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Tute Tuesday: Display/Organizer Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

I love the idea of taking an every day item and turning it into something beautiful. Teag creates shadowboxes and organizers out of toilet paper rolls. How brilliant is that? Instead of ending up in the trash, they are upcycled into displays for your trinkets and organizers for your crafting supplies. Just a few easy [...]

Tute Tuesday: Squirrel Dish Towel

Is your kitchen just dying for some extra flair? Does it need a little pick-me-up? Well, look no further than this adorable Squirrel Applique Tea Towel. You don’t have to go all nutty trying to figure out how to make it because dnd4us has an awesome tutorial for you to follow. This towel is strong [...]

Tute Tuesday: Simple Bag Tutorial

I have an obsession…purses! I love them. I would love to be able to have a purse for every outfit. Thanks to elizascs I can! This very easy to follow pattern for a Simple Purse allows you to create a one of a kind purse for you and your friends. I’m so excited to try [...]

Tute Tuesday: Puffy Clouds and Hearts

Did I ever tell you that I wanted to be Sweets4ever when I grow up? Yep, it’s true! She is so talented and really is the sweetest person ever. I just absolutely love this Puffy Cloud and Hearts Mobile that she made. It is perfect for a baby’s room, or a photo prop or even [...]

Tute Tuesday: Kid’s Bunny Travel Pillow

Traveling with children can be very hard. Plane trips can turn into disasters with just one tear. To keep the little ones calm and those around them happy Crafty.Canadian created this darling Bunny Travel Pillow The bunny pillow is an adorable take on the traditional travel pillow. It is both functional and kid friendly. I [...]

Tute Tuesday: Jeepers Creepers!

Jeepers, Creepers…where’d ya get those peepers…I got them from cmarion3′s tutorial, of course! Making monster eyes doesn’t have to be a scary experience with this clever tutorial. I can’t believe how easy is it, and as an added bonus, I had all the supplies in my house. I didn’t have to order anything special online [...]

Tute Tuesday: How to Frame Embroidery

If you have been over to the Needlework Board lately you may have stumbled upon the awesome embroidery created by Ludi. Everything about her stitching is amazing. I love the way she frames her tiny creations. Ludi was generous enough to share her technique for framing needlework on padded cardboard. Her tutorial allows you to [...]

Tute Tuesday: Family Birthday Calendar

Keeping up with family members’ birthdays can be a losing battle. Forgetting Aunt Glady’s birthday is not an option. Trust me, you will never hear the end of it. Sweets4ever crafted this clever and stylish Family Birthday Calendar to help you remember not only Aunt Glady’s birthday, but little cousin Jimmy, Uncle Guido and even [...]

Tute Tuesday: Bibs with Sleeves

Everyone knows that babies are sticky and messy. It’s true! When left on their own, they can smear a whole plate of spaghetti on their head and face in 20 seconds flat. Instead of doing a ton of laundry, why not stitch up these adorable Baby Bibs with Sleeves to keep that mess down to [...]

Tute Tuesday: 221B Baker Street Matchbook

I’m addicted to the TV show Sherlock. Have you watched it yet? Oh my goodness! It is SO GOOD! You can imagine how I squealed with delight when Knickertwist posted this amazing tutorial for Sherlock’s house in matchbook form. I’m dying…yep…dead! Step-by-step instructions and pictures make this project easy for the most paper craft challenged. [...]

Tute Tuesday: A Tale of Two New Catrinas Pincushion

Pincushions have become a work of art. I love that they are both functional and whimsical. Take for example this beautiful Catrina Pincushion from barbolot. It is so gorgeous that I would be afraid to use it. One thing I don’t have to be afraid of is making this little cutie. Barbolot gives us step-by-step [...]

Tute Tuesday: Sharpie Tie Dye Unicorn T-Shirt

I’m not sure if there is anything better than a unicorn, unless it is a Tie Dye Unicorn T-shirt. I Sew Cute uses sharpie pens to make this one of a kind Tie Dye T-Shirt for her daughter. The Sharpie Tie Dye technique is very easy and is wonderful for making customized creations for your [...]

Tute Tuesday: Girl’s Tulle Pettiskirt

I am a total girly girl. I love pink, I love fluff, I love sass. This Little Girl’s Tulle Pettiskirt has all of the above! I am not the best at sewing but Rossie’s tutorial is easy to follow with lots of pictures so I don’t get confused, which makes me very happy! My nieces [...]

Tute Tuesday: Pizza Delivery Bag

How many times have you gone to pick up a pizza and when you get it home it’s cold? It has happen to me many times. craftADDchick has the solution to our cold pizza problems. She stitched up this very clever Pizza Delivery Bag! This bag is so great, I am betting you can use [...]

Tute Tuesday: Recon Skirt

You just got a call from your bestie….that boy you have been crushing on the whole year is going to be at the New Year’s Eve party. OMG! What are you going to wear? Don’t fret! Special Occasion has got you covered with her awesome Recon Skirt. There is no need to go out and [...]