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@Home This Weekend: Coffee Mug Cozy

This weekend, embellish your coffee cup with a fun mug cozy. Onyxnox hand-stamped hers with appropriate morning sentiments. She even made coordinating mug rug. Keep your coffee warm and your hands protected, and enjoy those lazy weekend mornings. 

Whatz Up, My Peeps?

It’s almost Easter, and you know what that means: Peeps! Those delicious sugar coated marshmallow chicks and rabbits are back in the stores. They’re also gracing the boards of Craftster! These bunnies are sweet, but they have no calories and they won’t rot your teeth. tattfae shared a pattern link for these amigurumi peeps so […]

@Home This Weekend: Prayer Flags

This weekend, round up some colorful fabrics and make some beautiful prayer flags. Whether you hang them inside or out, they’re sure to brighten up your day. Mountains and Clouds plans on hanging hers outside in her lanai.

Luck of the Irish

Top of the morning to ya, and happy St. Patrick’s day! Whether you’re actually just Irish, or just Irish for the day, here are a few things that will make you see green. You’ve heard of “luck of the Irish”. Well, Mistress Jennie wears her luck, with this beautiful bracelet, loaded with lucky charms. Nothing […]

@Home This Weekend: Lavender Sachets

This weekend, make some beautiful lavender sachets, drop them into your dresser drawers, and enjoy fresh smelling clothing. Mistress Jennie made hers out of quilting cotton and then embellished them with buttons. Now they look as pretty as they smell!

Put A Bird On It

There’s a saying in the craft world that if your project is lacking something, you should just “put a bird on it” to successfully complete the look. But why make the bird a mere afterthought? Here are some Craftsters that decided to make the bird the only thing. This beautiful needle felted cardinal by paxye […]

Anytime’s time for Zzzzzzz…

I’ve been horribly under the weather lately, with sinus headaches the likes I’ve never before experienced. Shooting pains on the side of my face and head make me just want to sleep. and I want it *dark*. This isn’t always possible… or is it? If only there were some crafty solution, to make something to […]

@Home This Weekend: Pallet Shelf

This weekend, make a shabby chic shelf for knick knack display. creativelushboutique painted a simple wooden pallet white, hung it on the wall, and creatively styled it with collectables. Doesn’t it look great against the soft green wall color? Paint yours to match your decor!

Eggs? Eggzactly!

Last week, I focused on chickens, so it just seemed natural to focus on eggs this week. Not crafted eggs, though: this week it’s all about yummy dishes with eggs as the star. Mmm, eggs! Banga‘s post, entitled “Breakfast is served”, includes three delicious sounding recipes, including one for tempting scrambled egg puffs. This recipe […]

@Home This Weekend: Lamp Transformation

This weekend, make the old new again. AmyLynn98 took an outdated brass lamp, and gave it new life with a couple coats of paint and a brand-new shade. It’s a cost effective way to enhance your decor!

Which Came First?

It’s the age old question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Heck, I don’t know. All I know is that I found some awesome chickens this week. I love these lifelike stuffed chickens that thisbirdsabsurd posted recently. They inspired me to take a look around and see what other chickens were lurking out […]

@Home This Weekend: Flower Lights

This weekend, add some magic to your home with these festive flower lights. Whether you hang them in your craft room, in your child’s room, or on your porch, these floral lights are sure to make you smile. They’re easy to make, too; just follow the simple tutorial Avian Flight included in her post, and light […]

The Organized Craft Room

There are good things and bad things about being an avid crafter. A good thing: all the fun supplies. A bad thing: all the fun supplies! How do you keep them from taking over? Here are some great solutions to help organize all your crafty gear. After all, you can’t craft with it if you […]

@Home This Weekend: Pack a Perfect Picnic!

This weekend, pack up a picnic basket and have an adventure! jennique found a great little picnic basket at a thrift store, and then set out to furnish it up right. She purchased some plastic dinnerwear, and then made a utensil roll, some napkins and a blanket with a plastic back, perfect for keeping the dew […]

Simply Soup

Where I live, it’s been cold and rainy for many days, so when looking for a blog topic for this week, I naturally thought of warm and delicious soups. I make a lot of soup in the winter. The kitchen smells so wonderful as it’s simmering on the stove, and it’s the perfect winter comfort […]