore a pair of these like by Beeclef! How cute are they?!

Yoga Mat Bag

And if I did yoga I could make a fun yoga mat bag! I don’t know if I’d go to as much trouble as Abbeeroad, because I’m sure you think that’s just a pretty patterned fabric, but there’s more to it than that! Click through to see how much work was put into that deceptively simple looking bag.

Gnome Yoga Embroidery

And if I were a yoga person I could have cool embroidery like this gnome! There are two in the post, make sure you check out the other one, too. Of course, I’d have to get someone as talented as luckdragon to make it, because I’m not so much an embroidery person, but then when people saw it on my wall and commented on how cute it was, I could be all “yeah, yoga’s totally my thing” instead of “the gnomes are the only thing in this house doing yoga!”

Yoga Picture

And how awesome would yoga-themed artwork be? It could be a framed piece of artwork, or a journal page… and again, when people saw it we could talk about our favorite yoga poses and give tips and tricks… And even though I’d have to fess up and admit to being a non-yoga person, I still covet this piece by Mountains and Clouds.

If you’re a yoga fan, check out these and other great yoga crafts! I’ll be over here in the corner trying to wrap my left leg around… wait, I’m supposed to do what?! Um, on second thought, I’ll be over here in the corner eating potato chips and watching TV…

Wear Your Food!

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GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA When I say “Wear your food”, I don’t mean you should walk around with stains or crumbs on your clothing; I’m talking about wearable crafts that center around your favorite edibles!

This pretzel pendant is a prime example. It’s not actually a tasty pretzel; it’s a polymer clay creation by beautifulpirate.

Dolly Mixx made a slew of food-related jewelry out of plastic miniatures. These cupcake pendants are adorable. blog4
Using freezer paper, you can stencil just about anything, like this vicious looking cupcake with a warning, by talihina_sky. blog2
Cheese burger, cheese burger! I can’t help but think of the iconic Saturday Night Live skit when I see these shrink plastic earrings that tamalama made. blog3
All this junk food has me thinking that we may need to get a little healthier. Thank goodness I was able to find this felted Greek salad necklace by ApparentlySew. blog1

Wearable food is fun. So go ahead, play with your food. And wear it proudly!

Meatless Monday: Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

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238 We made it through the winter, it’s time to pull out the picnic basket and head for the park! There is no better way to celebrate outside eating than with Pinkybrewster’s delicious Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes. Be the star of your picnic with these little yummy gems. They are quick to make with easy to find ingredients. No one will know that you skipped out all the butter and eggs. Call up your friends, shed those winter coats and don’t forget your frisbee! Play a little bee and then get your grub on without all the guilt.

Sweeten up your next picnic with recipes from our Cooking Board.

Spotlight on: Bicycle Crafts

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Spring is quickly approaching and marks a time when we leave our homes for fresh air and physical activity. Bike riding is always a great way to get out and see the signs of spring. So thought it would be pertinent to find out how to make our bikes look even better by pimping our rides!

When riding a bicycle we need to be safe. Never ride without a helmet! With that, it does not mean your helmet has to be ordinary or boring. Why not make it unique, like this Phrenology Helmet, by kcli.

Little spray paint, a Sharpie and she took this boring helmet to a wonderful self expression.

Next in line to riding a bike would be comfort. Men and women can tell horror stories of the bad things uncomfortable bike seats can do. So as a means of comfort and showing off your talents, cover that hard seat with a Crochet Bike Seat Cover by, OhNoJo!

You can make it any color to accent your bike, and the pattern link is in the post.

When riding it’s always a good idea to have a means of caring stuff. Lunch, phone, groceries, Frisbee, books, etc. So now Kittykill shows how to create a Bike Caddy with Pockets.

Jazz up your bike and place to put things. Love that!

Lastly, since all the crafty people of Craftster like glitter, and some even consider it there go to supply, why not use it on your bike?! Check out this Wicked Rainbow Glitter Bike, by Lilak Tygress.

She finished off the look by putting Elfaba on her basket.

Before you go tooling around on your bike this spring, beautify your ride and make it uniquely you. :)

Thanks for checking out the Spotlight, and let me know if you have ideas for future crafts to check out.

@Home This Weekend: Cloud Light

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blog This weekend, bring the outdoors in and make a dreamlike cloud light to hang from your ceiling. gozer used tiny LED lights in her cloud. She’s planning on making a few more clouds and maybe adding some birds or hot air balloons. What a whimsical way to light up a room!

The Latest in Zombie Decor

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ZombieBowlF What is the latest in spring 2015 decor, why it’s zombie heads! They are popping off and up everywhere! Who is responsible for this latest trend? Why no other than our very own Lady Rando! I love how she repurposed that little noggin into a whimsical dish for my favorite candy treat-GUMMY WORMS! Everyone and I mean everyone will want this delightful little scamp on their coffee table this season. Run out and get yours before they get you!

I Am Zombie Homer

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159601_07Aug11_101_6600 While digging my way out of the Craftster vault I came across a zombie Homer Simpson. Thinking that my head was a donut, he tried and tried to nibble away at it. Lucky for me I was able to break free of his grip and run to safety. Just who created this horrible beast? You can blame it on beautifulpirate. She made him this way…such a shame to see Homer succumb to the ways on the zombie.

Want to make your own zombie, and really, who doesn’t? Check out our Tag Cloud for inspiration.