@Home This Weekend: Personalized Dog Collar

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This weekend, make your dog a personalized collar. Your pet will be the envy of the dog park with a fancy collar with his or her name on it. Use this great tutorial by LimeRiot and make one for every occasion. Doesn’t Opie look handsome and ready to enjoy the summer in dotted collar? 


Mr X Stitch Presents: The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Five Paradigm Shift Artists

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The Cutting & Stitching Edge | Contemporary Embroidered Art from Mr X Stitch

The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge has featured fantastic artists over the years, and every now and again we find someone who changes the way you think about a particular form of textile art. Here are five stunning examples. Click on the image to visit the original post!


Pierre Fouche - Bobbin Lace

Pierre Fouche – Bobbin Lace


Faig Ahmed - Error - Woven Azerbaijiani Rug

Faig Ahmed – Azerbaijiani Rugs


Stitchalicious' Flaming Heart Tattoo Stumpwork

Stitchalicious – Stumpwork


Moxie - Needle Felting

Moxie – Needle Felting


Erin Riley - Body Shots - Tapestry Weaving

Erin Riley – Tapestry Weaving


The Cutting & Stitching Edge is brought to you in association with PUSH: Stitchery, the must-have embroidered art book by Mr X Stitch !


Tute Tuesday: DIY Squirt Bottle Tie-Dye

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Yippee! Summer time is here and that means outdoor concerts and events. Why not get your groove on with these easy to follow tutorial from Abbeeroad for Squirt Bottle Tie-Dye T-shirts.

While most people are dropping over $20.00 for a kit, Abbeeroad shows you an inexpensive way to add pizzazz to your plain white tee. You can dye your shirt for any occasion: 4th of July, crazy rock concert or a local parade. If you can think it up, you can design it!

We have so many awesome tutorials! You can find what you are looking for by checking out our Tutorial Tags.

At The Beach

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Don’t hate me, but I’m writing this article from a lovely rental vacation house at Ocean Isle beach. Of course, the beach is on my mind, so this week I’ve found for you a nice collection of summer goodness. 

Protect yourself from the sun with a lovely retro sunhat. AlwaysInspired included a very good tutorial in her post. I love the splashy fabric she choose for this hat.

Enjoy your day with your friends playing a game of Washers. TheMistressT used spray paint to brightly color the washers and then made a smart mesh bag for storage. 

No one will try to steal your towel if it’s monogrammed! mhills found a bright towel on clearance and personalized it for her niece.
How are you going to keep all your accessories together? Sew up a giant beach bag, like this one by beth8144.
Did you find any souvenirs on your day out? If you were lucky enough to find some beach glass, make a suncatcher to help you remember your beachy vacation. hgddm made an adorable pink octopus. 


That’s all for this week; the beach is calling. Keep it crafty!

Meatless Monday: Baked Eggs in Zucchini Nest

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I recently purchased a vegetable spiralizer and have become obsessed with zucchini noodles. I have made several dishes using the noodles but I recently hit a wall on my noodle making recipes. Thank goodness Limeriot came up with this delish dish… Baked Eggs in Zucchini Nest.

This yummy concoction is so easy to make and so quick that you can whip them up in no time have the rest of your day for crafting. This recipe would be great for lazy Sunday mornings or any time you want a fast snack.

Looking for other quick recipes, check out our Cooking Board for inspiration.

@Home This Weekend: Quick Outdoor Shelf

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This weekend, take some trays and leather shoelaces, and make some great outdoor shelves. It’s quick and easy, if you follow DinkyTiny‘s tutorial. What a great place to display lightweight plants and candles! 


June 19, 2014 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

Polymer Dragon book and Game of Thrones Pegs! by Cryssoleil

I’m on a shoe painting fix. Galaxy heels! by lidehtium

Pi bellydance costume (and props) by Smeddley

Needle-Felted Zombie Sheep on a Spool (with embroidered "scroll" action) by PerfectlyBohemian

Chair-ity by MaryBee

Forest Guardian ATCs by kosmicgirl

Walking Dead Felt Coasters by Bobbysgirl

Up Hoop by QueenNinjaMonkey

Fantasy Barn Owl Sculpture by TheDaytimeHeroes

Make Your Owl Pom Pom Owl (with semi vague tute) by pottermouth

Psudeo-Stumpwork on the fly – sushi, spiders, and more by sheepBlue

Tiny Photo Album by EasilyAmused

Fibre Based Jewlery by Belladune

We’re all mad here! Chessa, the Cheshire cat art doll by Scribble Dolls

Bearded dragon sculpture by NocturnalCreations

Mr X Stitch Presents: The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Nicole Briant

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The Cutting & Stitching Edge | Contemporary Embroidered Art from Mr X Stitch
Nicole (Briant) Melton is an artist and graphic designer living in Chicago, USA.

Nicole Briant - Blackness That Feels Blue - hand embroidery

Nicole received her BFA in Visual Communications and Fiber & Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2010. Her mother taught her to sew when she was just 5 years old. After high school, she spent several years stitching handwritten letters with dental floss on paper. But it wasn’t until she went to college that she discovered her love for embroidery.

Nicole Briant - Ride To Live (work in progress) - hand embroidery

“During her junior and senior years at SAIC, embroidery became an obsessive pursuit, in a stint of time-intensive, reflective stitch courses, taught by admired mentor/artist, Rebecca Ringquist. Rebecca’s stitch classes allowed Nicole to remove herself from the rigidity that came with her graphic design studies, and to further explore her own personal artwork.

Nicole Briant - King James Version - hand embroidery

Nicole often layers personal memory and narrative in her embroideries. She uses embroidery in a prosaic tone to make flawed images that are telling of the medium and its tedious nature. Her art is often subdued in color palette and resembles drawing more than painting. Using personal experience and familial connections, her embroideries speak of loss, love, confusion, personal identity, and the desperation that follows.”

Nicole Briant - Sarah And David In Blue - hand embroidery

I really like the rawness of Nicole’s work. Some of her pieces prove that she is competent with the materials, which makes some of her edgier pieces that bit more powerful. I’m reminded of Tracey Emin works, where deliberate mistakes are added; Nicole’s work has an urgency and discomfort about it that contrasts with the traditional softness of the form.

Nicole Briant - A Beautiful World Came To Pass - hand embroidery

Sweet and sad, many of the pieces contain poignancy while others are simply charming. Find out more about Nicole at her site, or follow her on Instagram.


The Cutting & Stitching Edge is brought to you in association with PUSH: Stitchery, the must-have embroidered art book by Mr X Stitch !


Tute Tuesday: Pom Pom Owl

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Hi, I’m Pam and I’m obsessed with yarn pom pom animals. People like Pottermouth are trying to fuel my addiction with her tutorial for these adorable Pom Pom Owls. This is the perfect craft for those rainy days when the kids are climbing up the wall and you can’t handle the movie Frozen after the 10th time that day.

We have so many tutorials on our Miscellaneous Craft Board that you can do with your children this summer-both sunny and rainy days. Check it out and create something today.

Cooking With the Craftster Mods

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Did you know that many of the moderators are also inspired chefs? Sometimes when they get to talking about food, it just makes my mouth water. Here are some tasty recipes that some of the mods have shared. So, what’s for dinner? 

MareMare has posted several recipes on the cooking board. She is so good at improvising recipes and coming up with tasty meals, like this dish: Thai Inspired Peanut Noodles, chock full of veggies. Mmm, looks delish!

You can’t go wrong with bacon! I Sew Cute shares her recipe for Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites. The chicken is dredged in a brown sugar/chili spice mix before baking. I’m guessing these would be slightly addictive.
Spice up your dinner with some Green Chile Chicken Tamales, using this recipe provided by alteredmommy. They may be a bit labor intensive, but you know they’re good!
I love soup, and this recipe for Jalapeno Popper Soup, posted by MissingWillow looks delicious! It’s got all the flavors of a jalapeno popper, in a creamy soup.
Of all the moderators, sweets4ever is most likely to play with her food. She has posted several playful healthy snacks, like this watermelon Fruit Salad Pirate Ship. Ahoy! Tasty food ahead!

The Craftster mods aren’t the only ones sharing delicious recipes; check out our Recipes and Cooking Tips board for more tasty ideas, from main courses to desserts and sides. Now get cooking!

Meatless Monday: Gluten and Dairy Free Cranberry Bliss Bars

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Today is my birthday. Yahoo! 29 years old again! I can think of no better way to celebrate than with these delicious Gluten and Dairy Free Cranberry Bliss Bars by Craftewoman. I am so excited to make this yummy little morsels. They take a little work but they are worth it. Wait a sec…why am I making these for myself? My hubby needs to whip these up. I should be lounging with these bliss bars in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.

Thinking of making a yummy treat for your sweetie? Check out our Dessert Board for more inspiration.

June is Rose Month

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Rose Vase Did you know that June was Rose Month? No other monikers, like “Appreciation” or “Planting”, just… Rose Month. So to cover all the bases, stop and smell the roses, work in your garden, and… just to be on the safe side, be nice to everyone named Rose. Even is she was your least favorite companion on Dr Who. But I digress! And to get us back on track, let’s talk about rose appreciation, and this lovely hand-built vase with rose decorations by unistaja. It’s a fitting tribute to a lovely, timeless flower!
Rose ATC Ornaments But maybe Rose Month is about looking at the world through rose-colored glasses? If that’s the case, it would be a lot easier to get the optimistic, happy, dreamy feeling if you were staring at the lovely rose ATC ornaments by cmarion3!
Rose Silhouette Or maybe Rose Month is about people named rose? What better way to make them feel loved (okay, other than a gift of a million dollars, or an all-expense paid holiday to an exotic location, or offering to clean out their sink drain traps, even the ones with the enormous wet hairballs stuck in them… but we’re talking about things you can and will do…) than to make something as simple and beautiful as this rose silhouette painting by NocturnalCreations? And by “simple” I certainly don’t mean easy, because I couldn’t do it, I just mean clean lines and good work and… I should just stop while I’m ahead. Or at least not as far behind. Ahem.
Rose photograph If all else fails, spend some time out in your garden (or your neighbor’s garden or a public garden if you don’t have rose bushes!) and take a gander at the roses. Maybe even snap a lovely picture or two, like this one by bhghatesyou before you run back in the house screaming because a bee flew within ten feet of you, then collapse from the heat and exertion to scratch your legs where the swarm of ants crawled up and bit you. … or maybe that’s just me.

However you choose to celebrate Rose Month, I hope it’s a stinging-insect-free way!

@Home This Weekend: Creative Planter

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This weekend, give your yard a creative edge by repurposing items to make yard art and decor. violentjayne made a lovely planter from an old wrought iron fish tank stand. This one of a piece looks great in the yard, especially when filled with colorful flowers.

Spotlight on: Steampunk Genre in Crafts

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Ever hear the old saying, “I know what I like when I see it”? Well, that is how I would describe my first encounter with steampunk art. Had no clue what it was called, but knew I liked the mix of textures sephia tones and metal parts. Then I began to research and find out what the origins were.

Steampunk art mixes modern ideas and technology with those from the past. Mostly this comes from the the Victorian Age, when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and steam was a major source of power.

Steampunk materials are things you would find in an old science lab, machine shop or warehouse. Lots of wood, copper, brass, steel, iron and heavy metals. Other materials include glass, old-fashioned lightbulbs and watch parts, clockwork, rivets, cogs, keys, levers, wheels, springs, gears and other pieces of machinery. Leather is a fabric that is widely used in Steampunk clothing, often sewn together with thick stitches and heavy cord.

Any craft can have steampunk elements incorporated to transform the appearance to other worldly. Even an old porcelain doll, given a new look by felicitybaby.

This polymer clay hummingbird by azreno shows how the metal is incorporated into something we would normally consider very soft, a bird. Giving it an edgier more mechanical feel. Kind of like a RoboBird!

There is a whole cosplay costume movement within the steampunk genre. Creating these costumes take a lot of time and imagination. Most are made without patterns using just a vision the personhas in the head. Like Susie the Tinkerer costume created by graverobbergirl

This steampunk frame by amarillisrose, shows how you can use steampunk in everyday items. It incorporates the elements of color I love, the metal and the paper for softening the edginess.

This watch works bird by thisbirdsabsurd is perched on a spool. With the gear eyes and map wings he looks like he is straight out of a time that never was. But how cool would that time be if it were real!

On the Craftster Pinterest boards you can check out the steampunk projects we’ve been pinning. Then you look at the tag cloud steampunk is a growing tag. Covering a lot of the categories throughout the boards. Something is sure to catch your imagination and get you to try steampunk.

Thanks for checking out the spotlight and let me know if you have ideas for other topics to check out.

National Accordion Awareness Month!

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Crocheted Accordion Did you know that June is National Accordion Awareness Month? Obviously it’s an under-appreciated instrument, as I was only able to find this one representation of an actual accordion on Craftster! It is a stunning representation, and was obviously an amazing amount of work, but why does it seem like no one but librarylolita is showing the accordion any love?
Accordion player photograph There was another accordion piece, but sadly the picture has been deleted. Or maybe for the better, it did involve clowns and I don’t know how to do a clown-phobia warning on here. There is, however, this lovely photograph taken by LanaTurnerSmile that shows an accordion being played – check out the rest of her photographs in that post, too, she was playing with a Holga camera, and they produce very nifty images!

So, next year, lots of Accordion love, right? Otherwise I’m going to have to try to figure out what “Fight the Filthy Fly Month” is and do a post on that…