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Tute Tuesday: Kitchen Dishtowels with Fabric Accents

Do you know someone who just moved into a new house or recently got married? What about someone who just struck it out on their own? Why not make them a set of Kitchen Dish Towels with Fabric Accents? You don’t have to be a wizard at the sewing machine with these easy to follow […]

Tute Tuesday: A Pod of Narwhals

Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion, because they are so awesome! These horned whales are just about the coolest ever. While having one as a real pet is completely out of the picture. I can make my very own pod of plush narwhals with AngelCallie’s tutorial for Plushie Narwhal. These little guys […]

Tute Tuesday: Perfectly Vintage Sunhat

Is it hot in here or just me? The sun is beating down and frying my little noggin’! I need something to protect me from the sunbeams, but still allow me to enjoy outdoors. Don’t forget, it must be fashionable! AlwaysInspired has created a tutorial for the Perfectly Vintage Sunhat that meets all my requirements. […]

Tute Tuesday: DIY Bath Bombs

After a long day of dealing with people, dogs and dishes mama needs some relax time. My favorite way of relaxing is to draw a nice bath, grab a book and read. It is the perfect way to unwind. I love to add bath bombs or salts to my bath for an added zing, but […]

Tute Tuesday: Quick Summer Dress

Trying to find the perfect dress that fits can be a nightmare. Don’t even get me started about finding a style I like. I could spend hours and hours shopping, trying to find the right one, or I can just follow EdelC’s tutorial for a Quick Summer Dress. Combining two dresses into one is a […]

Tute Tuesday: July 4th Light Up the Sky Hat

4th of July is just around the corner and if you want to be the hit at the annual BBQ then you will want to make this very fancy 4th of July Light up the Sky Hat by EZEL Wire. This hat may seem a bit complicated but it is definitely a conversation piece and […]

Tute Tuesday: Wedding Favors

Summer, and especially June, seem to be the perfect time for a wedding. February may be the month of love, but June is the month of getting hitched. No need to stress out about wedding favors for your guests with these Paper Party Favors from yours truly, Kittykill. You can fill the favors with any […]

Tute Tuesday: Make Your Own Hula Hoop

School is out for a lot of us and summer is in full swing. Time to have some fun in the sun. Grab the kiddles and shake that booty with your very own Hula Hoop from I Sew Cute! Hula hooping is great exercise for everyone. Why not make a little routine to your favorite […]

Tute Tuesday: Rockin’ Earcuff

I love going to outdoor concerts and festivals. My problem is how to look fashionable in the heat. I mean, sure shorts and a t-shirt are cute but I want to look a little like a rock star. AmeliaLune created the perfect tutorial for those of us who want to rock out but not go […]

Tute Tuesday: Solar Light Garden Mushroom

When the weather is nice and summer is all in its glory, I spend the majority of my free time in my backyard. After a hard day’s work, I just want to relax and enjoy the serenity of my garden and yard. Having an inviting backyard is important to me and one way spruce it […]

Tute Tuesday: Latch Hooked Rag Rug

I love a good house project and if it is one that I can use up my scraps with, it is even better. Arachnes thumb has a great easy to follow tutorial on how to make your very own custom Latch Hooked Rag Rug using fabric scraps. While it is labor intensive, I bet you […]

Tute Tuesday: Bubblewrap Printing

I love the idea of using every day objects to make beautiful art. LimeRiot has taken bubble wrap and created a whimsical hoop.I’m not sure how she could stop herself from popping all the bubbles. The willpower of this lady! Bubblewrap Printing is easy to do and you probably have all the supplies on hand […]

Tute Tuesday: Mother’s Day Fridge Clip

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you are anything like me, you waited till the last minute to whip something up. Lucky for us latecomers, AidanNia has created a very quick and simple tutorial for a Fridge Clip. This project has two things that I love, function and beauty! You can customize your clip […]

Tute Tuesday: Simple Casserole Carrier

Ready for picnic season? You may have the perfect dish but transporting it to the party without a spill can be a challenge. Thanks to Alexampersandra and her tutorial for a Simple Casserole Carrier, you will have no more spills and look stylish while waltzing in with your buffalo chicken dip that everyone raves about. […]

Tute Tuesday: Fascinators

It’s time to get fancy with Fascinators from cmarion3. Her tutorial shows you how to create snazzy little hats that will turn heads. You can customize this little beauties for whatever occasion you have in your life. Really though, do you need a special day to make your head happy? I didn’t think so. Throw […]