Meatless Monday: Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

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68269_21May15_DSC05255 I am not even going to lie to you. If you put a plate of cookies in front of me, I turn into Cookie Monster. Cookies are my weakness and if you throw chocolate and peanut butter into the mix, well…it’s all over it. I am over the moon happy that I came across Onyxnox’s recipe for Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. These little beauties are easy to make and great for those who are leading a gluten free lifestyle. Make up a batch of cookies for picnics, graduations parties, father’s day or me! Don’t make me beg, people.

Looking for other tasty treats? Our Cooking Board has so many recipes that you can cook one for each day of the year!

Coffee, the nectar of life!

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Cold Brewed Coffee
The great thing about weekends in the spring is sitting out on the patio, sipping coffee and watching the dog manically run around the yard. But what am I going to do when it’s warm even in the morning? You can drink hot coffee even on a hot day, but… I hate being over-warm, so maybe I need to try this cold-brewed coffee Onyxnox is raving about?

Coffee Mugs
And wouldn’t it be cool, while it’s still cool out, to have my piping hot coffee in an awesome mug like the ones teaandcraft made for a friend? I don’t care that my cabinets are bursting, you can never have too many awesome coffee cups!

Death Before Decaf Hoop
And I need this hoop in my kitchen. I have friends that drink decaf, and I never understood it. I ascribe to the “useless, warm brown water” view of decaf, and while death might be an actual step to far, I agree with the feeling! Now I just need to convince jaimeshive to stitch another one up for me, because my embroidery skills leave a little something to be desired.

Mini Coffee Beans
And, finally, I have a love a miniatures as well as a love of coffee, so you can imagine how I feel about miniature coffee beans! So cute! I’m in awe of anyone who can make miniature scenes, as I have neither the patience or talent for it. There’s a lot more in this post by PerfectlyBohemian, so check out the rest of the mini bits!

So however you enjoy your coffee, there are plenty of inspiring posts by fellow coffee-lovers here on Craftster!

@Home This Weekend: Expecto Patronum Night Light!

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blog This weekend, create a magical Harry Potter inspired night light. Using slices of geodes she found online, Mistress Jennie created this Patronus which will bring light and magic into any room. Enchanting!

May 19, 2016 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

Sunrise Shawl by meelee514

Dobby! by smileyyogini

Mr Steampunk Pirate Fox by ThreeLittleCats

Expecto Patronum Night Lights by Mistress Jennie

Black agate bracelet by Ratfinkz

Wheel of Fortune Book – PICTURE HEAVY by StudioANF

lion doodle by geekgirl1000100

The Walking Dead – painting by chek101

Literal copycats are the worst kind! by Patraw

More artjornal pages by Victoria Kamalova

You’re Oh So Clever – Whimsical Fox Woodland Shrine by PerfectlyBohemian

Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland by xMangoRose

Seashell Crystal Outdoor Ornament by kittykill

Mad March Hare – Abandoned Toys by lunke13

Vegan Chili Fries by dreadlocklove

Tute Tuesday: Charging Phone Holder

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017 If you are anything like me, you are really bad about charging your cell phone. I will forget about it, leave it on the table and ultimately either myself or the dogs will trip over the wire. I am in desperate need of some organization! Craftster member nilmerg comes to my rescue with her tutorial for a Charging Phone Holder. Not only is this holder functional but it is also very pretty. It is the perfect project for scrap busting. I love the idea of giving these as gifts because everyone can use one and you can customize them to fit any personality.

Got the itch to make something but not sure what? Why not check out our Miscellaneous Board for some fun ideas and inspiration. What’s holding you back? Get started today!

Awesome Altered Altoids Tins

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Altoids come in a great little tin, and as a Craftster, you know you’d feel bad throwing that empty tin away. So don’t do it! There are a million things you can do with an old tin, one being creating beautiful dioramas.

Ramona Q found some adorable tiny sewing notions and created this “blessing for sewers” tin. Have you ever seen such tiny spools of thread?

pottermouth posted three delightful tins in her post, including this Alice in Wonderland themed tin. She built up the base of the tin with Alice themed items: the White Rabbit’s stopwatch, a tart from the Queen of Hearts, and more. blog1
Sometimes all it takes is a single item to inspire you. Killam Creative found a wooden piper in an old toy store, and gave him a home in this patriotic altered tin. blog2
noooitaremybirthday created a Sci-Fi tin for a swap partner who loves tacky Sci-Fi movies. Watch out for that alien! blog5
Are you a fan of BBC’s “Sherlock”? If so, you’re not going to want to miss what’s just inside this door at 221B. Knickertwist decorated the outside of the tin to look like the entry way, but the inside is a tiny perfect apartment. Amazing! blog3

Once the Altoids are gone, save the tin and make something! To view these and more tins, click on the Craftster link “altered altoids tin“. You’ll be glad you did.

Meatless Monday: Edible Bouquets

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27621bouquets This time of year is filled with celebrations; graduation, Father’s Day, weddings, and of course, let’s not forget picnics and birthdays. It can be overwhelming and expensive to supply food for all the events. Why not take a tip out of Craftster member Fingerprick’s book and create your very own Edible Bouquets. Don’t spend your money on overpriced food bouquets, do it yourself! You can create one of a kind beautiful edible arrangements that will wow your guest and keep their bellies happy.

Our Cooking Board is a great source for your party food needs. Also, don’t forget to check out our Occasions Board for other party planning ideas. Create an event that is off the charts!

@Home This Weekend: Teaching Clock

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blog This weekend, teach your child to tell time with a brightly colored teaching clock. Pique their interest by letting them help decorate it! vogliounamelablu used colored pencils to create the face of this lightweight wooden clock. Tick tock, tick tock, what time is it?

Tute Tuesday: Bird Nest Supply Wreath

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181507_21Mar11_spring11_049 During springtime my backyard becomes a swingers apartment complex for birds. They are fluttering around, doing what birds and bees do; having some seeds, a little cocktail or two, going to discos. Okay…so they are just hanging out and eating seed, but they are also getting ready to lay their eggs and to do that they need nesting material. Lunamadre shares her tutorial for a great way to help out the birds and have an interesting art piece in your backyard. A Bird Nest Supply Wreath has everything mama bird needs to get her home ready. This is an excellent way to scrap bust, but read the tutorial for things you shouldn’t put on your wreath.

Our Home Sweet Home Board is the place for indoor and outdoor crafting inspiration. Spruce up your pad this spring.

A Visit To Some Swap Galleries

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blog5 Are you familiar with Craftster swaps? Organizers choose a theme and set swap guidelines, and then after receiving sign-up information, match swappers who make and exchange crafted items with their partner. It’s so much fun! Here’s a look at a few of the current galleries and what sorts of things have been received lately.

Forest friends of every type are featured in the Woodland Creatures Swap hosted by blupaisan and Sarasmile. Pictured here, you can see foxes, squirrels, birds, and even gnomes!

Forest creatures not your thing? How about some odd animals! The One Tiny Unloved Creature Swap, hosted by grufflepuff, might be more your thing. Someone received fun drinking glasses featuring elephant seals, blobfish, and toads! Unloved creatures of every type can be found in this gallery. blog2
I’ve been keeping my eye on the Prayer Flag Swap gallery, hosted by Wulf, because I love all the different styles and techniques used to make the flags. blog1
If you’re feeling a little down, check out the Box of Sunshine gallery. This round two version of the swap, hosted by gala_apples, promises each participant a box of bright, happy fun. blog4
Do you love adult coloring books? Particpants in the Coloring Page Swap hosted by rockingbearranch created and exchanged hand-drawn coloring pages. What fun! blog3

These are just a few of the great galleries you can find here on Craftster every day. And here’s a little viewing hint: if you want to view a gallery but avoid all the conversation and just look at the photos of swap goodies, click the “Show Images Only” button at the top of the thread.

Want to participate in a swap? Eligible members will find swap signups here. (Make sure you’re familiar with all the swap rules before signing up.) Happy swapping!

Meatless Monday: Tostones

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5556275884_6574df5f1c Tostones are good, people. I’m not talking just okay, I am talking, slap your backside good. Jungrrl shares her recipe and technique for Tostones, a delicious Cuban side dish. These tasty morsels are fried not once, but twice to seal in the goodness. Pair them with your favorite sandwich or main dish for a yummy lunch or dinner. Now that I am thinking about it, what about breakfast too? Hmmm…I might be on to something.

Can’t travel? Why not try an international recipe from our Cooking Board. You might find a new favorite food!

@Home This Weekend: Star Chandelier

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blog This weekend, create a beautiful accent piece for your home or patio. Mistress Jennie found a wire basket at a thrift store, and using beads and crystals, transformed it into this beautiful star chandelier. Simply inspired!

May 4, 2016 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time kittykill. We hope you enjoy them!

One Punch Man shoes by sheriffkarli

Wire and Fiber Brooch by Harlan

Hulk lamp by fatewineroses

Five necklaces and a necklace stand by LovelyMiss

Miniature Cookie Cart by pottermouth

equal parts art and craft, methinks…paint and collage by blupaisan

The Creature by Ludi

Bookmarks For Long-distance Moms by TheMistressT

Ballerina Piggy by meleriffic

Birdie hoopla by geekgirl1000100

Puppy Portrait by made4music2

Alice at Tea, altered tin by rackycoo

Pusheen cake for my son’s birthday! by owlandbat

Skull Makeup Brush Holder by audio

Moray eel cutie by Acadian Driftwood

I propose a toast!

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Wine Charms I have a friend who is a great lover of wine, and she’s always trying to get us to try new things. Get-togethers at her house always involve a lot of wine glasses, and it can get a little confusing. What we need are some amazing wine glass charms, like these by Mistress Jennie. Check out the other ones in the post, she has something for everyone – Harry Potter, Horcruxes, Owls, Major Cities/Travel, Fairy Tales and Fairies, Hobbies (Baseball, Cooking, Reading), Popular Novels, and just generally pretty ones.
Wine Embroidery And what wine lover wouldn’t want some impressive embroidery on their walls? This lovely piece by Ludi would be welcome in any wine-lover’s home!
Wine Scarf and Hat And when you give the wine lover in your life a gift, why not spruce it up a little with a tiny wine bottle hat and scarf? This set by CubanMother is just one idea, but you could do all sorts of colors and designs!
Wine Cellar Speaking of amazing decorations for wine lovers, this mini wine cellar scene by the unbelievable Knickertwist is… well, just amazing. I’m a huge fan of all of Knickertwist’s minature scenes, but this one takes the cake. Err, wine.

So, raise a glass (of wine, or sparkling cider, or soda) to all the amazing artists and crafters here on Craftster!

Tute Tuesday: Plastic Mesh Rug

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04-14-2007032939PM Want to have a rug that really ties the room together? Why not make your own with appleshannon’s tutorial for a Plastic Mesh Rug. You can create a one of a kind rug while binge watching your favorite show. This is a great seasonal project. You can stitch a rug for every holiday or season. Plastic Mesh Rugs also make great gifts for new neighbors or newlyweds. I love the idea of making one for a person who just rescued a new puppy. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a rug with a little “welcome home” basket for them? The possibilities are endless!

Our Home Sweet Home Board is a great place to get inspired this spring. Create a new look for yourself and your humble abode!