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Tute Tuesday: Art Pen Case

Summer is in full swing but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start thinking about the upcoming school year. I know, I hate to be the bearer of bad news (or maybe good news for parents) that summer is getting closer to being over. Teag has just the thing that not only will make you [...]

Meatless Monday: Kale and Edamame Salad

I am lucky enough to have a little garden, or “farmette” as I like to call it, in my backyard. I am able to grow yummy fruits and veggies for the summer. There is nothing better than just stepping out the backdoor and grabbing something fresh for dinner. I’m so glad that HSG shared this [...]

Tute Tuesday: Fabric and Felt Bird Ornament

What do you do with all of your little fabric and felt scraps left over from a project? Do you throw them away? Well, don’t do that! Thanks to cmarion3′s awesome Fabric and Felt Bird Ornament tutorial you can do some major scrap busting and spread a little birdy joy. Depending on your fabric scraps, [...]

Meatless Monday: Texas Pecan Pesto

Looking to take your boring pesto up a notch? Why not try Texan Pecan Pesto by Txweekendchef! Using smoked pecans instead of pinenuts adds a nice rich flavor to the normal pesto. I would love to try this recipe with my other current obsesson, zucchini noodles. Healthy, flavorful and easy…could this recipe be a dream? [...]

Tute Tuesday: Tea Party Windchimes

There is nothing I love better than to hear windchimes on a summer day. With every tinker of the chimes, the stress just melts away. Roke45 created this one of a kind Tea Party Windchimes with objects she found. Although her windchimes have the theme of Alice in Wonderland, the tutorial is great for getting [...]

Meatless Monday: Favorite Vegan Recipes

There is nothing better than our Craftster members! They are clever, witty and of course, crafty! Photojenn is one of those awesome crafty peeps! She recently started a great thread that is a quick reference guide to the best Vegan Recipes around. So many of of them are from our very own members! Don’t forget [...]

How to Make Summer Treats

In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to make a summer movie night complete with a variety of flavored popcorn and tasty fruit-infused water! Kick back and enjoy the show!

Tute Tuesday: Melted Crayon Painting

I am fascinated by melted crayon art. It is very pretty but looks so complicated to get everything just right. In this blast from the past, RaeRaggs shows just how easy crayon art can be with the Melted Crayon Peacock Tutorial. This is not just a simple how-to, it is also filled with helpful tips [...]

Meatless Monday: No Bake Lime Cheesecake

Holy moly! It is H-O-T! Turning on the stove to bake is not an option at my house during the summer months. Our old stove makes our house feel like a sauna. The problem is that I still have to whip up something for my neighborhood’s annual block party. Lucky for me, redflags has the [...]

Tute Tuesday: Make Your Own Hippogriff

While you can’t catch a Hippogriff by the tail, you can create your very own with Pottermouth’s tutorial on Making Your Own Hippogriff. These magical creatures have been featured throughout history but have become more widely known thanks to the Harry Potter Series. Detailed pictures and directions make this tutorial easy to follow. It is [...]

Meatless Monday: Apple Pie

4th of July is coming up this week and that means lots of BBQ’s and parties. Nothing says summer and America like mom and Apple Pie. Wizards_Pupil was tired of mushy apples in her pie so, with a little experimenting, a tender delicious dish was created. This recipe for Apple Pie uses Fuji and Braeburn [...]

Tute Tuesday: DIY Squirt Bottle Tie-Dye

Yippee! Summer time is here and that means outdoor concerts and events. Why not get your groove on with these easy to follow tutorial from Abbeeroad for Squirt Bottle Tie-Dye T-shirts. While most people are dropping over $20.00 for a kit, Abbeeroad shows you an inexpensive way to add pizzazz to your plain white tee. [...]

Meatless Monday: Baked Eggs in Zucchini Nest

I recently purchased a vegetable spiralizer and have become obsessed with zucchini noodles. I have made several dishes using the noodles but I recently hit a wall on my noodle making recipes. Thank goodness Limeriot came up with this delish dish… Baked Eggs in Zucchini Nest. This yummy concoction is so easy to make and [...]

Tute Tuesday: Pom Pom Owl

Hi, I’m Pam and I’m obsessed with yarn pom pom animals. People like Pottermouth are trying to fuel my addiction with her tutorial for these adorable Pom Pom Owls. This is the perfect craft for those rainy days when the kids are climbing up the wall and you can’t handle the movie Frozen after the [...]

Meatless Monday: Gluten and Dairy Free Cranberry Bliss Bars

Today is my birthday. Yahoo! 29 years old again! I can think of no better way to celebrate than with these delicious Gluten and Dairy Free Cranberry Bliss Bars by Craftewoman. I am so excited to make this yummy little morsels. They take a little work but they are worth it. Wait a sec…why am [...]