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Creeping You Out!

As Halloween approaches, things tend to get a little dicey around Craftster. If you don’t care for scary things, WARNING! Turn back now. This skully wreath that queenbruiser made is overly welcoming, but it does serve as a sign of things to come. Seriously, you have been warned!       Here’s a face that […]

@Home This Weekend: Adventure Time with Plastic Bags

This weekend, enchant Adventure Time fans with this Jake the Dog plastic bag holder. teaandcraft now has the most excellent storage for all her plastic grocery bags. Jake delights in hanging around in her laundry room. Perfect. Save Save

Talking Heads, or What We Made at Art Camp

Yesterday, cackle and I returned from the “Art Is…You” art retreat in Connecticut. We had such a great time learning all sorts of things. We took a book class where we learned a new binding technique, and a metal etching and cold connections class, among others. We agreed however, that our favorite class was “Talking […]

@Home This Weekend: Rescued Rocker

Usually for the “@Home This Weekend” article, I like to present a project that can be completed in a weekend.  Every now and then, though, I like to mix it up. This weekend, take a look at the fabulous rocking chair reconstruction that yofi accomplished with a roadside discard! This took quite a bit more […]

Pumpkin All The Things!

Yup, it’s October, so that means it is time to PUMPKIN ALL THE THINGS! To get my creative juices flowing for PATT2016 (there are only so many pumpkin spice flavored products you can eat!) I’m browsing Craftster for pumpkin project and what do I find? Tons of awesome pumpkin-ness! Starting with these amazing little pumpkins […]

Hooray for the Orange and Black

It’s that time of year! Orange and black (perhaps with hints of purple and lime green) are the IN colors for October. Decorate your house with handmade Halloween fun! Need some inspiration? Well, say no more. alwaysinmyroom crocheted a couple of black frames, and needed something to fill them. She wisely chose a pair of […]

@Home This Weekend: Pretty Planters

This weekend, make your own concrete planters! These would look great indoors or out. iheartmyTHO wrote up a complete tutorial in her post. You can do it! Save

Let’s Monkey Around!

Grab a pair of socks, and let’s monkey around! Sock monkeys have been around, delighting both children and adults, for a long long time. Leave it to Craftsters to take on a classic and make it so much more! Sock monkeys have so much personality. Want to make some? Click here for a great tutorial by SunflowerSmiles. She […]


Handful of Projects So I recently participated in a swap. My partner and I agreed to do horror movies (which we both loved) and unfortunately… the whole swap process turned into a horror movie, with me cast as the not-s-bright heroine that goes down the dark, rickety basement stairs in 6″ heels without a flashlight. […]

@Home This Weekend: Curtains!

This weekend, accent your windows, but still let the light in! Meadowlark made four gorgeous eyelet curtains for around $30, including the hanging hardware. What a difference this makes in her master bath. C’mon, you can do it too!

On Being Foxy

Let’s get foxy! There are so many adorable fox projects on Craftster that I just had to highlight a few of my favorites: It would be easy to be foxy with a cute fox cowl, like this one, knit by Smeddley. Even her stuffed dog looks fantastic! Isn’t this the cutest couple? These two sweethearts look […]

@Home This Weekend: Octopus Lights!

This weekend, prove you are the coolest on the block with some stunning octopus vanity lights. When BrocadeLion went to re-do her bathroom, she was deadset on finding some octopus lights to flank the mirror. When she couldn’t find what she wanted, she did what any die-hard Craftster would do: she made her own. Check […]

Know Your Place

Even though I have a Kindle (it’s great for travel), I still love reading an honest to goodness actual book. I have a nice little collection of bookmarks, displayed in a metal tin. I love a good bookmark! Here’s a lovely variety of handmade bookmarks to help hold your place. It looks like a butterfly […]

@Home This Weekend: Chore Chart

This weekend, whip your kids (and husband?) into shape with a handy chore chart! Each person gets their own category with their own fun chore attached. ThistleHill loves vintage trims, and she was able to use them in such a great way. What? I got vacuum again?!?

Are You Ready for Some Football?!?

Around my house, fall means one thing: college football! You can find us rooting for our favorite teams. His: Florida; mine: UGA (Go DAWGS!) It’s amazing we even get along. No matter what your team, though, here are some great ideas to relish in the season and celebrate. Zelda.Suicide made up a great set of […]