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Tute Tuesday: Scrap Busting Artwork

Let’s face it, as crafty people we hate throwing away anything. Who knows if we can use it for another project. Crafylittlemonkey shows us how we can use up those scraps to create one of a kind beautiful pieces of art. Her Scrap Busting Artwork is not only clever, but fun to create. This project […]

Tute Tuesday: Bias Tape Hoop

Embroidery hoops are the easiest and most inexpensive way to frame your embroidery or cross stitch. Many of us in the craft world dedicate entire walls to our wonderful hoop creations. Let’s face it, the same old wood hoop can be boring. Thanks to Pottermouth, you can add a bit of style to your hoops […]

Tute Tuesday: Tissue Cozies

It’s back to school for kids. Parents everywhere are shedding tears of joy or sorrow. Letting go of that little one can be so hard! As you watch them walk to the bus or into the class room, the waterworks starts. They are happy as can be, but you on the other hand, you are […]

Tute Tuesday: Placemat Shoulder Purse

The seasons are changing and you are in need of a new purse. Instead of fighting the crowds at the mall, why not look in your dining room for inspiration. Craftster member Aleeb shows you know to take a simple placemat and turn it into a stylish purse with her tutorial for a Placemat Shoulder […]

Tute Tuesday: Hand-Bound Book

It’s that time of year again! School days! Time to say goodbye to summer and hello to studying. Hitting the books doesn’t have to be a drag when you have your very own custom made Handbound Book. Leather and Lace will show you how you can make a handbound journal of your very own for […]

Tute Tuesday: Light as a Feather Lamp

Decorating a new dorm room or office doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Craftster member, Carolyn_dw shares her tutorial for a “Light as a Feather” Lamp that can dress up any room and save you a ton of cash. You can create a one of a kind lamp with a Japanese paper lamp, felt […]

Tute Tuesday: Patchwork Messenger Bag

School will be back in session sooner than we think. Why not go back in style with a one of a kind Patchwork Messenger Bag. You can let your personality shine thanks to Steph Blue’s easy to follow tutorial for this fancy bag. This project is a great way to scrap bust those fabric trimmings. […]

Tute Tuesday: Buttoned-Up Legwarmers

Even though summer is still going strong, we can’t stop thinking about cooler fall weather. School will be back in session soon and we need a new look. Craftster member LauPre is here to help us out with her tutorial for Buttoned-Up Legwarmers. They are perfect for the cooler morning temps, and when the afternoon […]

Tute Tuesday: Making Pom Poms

Feeling the need to use up those scraps of yarn you have from your last project? Why not try your hand at making pom poms. These fuzzy little balls aren’t just for roller skates; you can make all sorts of fun creatures, cat toys or toppers for pens. Craftster member Crafty Little Monkey shares her […]

Tute Tuesday: Mrs. Weasley Inspired Burrow Afghan

There are very few things that can hold up over time; Harry Potter being one of them. Even though the books and movies have been out for years, the series refuses to fade away. Mistress Jennie is a true HP fan! She not only shows her love for the characters in the books, but also […]

Tute Tuesday: Lined Side Zipper Pouch

I love the idea of a little pouch to carry with me, especially when I have a bigger purse or tote on my shoulder. A little zipper pouch is perfect for carrying around my craft supplies and other smaller items like lip gloss (a must in my world!), my phone and ID. The only thing […]

Tute Tuesday: Bib Necklace

This summer’s fashion is all about the Boho look. Finding your inner flower child and twirling at music festivals from dusk till dawn is always fun. You can be stylish and free spirited with cynalune’s tutorial for a Bib Necklace. You could make them in any color and experiment with different flowers for the necklace. […]

Tute Tuesday: Summer Hat

Whew! The sun is beating down on the old noggin’ and making it impossible for me to see what I am working on in my garden. I need a fashionable hat that will not only keep the sun out of my eyes but also not give me hat hair. I am so glad that I […]

Tute Tuesday: Doily T-Shirt

Are you looking for ways to update your summer wardrobe but can’t spend a ton of cash? Why not take a page out of Craftster member najaorama’s fashion book with her tutorial for a Doily T-Shirt. This is a fun way to embellish your average t-shirt. You don’t need to be an expert seamstress to […]

Tute Tuesday: Stuffed Sea Turtle Toy

Do you have a little one that is turtle crazy? They love everything about these little green guys and can’t stop talking about them. The only thing missing in their lives is an actual turtle. While that might not be in the grand scheme of things now, you certainly can educate and entertain your kiddos […]