Falling Leaves

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blog1 Now that it’s September, I’m seeing signs that summer’s heat is waning, and fall is starting to move in. Hooray! Bring on those cooler nights and beautiful fall color! Here’s a preview of some beautiful fall crafts.

LimeRiot stitched up this beautiful hoopla, celebrating the rich colors of Autumn. I love her use of color, pattern, and design.

Decorate your mantle with a leaf banner! paperella shared her patterns and a tutorial for making this lovely fall felt banner. blog2
This polymer clay fall leaf necklace and earrings set by NocturnalCreations will look gorgeous once it’s truly sweater season. blog3
Knickertwist shows off her incredible paper craft skills with this amazing harvest shrine. blog4
Weather getting chilly? Cuddle up under a warm fall quilt, like this one, by cherry34. blog5

I love the change of seasons. Want more fall crafts? There are plenty to be found in the Craftster tag cloud. You’ll find all sorts of inspiration if you look under keywords “autumn”, “autumn decor”, “fall”, and “leaf”.

Meatless Monday: Provencal Inspired Quiche

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338064_13Sep14_fresh_from_the_oven There is nothing better than a nice Sunday brunch. It is a great way to spend some time with friends, maybe sip on a mimosa or two and enjoy a brunch staple, quiche. Margaret van Velthuyzen created this delicious dish, Provencal Inspired Quiche, after her trip to St. Paul de Vence, France. I love the ease of this recipe. You can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

You can find other breakfast, brunch and lunch entrees on our Cooking Board.

@Home This Weekend: Buzy Bee Activity Chart

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blog It’s National Honey Month! This weekend, keep your little honeys (kids OR spouse!) busy with this fun Buzy Bee Activity Chart. Each magnetic bee holds a surprise chore or activity. paperella includes several different types of activities in her chart: including something fun, something educational, a chore, or a physical activity. The activities are written on the slips of paper each bee holds, so can be changed out often. What a perfect response to the “I’m bored” syndrome. “Go pick a bee, and get busy!”

Craft Challenge #103 Announced – Foodie Frenzy 2

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Craft Challenge #103 – Foodie Frenzy 2, has been announced!

Your challenge this month is to show us your… food!

Entries are due October 1 – 8, 2014. Read all of the challenge details here. :D

How to Make Tshirt Rugs

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Tshirt Yarn & Rugs In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to create your own yarn from upcycled t-shirts. She also shows you how to spruce up your space by utilizing that yarn to make area rugs!

Home Cozy Home

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Painted dresser isfive created this pterodactyl dresser for her son’s nursery. It’s a great solution for the common challenge of how to add color to a room when you can’t paint the walls for one reason or another. She used vivid paint colors and homemade stencils on the dresser, which will not only serve as storage, but room decor as well.
Suitcase table tatobuggy7 transformed an old suitcase into a fun and colorful table with just a few steps. Using paint chips and Elmer’s Glue, she embellished the suitcase with a mosaic-like pattern to make it quite a conversation piece.
Dice birdhouse This simple, but striking birdhouse is sure to attract some attention hanging in your garden. sswoodcraft shares with us that cardboard stencils are the trick to creating this fun design. Make one for your feathered friends today!
Scrabble art Jacsar created this Scrabble art piece as a gift for her mom last Christmas. A few Scrabble board games, some hot glue and a fun frame and you’re good to go. Use the spare tiles to make Scrabble pendants, bracelets, magnets or even coasters!

Tute Tuesday: A Tutu for Everyone

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tutu I am a firm believer that everyone should wear a tutu…dogs, cats, men, women, babies…everyone! There is just something about a skirt made of tulle that just brings a smile to our faces. While the skirt may look fancy, making one doesn’t have to be too time consuming and overwhelming. AMYoung3 shows us how to make this adorable yet simple Tutu so we can spend more time dancing around with the birds and bees in our new fluffy outfit. I think I need to make matching ones for me and my pups. What? Don’t judge.

Want to change your outlook on life? Change your wardrobe with these awesome Costume Tutorials. You could be a new person every day of the week!

All Kinds of Octopi!

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blog1 You may already know that the octopus inhabits many diverse regions of the ocean, but did you also know they can be found on many different boards on Craftster? Here are five unique octopi, each made with a different technique.

On the Toys, Dolls, and Playthings board, you’ll find this beautiful hand-stitched stuffed octopus with bendable arms, created by artsycandice.


These impressive graphic coasters by maxxev were made scratching out the layer of black glaze to make the image. You’ll find these octopi on the Pottery, Ceramics, Polymer Clay board. blog3
If you look on the Fiber Arts board, you’ll find this lovely needle-felted cuff by Harlan. blog4
This stumpwork blue-ringed octopus by Ludi can be found on the Needlework board. Be careful of this one! It’s in the only group of octopi known to be deadly to humans. blog2
And lastly, you’ll find this quilled beauty by mezcraft on the Papercraft board. blog5

So many wonderful octopi! Want to see more? There are pages and pages of other octopus projects listed under the Craftster tag “octopus“. Go check them out!

Spotlight on: Breast Cancer Awareness Crafts

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Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I wanted to showcase some crafts to give you a chance to do some awareness raising crafts yourself.

When Burningrubber made a gift for her roommate who had been through breast cancer surgery, she made her this beautiful Tamari ball, in shades of pink.

So pretty and a unique decorative item. Something she can cherish as a reminder of her survival.

Not all things crafted for breast cancer awareness need to be all pink. Like in this wallet and purse set created by armywife116.

She combined the camouflage fabric with shades of pink, and it is fantastic together.

This crochet afghan is so delicate looking with the hearts and ribbons.

sweetcaroline01 used a pattern to create it, and teach herself how to filet.

Last craft I want to share is this very moving needlework by nodakbex. It is called Self-portrait: mastectomy scars.

What a courageous and strong woman to be able to create this, and make such a beautiful statement.

Make sure you get your mammograms, and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month with me by getting checked. :)

Meatless Monday: Baked Cauliflower

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143364_06Sep14_IMG_20140906_215034 As the weather cools down I begin to crave comfort food. I need something that is hearty, cheesy and warm. Blupaisan whipped up this recipe for Baked Cauliflower on a whim and I’m so happy she did! It has everything that I love; tomatoes left over from summer, baked cheese to usher in fall and cauliflower instead of noodles for the main ingredient. This dish is perfect for those cooler temps that are just around the corner.

Check out our Cooking Board for other comfort food favorites.

@Home This Weekend: Revamped Clock

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blog This weekend, customize your home. If you’ve got something that doesn’t quite fit in your decor, revamp it! teaandcraft had an old clock that was still functional, but its ugly metal exterior just wasn’t working for her. Using acrylic paints, she transformed it into this Adventure Time themed clock. What time is it? “Time to play Video Games!” Have a wonderful and crafty weekend!

September 4, 2014 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by kittykill. We hope you enjoy them!

Leather and Chiffon Cocktail Dress (made from leather coat) by Doomgaze

Watermelon Carving and Fruit Salad by sweets4ever

Gravity Falls: Mabel Pines "Sweaterghan" by Greys Princess

Whale Scarf – Batik on Silk with Embroidery & Buttons by UnRuli

Faux Slides by Smeddley

beaded Electric Mayhem bracelet by calixita

Custom-sized sweater for me (DROPS 101-15) by Naantje

Bendable Octopus Arms – Tutorial – Image Heavy by artsycandice

Whimsical Diptych Paintings by andralynn

Frederick the Literate: A cross-stitch-topia of obsessive proportion by WideEyedLife

My DIY budget outdoor August wedding- Image OBESE! by santacruzsugar

First finished piece after some time away… by littlecircles

Halloween pumpkin sculpt with tutorial by maxxev

Star Baby quilt by Amazon_warrior

The Littlest Plague Doctor by Ludi

Spotlight on: Dioramas

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Did you ever have to build a diorama for a school project? In 5th grade we had to enter the Science Fair and my project was the Solar System. You know, back when Pluto was a planet.Those were the days, but I digress. Ever since then I have been fascinated with dioramas.

Dioramas are small scenes created with layers of materials, all depicting a picture or theme. Shoeboxes were once the norm, but now they can go even smaller to the size of an Altoids tin. Here on Craftster there have been challenges for creating dioramas.

When we envision an item to create it can be challenging to have it turn out how we see it in our mind. Dioramas especially so. Many of the items you will want to use in your diorama may have to be made by hand. Since finding them in the size you need may not be an option. Using Polymer clay, air-dry clay or the like will become commonplace.

This diorama called How to Make a Friend, by Luna1375, has always been a favorite of mine. In the post she tells us how she made the surroundings. Painting the bricks for the walls and placing each one individually. This one is so cute and the finished size is about 6 inches tall.

Dioramas do not have to be square either. This diorama made by MistressT is an ornament called Little People Cat Lady.

She created this for an Aunt who fosters stray cats, and at the time had about 16. In the diorama ornament there are 12 cats! Not leaving out any detail, she even gave one a pink cat butt. :)

Keeping your products simple so you can then concentrating on details, can make even a black and white scene come to life. Even making dioramas can be done in all paper, too.

This one and all the ones designed by Patraw are pretty much all paper.

In this Nintendo Gameboy papercraft diorama of Mario, every bit is 2:6 scale! My eyes hurt just thinking about that, but I am impressed with what is achieved. You should check out more of his dioramas for the gaming genre.
Castlevania, Mega Man 3, Nemesis, Operation C, Fall of the Footland

Theme dioramas can be a great way to use a small space to decorate for a holiday. Put you in the mood or even give a little pick-me-up to a co-worker. To give you an idea here is a Halloween Altoid Diorama by Knickertwist.

In true Knicker fashion she has not forgotten any Halloweeny details. How fun would it be to have this on your desk at work? Great conversation piece for your kitchen counter, too.

Dioramas are a good way to express your creative side, but on a smaller scale. Great things really can and do come in small packages.

Thanks for checking out the Spotlight. Let me know if you have ideas for future crafts to investigate.

Tute Tuesday: Molded Hot Glue

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glue mold I’ve been intrigued by Mod Melts that I keep seeing around the craft world, but I have yet to bite the bullet and purchase any of the molds or the melts. LovelyMiss has her own version of Mod Melt, Molded Hot Glue. She used her hot glue gun and silicon molds to create her own melts. I love this idea! What a money saver and a great way to branch out with hot glue. I see a lot of burnt fingers and molded flowers in my near future.

You can find other awesome tutorials and ideas on our cloud, look for the Tutorial Tag.

More Amazing Matchboxes

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blog4 In last week’s “Matchbox Mania” article, I showed you some beautifully decorated matchboxes, with the promise of showing you even more amazing matchboxes this week. Here’s a collection of projects that used the matchboxes as mere starting points; these Craftsters were truly thinking “outside the box”.

Chicken feet! cackle perched her matchbox up on chicken feet and built a house on top to create this perfect Baba Yaga house.

amaryllisroze used a matchbox for a door, and made this sweet house for Valentine’s Day. When you open the door, the message reads “tu vives en mi corazon”, which translates to “you live in my heart”. So sweet! blog3
You don’t want to bother the wood nymph that lives in this wicked forest! thisbirdsabsurd used polymer clay to sculpt a woodsy habitat for the nasty nymph that lives within. blog1
LimeRiot stacked up 25 matchboxes to make a fun advent calendar. Each box holds a tiny treat to help make the countdown to Christmas even more exciting. blog2
You won’t believe the details in this tiny brownstone created by microjivvy. Even though this is a standard size matchbox, it has three fully furnished floors! Look at the elevator in the top left floor; you can just see the heads of a couple of matches! Amazing. blog5

There are three pages of matchboxes under the Craftster tag “matchbox“. If you’re ever looking for inspiration for a tiny craft, you now know where to start.