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Here Kitty, Kitty!

Here’s one for all you cat lovers out there: a wonderful array of felines from the many cat crafts found on Craftster.   I find it almost impossible to believe that this is one of the first art dolls that WingsOfClay has made. I just love this quirky kitty so much!   noooitaremybirthday was inspired [...]

Meatless Monday: Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free Chocolate Bars

I crave chocolate. It is one of my weakness (I have so many).It is the food of the gods. It can lift your spirits and leave you on cloud nine. I am pretty sure that Mrraawwr feels the same way, otherwise why would she have made the delicious Chocolate Bars . As an added bonus, [...]

@Home This Weekend: Fun Coffee Mugs

This weekend, personalize all your plain old coffee mugs! Using oil-based Sharpie markers, silentblair gave all her mugs a new look, with fun themes like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Goonies, and more. What’s your obsession? Put it on a mug!

Spring Has Sprung

April brings us spring and Earth Day! Discover creative ways to craft not only in your home, but in your garden as well. Peeps, flowers and gardening galore! Check out the Gardening Board and the Easter Board as well! Holiday Egg Wreath Member sparrowlegs reused plastic holiday eggs to create a beautiful wreath for Easter. [...]

April Showers!

Where I live, we’ve been experiencing endless rain since the beginning of the month. If what they say is true, and April showers bring May flowers, we’re in for a glorious spring! Here are some brightly colored rain-inspired crafts that will cheer you up, even in the darkest of rainy days.  I love this pink [...]

@Home This Weekend: Decorative Coat Hook

This weekend, make a decorative and functional coat hook. cmarion3 made this with some scraps of wood, scrapbook paper, gears and buttons, and a couple of hooks. What a great way to get things hanging!

Glam Nut Fantastic

The night may be winding down but I am just revving up! I am ready to go out to have cocktails with my gal pals, but I need something fresh, something new to make my outfit shine. Alterednuts has the perfect piece of jewelry for my night out on the town. This beautiful Nut Ring [...]

Now That’s Talent! Winkelhimer the Painting Squirrel

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Winkelhimer Smith comes along. But just who is Winkelhimer Smith? She’s a squirrel. A painting, crafty squirrel. She doesn’t have her own account on Craftster, but her adoptive mommy was kind enough to share her artwork with us.

I’m On Pins and Needles With This Nutty Idea

Do stray pins and needles in your sewing room drive you NUTS? I know they make me squirrelly. Luckily, quaggy has come up with a great solution: an acorn needlebook and pincushion. She’s even gone extra nutty and made some acorn topped straight pins.

Nutty for Peanuts

You remember the mustache craze, and then the cupcake craze. What’s hot in the crafting world right now? I’m sure you’ve noticed: it’s nuts! We can’t get enough nut crafts.  Charles M. Shulz would be so happy to see his favorite Peanuts characters made out of…well you know… peanuts! LimeRiot created the whole gang, and [...]

You’re Gonna Love My Nuts!

Like we always say at Craftster, “You’re gonna love our nuts”. Because we have tons of nuts here: nut projects, nut recipes, and even some nutty moderators and members at large. This makes this Slap Chop! cross stitch project near and dear to our hearts. Not familiar with the iconic Slap Chop? Click here to [...]

April 1st is International Tatting Day (really!)

That’s it, this is the year I really learn to tat. I’ve done it a little before, with guidance, but after seeing all these awesome tatted projects, and finding there is a tatting day, I need to take the plunge! This amazing Halloween-themed doily by tattfae is just the tip of the iceburg – also [...]

@Home This Weekend: Ribbon Organizer

This weekend, take your masses of unruly ribbon spools and organize them! OriginalYouth shares a great tutorial on how to make tidy stacks of ribbon out of the mess. Get inspired! It’s so much easier to craft when everything is visible and easily accessible. Plus, these colorful displays look great in the craft room. Happy [...]

Anthropologie DIY

Anthropologie has such great merchandise. Much of the things they sell are so creative and wonderful, but unfortunately, can be very expensive. Leave it to clever Craftsters to get the same great looks for less; here are a few diy Anthropologie-inspired projects that look great and saved a lot of money.   It’s hard to [...]

@Home This Weekend: Upcycle!

This weekend, scout around for items you can upcycle! singersullivan made this great table out of the legs from a broken chair, and then planted a lovely fern in an unused drawer to make a wonderful indoor garden corner. It’s like a breath of spring for your home. Happy weekend!