July 8, 2014 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by kittykill. We hope you enjoy them!

Prom with a Pop! (pop tab dress) by marcymallow

The Sweet Shoppe – vanilla cherry fondant cake by FoxyBlue

the rainbow heart blanket by inked79

A needle felted sugar skull by petskin

Faux Bois 2-Tiered Dessert Tray (a forest of photos) by TheMistressT

A couple swap pendants by Toralune

Baby Birdy in a Tree (Altered Spool) by Ludi

Sideshow Mermaid by felicitybaby

Pet Portrait: Bindi by rackycoo

Little Fox Hoop by artsycandice

Steampunk top hat ornament by cmarion3

Lady the Kirin – Fantasy Sculpture by TheDaytimeHeroes

A Little Silver Spool by cackle

Recipie Book by noodle-bug

Muses Mechanique by bookstorebabe

How to Make Summer Treats

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Summer Treats In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to make a summer movie night complete with a variety of flavored popcorn and tasty fruit-infused water!

Kick back and enjoy the show! ;)

July is National Blueberry Month

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Did you know that July is National Blueberry Month? Well, it is, and if you’re seeing blueberries everywhere, maybe you’re wondering what you can possibly do with them? A quick search shows a mouth-watering range of options, from making your own blueberry jam (by PinkyDoll) to Honey and Blueberry Muffin Cones (by sweets4ever) to blueberry cheesecake (by jenleahlynn) to Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes (by indigo_roses) to… well, I think you get the point. But in case you don’t, the point is there are a ton of amazing blueberry goodies to be made… but what if you’re allergic to blueberries?! Are you doomed to look like Violet Beauregarde when you try to properly celebrate National Blueberry Month? Not necessarily! With a little bit of creativity (in no short supply around these parts!) you can celebrate National Blueberry Month in a completely non-blow-up-like-a-balloon fashion!

Psyche Blueberry Cross-stitch If you are… or rather, were… a fan of Psyche, you could immortalize the show’s third character, The Blueberry, in an adorable cross-stitch. I mean, let’s be honest, a lot of the things Shawn and Gus did simply wouldn’t have happened without the trusty Blueberry! This piece is by Antigone567, who made up this pattern (and also has great taste in shows and actors… mmm… Tim Curry…
Fused Glass

But maybe you have mad skills with glass? You could make a gorgeous art piece, like this one by TickleTickle, using blueberry the color as your inspiration! Fruit, color, which came first? Either way, it’s still blueberry!

Blueberry yarn

Speaking of color, there’s one thing you can never have too much color in, and that’s fiber! If I had the talent to spin like Belladune, I’d be celebrating every holiday with a special yarn! This one she lovingly titled “Bear Poop in the Blueberry Bush”. Talent and a sense of humor? That’s awesome.

However you celebrate National Blueberry Month, I hope it’s yummy and creative!

Tute Tuesday: Melted Crayon Painting

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I am fascinated by melted crayon art. It is very pretty but looks so complicated to get everything just right. In this blast from the past, RaeRaggs shows just how easy crayon art can be with the Melted Crayon Peacock Tutorial. This is not just a simple how-to, it is also filled with helpful tips such as dedicating a hot glue gun just to crayons and sketching your idea on paper first. This project is a perfect way to create cheap personalized pieces of art.

Want to create more amazing works of art? Check out our More Art, Less Crafts Tutorial thread.

More Art, Less Craft

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Today, let’s take a look at some of the phenomenal works that can be found on the More Art, Less Craft board.

These animal specimens by Deee are just incredible. They are constructed of paper, wax, and fibers. They almost look real, but have a mysterious, other world quality to them.

This diorama of Little Red Riding Hood is constructed in a film canister. The trees are paper, and the layers are translucent gel samples for theater lighting.
This detail of a haunting portrait of a bride was done in pencil, by rollagasper.
Here’s a detail of a lovely drawing made using wool, cut to size.  I can’t imagine how much patience gorgaus had to have to cut and place each piece so precisely.
I’m a huge fan of UnRuli’s work. I just love her paintings so much; they’re so painterly and full of life. Here’s a detail of the “Cake Lady“, which is one of my favorites.

Everyone needs a little art in their life. Can’t get out to visit an art gallery today? Cruise through this Craftster gallery free of charge, right from your own home. Enjoy!

Meatless Monday: No Bake Lime Cheesecake

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Holy moly! It is H-O-T! Turning on the stove to bake is not an option at my house during the summer months. Our old stove makes our house feel like a sauna. The problem is that I still have to whip up something for my neighborhood’s annual block party. Lucky for me, redflags has the solution with her No Bake Key Lime Cheesecake. An added bonus to this yummy dessert is that the whole prep time takes about 30 minutes but it will look like you spent hours in the kitchen. Love it! Now I have time to do my hair and nails before the party!

You can find other recipes that require very little or no actual cook time on our Cooking Board. You can stay cool in the heat while others are melting around you.

@Home This Weekend: Celebrate the 4th with a Cherry Pie

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This weekend, celebrate the USA! Getting together with friends and family? Bring along a delicious homemade cherry pie, with a patriotic crust. Avian Flight shares her recipe and instructions on how to make the flag topper in her post. Happy Fourth of July!

Tute Tuesday: Make Your Own Hippogriff

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While you can’t catch a Hippogriff by the tail, you can create your very own with Pottermouth’s tutorial on Making Your Own Hippogriff. These magical creatures have been featured throughout history but have become more widely known thanks to the Harry Potter Series.

Detailed pictures and directions make this tutorial easy to follow. It is the perfect addition for any Harry Potter fan’s collection or just those who love mythical creatures. Check out our Harry Potter Tags for other crafty ideas. You can create your own world!

Swap Gallery: Altered Spools

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I’ve been participating in the Altered Spool swap, co-hosted by MissingWillow and HSG, and the swap gallery has been phenomenal; I’m amazed at how many different ways people have altered simple spools. Here are a few examples from the swap. You’re going to want to go check out the gallery, though, because there are so many more amazing spools there! 

cackle didn’t alter a real spool; she created her own spool out of precious metal clay and then added flowers and butterflies. I’m sure you’ll agree that the end result is stunning.

I’m over the moon for this lunar spool by jillybeans. The quote says “moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars”. 


SonjaBoo‘s spool became a sweet little bird house. If you look closely, you can see tiny birds peaking out from the hole.
PerfectlyBohemian‘s partner asked for a “zombie sheep”, and this is the awesome result: a felted sheep with a spool for a body. If you unwrap the spool, there’s a tiny embroidered zombie sheep story.
One spool wasn’t enough for pottermouth; she used several small spools to create fairy houses and topped them with acorn tops. This adorable little village sits upon a larger spool. Magical!

Make sure to check out the entire Altered Spool gallery to see the huge variety of altered spools! (Hint: click on the “Show Images Only” button if you’d like to skip the chatter and only see the eye candy.) While you’re in the neighborhood, go check out the swaps that are currently open for sign ups, and consider joining in. Swapping is great fun.

Meatless Monday: Apple Pie

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4th of July is coming up this week and that means lots of BBQ’s and parties. Nothing says summer and America like mom and Apple Pie.

Wizards_Pupil was tired of mushy apples in her pie so, with a little experimenting, a tender delicious dish was created. This recipe for Apple Pie uses Fuji and Braeburn apples to ensure a a nice texture and a pie that is not too sweet. As an added bonus, you also get a mini tutorial on how to do a lattice crust.

Check out our Cooking board for other 4th of July recipes. I’m sure no matter what you cook, it will go off with a bang!

Spotlight on: Fused Glass

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Even though I work with glass I rarely do fusing. Not for lack of wanting to, but the hubby says no to the cost of a kiln. :( Guess I have enough glass toys. For now.

Layer Marney, Essex UK fused glass by Bendog

Glass fusing refers to glass that has been fired in a kiln. There are 3 levels of fusing and it goes by degree of temperature. The first level is slumping, which basically makes the glass melt into the shape of the mold it is placed on top of. This is the lowest of the temperatures, at a cool 1,099–1,251 °F.

Here is an example of a slumped dish that was made by DiSKoGiRL. It has such unique colors that make it gorgeous.

We have all seen those wine bottles that have been flattened, right? Slumping is the process used on glass bottles like these from joby560. Great for use as a small serving tray.

The second level is called tack fusing, and this is when you heat the glass enough to “glue” pieces of together. This occurs at temperatures 1,251–1,350 °F. In this example of tack fusing joby560 creates some bright and cheery suncatchers.

Last is a full on fuse and the temperatures are 1,350–1,501 °F. These pendants by TickleTickle are so pretty and delicate looking for something created with such high temperatures.

If you’re interested in trying glass and glass fusing, but don’t want to spend thousands, there is such a thing as a microwave kiln. They are fairly inexpensive and can give you a chance to try glass on small scale.

To do more reading/research here is a microwave kiln thread from our glass boards to give you first hand information.

Thank you for checking out the spotlight! Let me know if you have ideas for future topics to inform you about there awesomeness.

@Home This Weekend: Personalized Dog Collar

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This weekend, make your dog a personalized collar. Your pet will be the envy of the dog park with a fancy collar with his or her name on it. Use this great tutorial by LimeRiot and make one for every occasion. Doesn’t Opie look handsome and ready to enjoy the summer in dotted collar? 


Mr X Stitch Presents: The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Five Paradigm Shift Artists

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The Cutting & Stitching Edge | Contemporary Embroidered Art from Mr X Stitch

The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge has featured fantastic artists over the years, and every now and again we find someone who changes the way you think about a particular form of textile art. Here are five stunning examples. Click on the image to visit the original post!


Pierre Fouche - Bobbin Lace

Pierre Fouche – Bobbin Lace


Faig Ahmed - Error - Woven Azerbaijiani Rug

Faig Ahmed – Azerbaijiani Rugs


Stitchalicious' Flaming Heart Tattoo Stumpwork

Stitchalicious – Stumpwork


Moxie - Needle Felting

Moxie – Needle Felting


Erin Riley - Body Shots - Tapestry Weaving

Erin Riley – Tapestry Weaving


The Cutting & Stitching Edge is brought to you in association with PUSH: Stitchery, the must-have embroidered art book by Mr X Stitch !


Tute Tuesday: DIY Squirt Bottle Tie-Dye

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Yippee! Summer time is here and that means outdoor concerts and events. Why not get your groove on with these easy to follow tutorial from Abbeeroad for Squirt Bottle Tie-Dye T-shirts.

While most people are dropping over $20.00 for a kit, Abbeeroad shows you an inexpensive way to add pizzazz to your plain white tee. You can dye your shirt for any occasion: 4th of July, crazy rock concert or a local parade. If you can think it up, you can design it!

We have so many awesome tutorials! You can find what you are looking for by checking out our Tutorial Tags.

At The Beach

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Don’t hate me, but I’m writing this article from a lovely rental vacation house at Ocean Isle beach. Of course, the beach is on my mind, so this week I’ve found for you a nice collection of summer goodness. 

Protect yourself from the sun with a lovely retro sunhat. AlwaysInspired included a very good tutorial in her post. I love the splashy fabric she choose for this hat.

Enjoy your day with your friends playing a game of Washers. TheMistressT used spray paint to brightly color the washers and then made a smart mesh bag for storage. 

No one will try to steal your towel if it’s monogrammed! mhills found a bright towel on clearance and personalized it for her niece.
How are you going to keep all your accessories together? Sew up a giant beach bag, like this one by beth8144.
Did you find any souvenirs on your day out? If you were lucky enough to find some beach glass, make a suncatcher to help you remember your beachy vacation. hgddm made an adorable pink octopus. 


That’s all for this week; the beach is calling. Keep it crafty!