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Thankful for Family

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, it’s good to count our blessings. When I count mine, I always put family first. Let’s see some clever ways Craftsters  have celebrated their families. jillybeans helps her little one remember distant relatives with a customized family board book. She used a book she purchased at a thrift store, and […]

@Home This Weekend: Scrappy Wall Hanging

This weekend, grab some fabric scraps and make an adorable wall hanging. This one, by petskin, is made from wool scraps and was a sweet housewarming gift for a special friend.

Photos of Mom

Don’t let your old photos languish around in a box somewhere; take them out and celebrate your loved ones. Pictures of family are a great resource for all sorts of works of art. xperimentl calls this piece  “Mom in Rainbows” for obvious reasons. She printed a photo of her mother on printable fabric and then […]

@Home This Weekend: Floral Lampshade

This weekend, you can make a fun floral lampshade out of paper. sew_DIYlicious wrote up a great tutorial explaining how to either cover an existing shade, or create a new one. No more boring lampshades!

Let’s Talk Turkey

As holiday season rolls around, it’s appropriate that we discuss one of our favorite holiday birds: the turkey. You know you will be having some between now and New Years! Not all your turkey needs to be edible, though. Look at these other fine birds I found this week on Craftster. banana731 knit this adorable […]

@Home This Weekend: Unique Doggy Bed

This weekend, make your best friend a unique bed using an old suitcase! Your dog will have the sweetest dreams. Line it with a blanket, fill it with pillows and decorate it with travel posters for extra comfort. You may have an old suitcase in your attic, but if not, MirjamH found this one in […]

Seeing Stars

Warning: this article will have you seeing stars, but not to worry, that doesn’t mean it will make you angry; it’s just that stars are featured throughout the article. And you won’t even need a telescope to view them. xMangoRose created a pattern and crocheted this adorable winged star. What a perfect little toy. It’s […]

Meatless Monday: Vegan Rye Bread

Bread…dear sweet bread. How we love you. Warm, buttery, full of yum. You help us soak up the last of our soup, there for a little lift to our salad and work quite well pulling our sandwich together. Let’s not deny it, we could eat our weight in fresh homemade bread. Raining_Dreams shares a recipe […]

Recycled and Reused!

I’ve been on a little bit of a recycling kick lately, what with unraveling a re-spinning leftover bits of acrylic yarn (might have been taking recycling too far?) and now having been introduced to fabric journal pages/art quilts (that one inch square piece of fabric could come in handy, no, I won’t throw it out!). […]

Extreme Jack O’Lanterns

It’s almost pumpkin carving time! Sure you can cut triangle eyes and a jagged mouth in your pumpkin and call it a day, but with a little more work, look how incredibly awesome your jack o’lantern could be. tendstowardschaos chose the grinning face of the cheshire cat for her delightfully spooky pumpkin. I’m sure you […]

@Home This Weekend: Memo Board

This weekend, create a fun memo board with an old canvas, some cork sheeting, and some elastic bands. Use the tutorial provided by Quantumphysica, and in no time, you’ll have a great way to keep your memories and inspiration displayed. Get those photos and postcards off your desk and up on the wall!

Tute Tuesday: Stumpwork

Stumpwork is so beautiful. It is a type of needlework that is stunning and yet I have always been afraid to try it. The whole process seems so intimidating. SheepBlue has set my fears to rest with her tutorial on Stumpwork. She breaks it down with easy to follow directions and pictures that even a […]

Witch, Please!

Halloween is right around the corner, so beware the witching hour! Witches are abundant on Craftster, so let’s meet a few. This witch figurine by hauntedcottage is so lifelike, but don’t worry; she’s made of polymer clay. You’re going to want to click the photo to see the post with all the wonderful details. How […]

Meatless Monday: Thai Style Noodle & Sweet Potato Broth

We all have those days that just get to us. Our bodies are aching, our heads are pounding, getting out of bed is about all we can muster up. Fueling our bodies for those rough days is important. Trekky has shared her amazing recipe for Thai Style Noodle & Sweet Potato Broth that is sure […]

@Home This Weekend: Painted Mugs

This weekend, enjoy your coffee even more than usual as you drink out of a custom coffee mug, made by you! teaandcraft used Pebeo porcelain pens to create these tattoo flash-inspired mugs which read, “But first coffee”. Perfect.