Meatless Monday: Kale and Edamame Salad

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I am lucky enough to have a little garden, or “farmette” as I like to call it, in my backyard. I am able to grow yummy fruits and veggies for the summer. There is nothing better than just stepping out the backdoor and grabbing something fresh for dinner. I’m so glad that HSG shared this delicious recipe for Kale and Edamame Salad. I have just about everything within arm’s reach! The salad dressing is going into heavy rotation at the Kittykill household.

Looking for other summer salad recipes? Check out our Cooking Board for your greeny fix.

@Home This Weekend: Teacup Bird Feeder

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This weekend, invite birds into your yard with an adorable birdfeeder made from a teacup and saucer. Mistress Jennie picked up a cup and saucer set at a thrift store for $1, and put together this fanciest of feeders. What a whimsical way to feed your feathered friends!

Winner of Craft Challenge #100-Pottermouth

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This month’s Craft Challenge was 100 Things! This was Crafster’s 100th challenge and to celebrate members had to create a project using 100 items. You could use other items but there had to be 100 of one type of item in the piece…100 marbles, 100 buttons…it was totally up to the creator.

Our winning entry was created by Pottermouth! Her entry titled, A Little Screwy was inspired by items found in her husband’s pockets…screws, magnets, key fobs. When thinking of 100 things, she used 100 screws then added a little paint, a funky self and the winning entry was born! Check out the winning entry here.

Congrats, Pottermouth!

For winning, Pottermouth has won an item from one of Craftster’s online shops!

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July 23, 2014 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

A Little Screwy by pottermouth

The Cosby quilt by semel

Finished my Game of Thrones project! Map of Westeros with house sigils by RandomlyGenerated

Tiny stitching – more stumpwork flora and fauna [pic heavy!] by sheepBlue

The Headless Horseman by Ludi

Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way by devilduck

Throne of Thrones by thefett

My Mini Buolangerie by greenleaf

Space Fox Pyrography/Watercolor by LollypopStitches

Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock portrait by marleymiss

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Papercraft Diorama by Patraw

Double-sided (mood) "anchor" hoop by Smeddley

Bog Roll Ent Stump Pencil Holder by suereal

Jellyfish Aquarium Polymer Clay(video tutorial Link) by NerdEcrafter

Wet-felted and Needle-felted Hanging Flower Pod Birdhouse by PerfectlyBohemian

Tute Tuesday: Fabric and Felt Bird Ornament

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What do you do with all of your little fabric and felt scraps left over from a project? Do you throw them away? Well, don’t do that! Thanks to cmarion3′s awesome Fabric and Felt Bird Ornament tutorial you can do some major scrap busting and spread a little birdy joy. Depending on your fabric scraps, you would create a bird for each season and holiday.

This is just one of our many tutorials that you can do with your scraps. Get crafty and check out our Tutorial Tag today

Cardboard Tube? Craft Supply!

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It’s great to have a source of “free” art supplies, and here’s something we all have: those cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Can you believe that the crafts featured today had such a humble beginning? 

Ludi made this spooky pirate’s chest with a piece of cardboard and a half of a toilet paper roll. She was nice enough to write up a tutorial should you have tiny booty to store.

How cute are these minion gift boxes? teapotdnky made a slew of minions and used them to hold tiny gifts. She also posted a great tutorial showing how she made these adorable little fellows. I think these would be great for birthday party favors. Kids (and adults) would go nuts over them.
It’s hard to believe that these tiny hats by teag aren’t full sized, but they’re all made of toilet paper rolls, too! teag also wrote up a wonderful tutorial. Wouldn’t these be cute place holders, or ornaments? 


This personable tree stump is actually a wonderful pencil holder. suereal brought a toilet paper tube to life using hot glue, paper, glaze, and a face mold. I love the texture she achieved with the glue. 


TheMistressT used paper towel tubes to make these colorful bottle rockets to help celebrate Independence Day. So festive! I’m not going to tell you the unusual way in which they’re displayed; you’ll have to click on the link to find out.

Don’t through away all those cardboard tubes; you never know when you might need them for a craft project. I found so many great project using cardboard tubes that I had more than enough content for another whole article. Stay tuned for more cardboard tube ideas in a couple of weeks.

Spotlight on: Art Dolls

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Lately I’ve been stalking swaps on Craftster that are for art dolls. Now keep in mind I am not a doll type person, though I appreciate the reason some collect dolls. With that said…art dolls are right up my alley.

Art dolls are one of a kind pieces of art, not at all intended to be a toy. Created in a wide variety of styles and media that can include both manufactured parts or wholly original pieces. Art doll creation require a wide range of skills to make; including but not limited to sculpting, painting, sewing, pattern drafting, costuming, etc.

For one of the art doll swaps thisbirdsabsurd created The Gashlycrumb Reaper, from Edward Gorey.

Compare her art doll rendition to the book cover art.

Amazing, right?! Using mostly fabric she was able to create an art doll that is spot on.

Art doll creations will often include the use of some form of clay; Polymer, air dry, paper mache, etc. These can lend to some very life like facial features.

This Mountain Man doll, by The Raging Sloth , has all hand woven fabric, and a Sculpey face. The detail is so incredible you can feel the wrinkles and soft white beard.

He looks like he has some serious knowledge to impart from all his years of life.

In comparison this art doll by artista83, also uses Sculpey for the face. She has much softer facial features. Her delicate clothing and soft eyes make her look so serene and pensive.

And how clever to use a tassel for her dress! Just another example of how our creative minds work. Seeing everyday items in unique and different ways.

These “Monster” dolls by cmarion3 are made of fabric mostly. They are so cute and snugly looking. Don’t know who these monsters are supposed to be scaring, but it ain’t me! I just want to hold one for my very own.

cmarion3 even created a tutorial to share how she made the eyes for the monsters. Which could be used in a wide variety of crafting.

There are more tutorials for tips on making your own art doll. Things from clothes, shoes, painting, sewing the whole doll and so on.

I’m going to be stalking keeping my eyes on the swap boards for my chance to get in on the art doll action. In the meantime though think some practice is in order for me. If you want to do the same here are some of the previous doll swap galleries to get your creative juices flowing.
Junker Jane Doll Swap Gallery
Art Dolls 3 Swap Gallery
Spirit/Intention Doll Swap Gallery

For even more great art doll projects to look at, Craftster has an Art Doll Pinterest board to inspire.

Thank you for checking out the Art Dolls spotlight.

Meatless Monday: Texas Pecan Pesto

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Looking to take your boring pesto up a notch? Why not try Texan Pecan Pesto by Txweekendchef! Using smoked pecans instead of pinenuts adds a nice rich flavor to the normal pesto. I would love to try this recipe with my other current obsesson, zucchini noodles. Healthy, flavorful and easy…could this recipe be a dream? Why not whip this tasty dish up for your next get together or just save it all for yourself. Sharing is overrated anyway.

Need a quick but tasty dinner? Check out our Recipe Tags for other ideas.

@Home This Weekend: Celebrate Your State

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This weekend, celebrate your roots with personalized state wall art. sometimeshomemade made stencils of her home state Iowa, and then placed stars on the cities where she and her husband grew up and fell in love. What a great way to celebrate where you live!

Tute Tuesday: Tea Party Windchimes

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There is nothing I love better than to hear windchimes on a summer day. With every tinker of the chimes, the stress just melts away.

Roke45 created this one of a kind Tea Party Windchimes with objects she found. Although her windchimes have the theme of Alice in Wonderland, the tutorial is great for getting you started on your own ideas. I could easily see a tea party chime with butterflies or even crystals used for water. Let your imagination flow!

You can find this tutorial, as well as other great outdoor ideas on the Exterior Decorating/Yard Tutorial Board.

Let’s Make a Book!

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Making books is easier than you might imagine. There are all sorts of binding techniques, ranging from extremely difficult to incredibly simple. Here are five bookbinding tutorials that may spark your interest. Give one a try! 

Don’t you love the look of this mini book? Its etched metal cover and leather spine give it such a rich look. Onyxnox posted a very comprehensive tutorial with lots of great instructions and photos for making this tiny treasure.

photog_in_plaid shared how to do  buttonhole binding. This book is made with no glue at all, just a lovely stitch that is shown in her tutorial.
Look at this colorful spine on this piano hinge bound book. madcrafter chose colorful papers for the pages of her journal. There’s no sewing in this binding technique; small painted dowels woven into the pages keep the book together.
Artistically designed her adventure book to hold ATCs, but it would also be great for journaling or displaying favorite photographs.
Perhaps the easiest binding method is folding paper to make a book. Phizzychick presented her tutorial for a folded paper book inside a book she made using the method described. So clever!

Want to make your own book? There are tutorials for all sort of books, including folios, star books, tunnel books, books made with envelopes, and many more.  Just click here to find them.

Meatless Monday: Favorite Vegan Recipes

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There is nothing better than our Craftster members! They are clever, witty and of course, crafty! Photojenn is one of those awesome crafty peeps! She recently started a great thread that is a quick reference guide to the best Vegan Recipes around. So many of of them are from our very own members!

Don’t forget to check out our Vegan and Vegetarian Pinterest Board for other cooking ideas.

Spotlight on: Book Making & Binding

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Once upon a time there was a Craftsterer named HSG. She wanted to create her own art journal, but had no clue where to begin. What to do she thought? I know! The Craftster tutorial portal! If you can dream it, we can show you how to make it. Everything from cooking to woodworking, there are tutorials for it all.

The Goblins Grimoire – Small Bound Book by Arachnea

Intimidating as it sounds, there is a coolness quotient in making your own book. Especially after seeing many wonderful and creative books and journals by members. Now to see how exactly they did this, away to the tutorial portal I went.

This first tutorial chosen is a non-adhesive bookbinding. With the great step by step pictures it is easy to follow.

Buttonhole Stitch Binding Tutorial by photog_in_plaid. Such a neat and clean looking spine. For me though think need to start with something more for my beginner level.

The next tutorial I checked out was one for the exterior of the book. This one is so cool, and complex looking, but is quite the opposite. Creating this cover is done with items you probably already have at home. Things like glue and tissues.

Leather bound Dark Arts by Arachnea. Possibilities with this one are endless.

What I also found was the cover can also be a prelude to the art inside your journal, like this Coptic journal by teag.

The cover art has matching bookmarks that she made. Doesn’t it make you want to leaf through the pages?

This tutorial is for those who want to try bookmaking, but want to test on a smaller scale. These are actual book bookmarks by WideEyedLife! How cute and smart is that?

You can write notes while you’re reading the book, in the mini book.

Finally after all the inspiration found in the tutorial portal, this is the result of my venture.

While not as exciting or detailed as some shown, it is a start. I like the softness of the fake fur fabric when holding it to write and sketch ideas.

Thank you for checking out the spotlight. Let me know in the comments if you have ideas for future articles.

@Home This Weekend: Magical Fairy Garden

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This weekend, add a bit of magic to your yard and create a whimsical fairy garden. You probably won’t go as all out as Knickertwist did for her Fairy Tour 2014, but make sure you check out her post for tons of great ideas, like this precious fairy house made out of a boot.

DIY Summer

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The heat of the summer is here and we have lots of summer projects to keep you busy!
Spice Up Your Garden
Check out iota’s super colorful flower pots! With just simple outdoor paint and traditional flower pots, you can really spice up your curb appeal.
Mocha Popsicles
Cool off with these tasty treats from Joyful Abode! They’re mocha. They’re maple. They’re amazing.