Tute Tuesday: Rustic Fabric Pumpkins

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6038075987_0f4035a773_z It’s September 1st and you know what that means? ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! It is like the world goes from beachy sunshine to fall pumpkin power when the clock strikes midnight. Of course, I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love anything pumpkin! I am ready to put away summer and begin decorating for fall and there is no better way to do that than with Phizzychick’s tutorial for Rustic Fabric Pumpkins. These little guys are so easy to make, you can binge watch your favorite show and stitch up a pumpkin patch in no time.

Our Occasions and Holiday Board has everything you need to get your autumn on! Now get that pumpkin spice latte and get to crafting!

I See London; I See France!

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blog1 I see crafts with underpants! I know you probably chanted a version of that ditty as a kid, and some of you may still. But don’t just talk about underpants, craft them!

For example, needlesandpinsel sketched and needlepointed three different depictions of fancy underwear for an intriguing set of hooplas.

Here’s a creative quilt featuring tighty whities in all sorts of bright colors! BattleAxe stitched this up for a friend. blog3
According to applesweet, “Painting underwear is fun!” Her post contains eight fun watercolors of both girls and boys in their unders. blog4
When’s the last time you saw an owl in underwear? This one, by FruityLoops is no ordinary owl, it’s a zombie owl. In underwear! And that’s not something you see every day. blog5
I think Leslieshappyheart makes the cutest panties. Designed for Blythe dolls, this tiny pair has a perfect little rainbow embroidered on the front. blog2

Click on the Craftster tag “underwear” to see these and other underwear crafts. There you’ll also find tutorials on how to make underwear that you can wear!

Meatless Monday: Zucchini Pineapple Loaf

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71746_29Aug15_image How did your garden grow this year? Did you have an abundance of zucchini? Is it taking over your growing area like crazy alien pods? If your house is overgrown with this green squash then it is time for you to whip up some zucchini bread. Sure, you can make the average bread, and it will be good, but why go for ordinary when you can add a taste of the islands with Hat and Bag Lady’s recipe for Zucchini Pineapple Loaf. This tropical twist is perfect for an end of the summer tasty treat.

Our Cooking Board can help you with your zucchini overload. Check out a new delicious dish today!

@Home This Weekend: Upcycled Paint Cans

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blog This weekend, grab some old paint cans or other containers and make some decorative planters. LizzyEU wrapped hers with paper rope and gave the some shine with clear glue. This almost gives them the appearance of wood. Use your new containers for planters or storage! What a great way to upcycle.

August 26, 2015 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

Little Lamb by nati72

The Rope Rug that Wouldn’t End…but finally did! by sheepBlue

Repurposed glass door into stained glass by ShannonMB

Nerd Games T-Shirts by LovelyMiss

Russian Spiral Necklace by Quantumphysica

Our Lady of the Waters Shrine, Frida Shrine, Octopus Treasures Box by custardfairy

It�s a Small World 5th Birthday Party (Image overload) by CubanMother

Starbucks Journal by StaticMonster

Butterfly by Jenxx

Gathering Leaves Shawl by LittleLaura

img heavy Some of my Crochet Items Jessie by Aworkofheart

Hallowe’enie TM Wall Hangings by pottermouth

Altered Clock by KarenLouiseM

Dapper Skelly Boy by thisbirdsabsurd

Convertible maxi dress ( which way is your favorite ?) by violentjayne

Tute Tuesday: Flannel Hoodie

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54201VEGGIETALESFRONT School is back in session and that means chilly mornings waiting at the bus stop. No need to stand around freezing just because the hoodie your mom picked for you is a little (okay, a lot) out of fashion. Why not make your own? Show off your sewing skills with this Flannel Hoodie by gnacissej. This hoodie is a one of a kind and will be the envy of every clique in the school yard. You might even be voted most fashionable this year…just make sure you get a crown with that title.

Heading back to school doesn’t have to be torture. You can be a fashion “do” with styles from our Clothing Board.

Magical Miniatures

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blog2 For me, there’s always something magical about miniatures, but the featured miniatures in this week’s article are extra magical, because they were built for witches, wizards, fairies, and time travelers.

pottermouth put so much detail into this tiny witch’s cottage that you just have to click the link and view all the photos. For now, enjoy the tiny fireplace, the haunting portrait, and that rather disturbing box of bones near the hearth!

Everything a tiny wizard would ever need can be found in this cupboard created by Phizzychick. There are spell books, interesting jars and curious scrolls, not to mention some personal items like family portraits! blog5
Want to take a peek into Harry Potter’s room? Here you’ll find a bookshelf complete with a crystal ball, tiny books and candles, and other student wizard essentials. bunny1kenobi thought of everything; there’s even a gargoyle standing by to guard the room. blog1
Knickertwist says that this “Wandry” room she created is just like any boring old laundry room, although it’s for fairies and wings. With so many whimsical details, I think you’ll agree that it’s anything but boring! Click to see the entire post where you can see the drying wings on the rack, the bucket of suds with its tiny stopper, or the tiny Wand Repair Manual from 1978! blog3 copy
Have you ever wondered what you might find in Doctor Who’s closet? Well, wonder no more! sheepBlue contends that it’s filled with extra painting, spare bowties, and even a few souvenirs from his travels. There’s even a box of spare screwdrivers, just in case. blog4

So many details in such small spaces! There are a great number of miniatures featured on Craftster. Click on the “miniature” tag to see them.

Meatless Monday: African Peanut Stew

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DSCF3138 Sometimes you need to venture out of your comfort zone and try something new. While most things might not work out for the best (remember that haircut…ouch!), accountantbyday‘s recipe for African Peanut Soup is sure to be a hit. Made with sweet potatoes, carrots and just a touch of peanut butter, this soup is hearty enough for a full meal. If you want to add a bit more spice to mix, turn up the heat with some ghost pepper flakes. This would be the perfect stew for an international movie night with friends.

Our Cooking Board is a great place for a culinary adventure. Try a new dish tonight!

@Home This Weekend: Glue Dye Resist

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blog1 This weekend, use some Elmer’s School Glue gel to create some unique fabric! Calabaza wrote out the lyrics to a favorite song in glue on a square of white muslin, let the glue dry, and then dyed the muslin turquoise. Once the fabric was dry, she constructed this one of a kind pillow. Imagine the possibilities!

Tute Tuesday: Back to School Backpack

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IMG_2241 Are your kids ready for back to school? Are you doing your happy dance while they have tears in their eyes? Shame on you! Dry their tears and send them out into the real world in style with this Backpack tutorial from landofoz. You can customize your kiddo’s backpack to fit their current mood or style. Why not let your kids help you stitch this up. You could teach them a new craft! You child will be the envy of all the other munchkins and you will have the praise of your little one instead of the “MOMMMMM…..” eye roll.

Check out our Purses, Bags and Wallets Board for other fun ways to celebrate back to school style and function.

Going to the Dogs

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blog1 This week, we’re going to the dogs. As a dog lover myself, I always enjoy seeing dogs represented in people’s crafts.

Here’s Lucy! She’s a little needle felted chihuahua mix, and she is just the cutest. petskin’s work is just exquisite. Lucy looks so real!

This painting by LimeRiot makes me happy. It was painted for a swap partner, an represents her dogs, including one that recently passed. I love how the wings on the angel dog form a heart. So sweet!  blog3
These fluffy little pups by fuzzington are made from pipe cleaners. They’re only about 2″ tall, but they look so real! 


I can’t begin to imagine how much time it took chek101 to create this beaded pet portrait. It contains 24,000 tiny beads. Stunning! blog2
bec99 made this cross stitch as a gift for her mom. The two scottie dogs seem to be enjoying their walk in the snow. blog4

So here’s to our four legged friends. If you’d like to see more dog related crafts, click on the Craftster link “dog“.

Meatless Monday: Swiss Hazelnut Tart

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218964_26Jan11_finished Living in the Pacific Northwest we have an abundance of hazelnuts. We love those crazy nuts! They have a smokey taste to them that just can’t be beat. We put hazelnuts in everything from coffee to cake. As summer winds down, we get excited about the hazelnut season kicking off. Owlet’s recipe for Swiss Hazelnut Tart is a great way to savor the flavor of the nut as a sweet treat. These would be a great addition for a wine and cheese tasting party or a tailgating party for the upcoming football season. This recipe is very easy that even the novice chef can pull it off.

Our Cooking Board is full of great recipes for your next event, whether it be a night in with your friends or a outdoor concert with a few thousands strangers. Whip of a tasty treat today.

When Pigs… oh.

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Pigs Fly In an attempt to put off cleaning my piggy bank shelf (why so dusty?!) I did what any crafter would do, and decided to spend some time cruising around Craftster – because of course there are a bunch of adorable pigs (not at all dusty!) to be found there. You don’t even have to wait until pigs fly, because they do! This adorable creation by xMangoRose really needs to come live with me…
Pig Hoop And while I admit I’m not the biggest Simpsons fan, I love this hoop by stitchzBstitchz and somewhat agree with the sentiment… though I tend to make friends with cookies… which do sometimes contain bacon (if you have never had bacon cookies you are missing out!).
Pig Costume And with Halloween in just two months (give or take!) you might want to start thinking about a costume. But don’t worry, even if you put it off until the last possible moment you can still whip up a quick and adorable little pig costume, like this one by NonaChewy
Mr T Pig And a pig post wouldn’t be complete without a … Mr T Pig? If that doesn’t just beat all… I wonder if we could convince magicfan to whip up a whole line of 80s pop culture reference pigs? I really need a MacGyver pig!

I haven’t even scratched the surface of the awesome pigginess of Craftster, you’ll have to take a look around and see what other porcine projects are there!

@Home This Weekend: Rope Rug

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blog This weekend, get started on the perfect stash-busting home decor project: a bright and colorful rope rug. sheepBlue wrapped 600 feet of rope with fabric scraps, and then stitched them together to create this fabulous rug. Make sure you check out her post for helpful tips and several in progress photos. Gorgeous! 

Tute Tuesday: Delicious Apple Cinnamon Tart Soap

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100_1205 Oh you dirty bird! You need a bath! Don’t walk around town smelling like you just stepped out of the sewer. Wash up with letusplay’s amazing scented Apple Cinnamon Tart Soap. This soap is easy to make and will have you smelling like the sweet delicious dish you are. This is a fun project for adults and kids alike. Make up a batch and share with your family and friends. You have to be near them, might as well have them smelling yummy, right?

The Bath and Beauty Board is full of amazing tutorials to make you feel, look and smell like a million bucks. Get squeaky clean with a new project today.