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@Home This Weekend: Vermicomposting

  This weekend, enrich your garden with the help of some worm friends. Make a bin for vermicomposting! Using an 18 gallon storage tub, astamour created the perfect environment for composting food scraps. All you need to add is worms. Your garden will thank you. Save Save

It’s a bad week to be a seal…

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?! It’s almost SHARK WEEK! Yes, yes, I know, there have been a few rough years in there, some sensationalism and controversy and drama, but last year showed a return to form, and hopefully it will continue to get better, because sharks are such misunderstood, maligned creatures. And I […]

Flower Power!

After close to 15 years since I spouted a seedling from a lemon tree, my 7′ tall baby suddenly has flowers for the first time ever! I think it’s because I bought a flowering lemon tree, and it just felt like it had to keep up, but whatever the reason, flowers! Time will tell if […]

Happy Campers

When I was a kid, my family hit the road every summer for two to three weeks at a time. We were a family of five, so camping was the affordable (and fun!) way to travel. These projects and posts bring back a lot of fond memories for me. It’s summertime; let’s go camping! This […]

@Home This Weekend: Memory Pillow

This weekend, keep the memory of a departed loved one close with a pillow made from one of their shirts. Belladune created these pillows from her grandfather’s shirts, and I’m sure having them around brings back many fond memories. What a sweet idea.

Tute Tuesday: Stuffed Sea Turtle Toy

Do you have a little one that is turtle crazy? They love everything about these little green guys and can’t stop talking about them. The only thing missing in their lives is an actual turtle. While that might not be in the grand scheme of things now, you certainly can educate and entertain your kiddos […]

Life’s a Beach

I’ve heard it said that “life’s a beach”, and you know that’s not a bad thing! Summer is here and lots of folks will be hitting the shore this season. These beach-themed crafts are right on topic for summer. Although it looks like a photo of an idyllic beach scene, what you’re seeing on the […]

@Home This Weekend: “Super” Wall Art

This weekend, create some “super” mixed media art using a great technique described by iheartcooking. All you need is canvases, some old magazines, contact paper, and some paint for the background. You can depict any subject matter you wish, but these Avengers sure do make a powerful statement.

Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun! It’s summertime, and it’s getting hot, hot, hot. And speaking of hot, here are some crafts that are full of sunshine. I hope they’ll brighten up your day. CrazyEyeGlass made this lovely glass dish depicting a sunset over the water. I love all the color in the sky and sea. You […]

@Home This Weekend: Light Up Your Life

This weekend, replace your old builder’s light fixture,  or “boob light”, as PromisedHeartbrk calls it, and create a new look for your bedroom. Using acrylic chandelier crystal strings and cheap plastic crystal ribbons, she made this luxurious chandelier for around $10. Simply inspired!

Wonderful Washi

Have you joined in the fun with washi tape? In case you don’t know, washi tape is a paper tape that originated in Japan. It comes in all different colors and patterns, and be used to brighten up just about anything. If you buy a roll or two, beware! Soon you’ll be craving more. Luckily, […]

@Home This Weekend: Reusable Dryer Sheets

This weekend, make a vow to quit buying commercial dryer sheets and make your own reusable version. Because of sensitive skin, craftADDchick can’t use scented detergent or fabric softener on her laundry. In her post, she shares how to make scented dryer sheets to get that fresh laundry fragrance without harsh chemicals. Try it!

Easy Summer Salads

When the weather gets warmer, nothing beats a great salad for an easy, cool meal. Skip the bag of lettuce with bottled dressing; here are some delicious salad recipes you should try. (I’m not going to lie: looking at these photos and reading the ingredients for these salads is making my mouth water.) doggy shared […]

Coffee, the nectar of life!

The great thing about weekends in the spring is sitting out on the patio, sipping coffee and watching the dog manically run around the yard. But what am I going to do when it’s warm even in the morning? You can drink hot coffee even on a hot day, but… I hate being over-warm, so […]

@Home This Weekend: Expecto Patronum Night Light!

This weekend, create a magical Harry Potter inspired night light. Using slices of geodes she found online, Mistress Jennie created this Patronus which will bring light and magic into any room. Enchanting!