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@Home This Weekend: Fabric Boxes

This weekend, make some beautiful fabric boxes, using a great tutorial shared by whatzudoin. I can think of all sorts of uses for boxes: use them for decor, or storage, or give them as a gift (or use them as awesome gift wrap!) Great news: no sewing necessary!

Hey, it’s summer. Go outside!

We’re in the midst of those lazy days of summer. Let’s take a visit to some of our Craftster friends who have been busy making their outdoor space unique and inviting. C’mon! Let’s hit the home of TheMistressT first, because she’s got tasty summer drinks. Don’t they look delicious on her fabulous striped table cozy? […]

Pamper Yourself!

I’ve been sick for a bit (a month!) and now that I’m feeling better and may be back to crafting I was looking around for something to “treat” myself… and what better than some amazing hand-made soap? There are TONS to choose from here on Craftster, where members like Mandyhello graciously share their recipes! This […]

@Home This Weekend: “Wonder”ful Clock

This weekend, brighten up a clock with images from old comic books. bookstorebabe purchased this wall clock for only $1.00, and transformed it with an image of Wonder Woman. No more “wondering” what time it is!

It’s a Family Affair

Let’s celebrate family today! There are several ways to depict your family or family members in your art. For example, there are these adorable coasters, each one representing Mom, Dad, brother, and sis. sadsilver made them for a housewarming gift for a friend. FoxyBlue keeps her family “in stitches” with this family portrait in cross […]

@Home This Weekend: Not A Flamingo

This weekend, forget about those standard pink flamingos and fill your garden with some unique yardbirds. Craftster member Jenxx has been busy creating a colorful flock. Besides the one shown on the left, there are others posted here and here. There’s never a dull moment in that garden! 

You Can Say That Again!

Sometimes all the inspiration you’ll need comes in the form of a perfect quote. For example: This quote by Ross Whedon speaks to the creative in us all. petskin stamped and painted on linen to make this beautiful art featuring the quote. artsycandice used a Neil Gaiman quote to create this inspirational mixed media painting. […]

@Home This Weekend: Stenciled Rugs

This weekend, enhance your outdoor living space with a custom stenciled rug. Does your deck or patio need some style? TheMistressT purchased a couple of inexpensive indoor/outdoor carpets, and then made them extra special by creating a stencil and applying a mix of UV safe craft paint and textile medium to create this great arrow […]

Marvelous Matryoshkas

As a child, did you play with Russian nesting (Matryoshkas)? What started out as one large wooden doll opened to reveal a slightly smaller doll, which also contained a doll, and on and on until you got to the tiniest of little dolls at the end. What fun! Craftsters have found many varied ways to […]

@Home This Weekend: Patriotic Planter

This weekend is the perfect time to show off some patriotic door decor. purl3agony painted scraps of wood and topped them with artificial flowers to create this cheery flag. Happy 4th of July!

Summertime Sweetness: Fruit Salsa & Cinnamon Chips

There is more to a BBQ than just the grill. The sides are equally important and if done right, will be the talk of your guests for years to come. HSG has the best side for your get together. Her Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips is so easy and uses the best of summer fruits. […]

Fire Up the Grill: Jerk Steak

> You love to BBQ just about any time of the year, but summer, that is the best time and this holiday weekend is THE time for grilling up your favorite foods. Sure, you can just throw the steak on the grill, but you want some zing, some heat, some pizzazz, a new flavor. TheFanatic […]

Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue

Hey, hey, let’s party like it’s the Fourth of July! Get out the red, white, and blue, and let’s celebrate the birthday of the good ole USA.Show off your true colors! ohsosuite tore up scraps of colored paper to make this artsy American flag collage. Mmm, flag cake. This cake by RCKFELLA would definitely be […]

@Home This Weekend: Colorful Garden Chairs

This weekend, grab some old aluminum chairs and brighten them up with spray paint. steiconi found these great garden chairs at an old resort. She sanded them and painted them in a rainbow of colors. Now the garden will be bright even if nothing is in bloom!

Hot Days, Cool Salads

With all the seasonal summer vegetables readily available now, there’s nothing I love more than a refreshingly cool salad on a hot day. Whether you want a salad for a meal or a side, here are five delicious looking salads and recipes to help you in your hot weather meal planning. What’s cooler than a […]