@Home This Weekend: Hot Hot Pads

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This weekend, heat up your kitchen with some hot hot pads. No, that extra “hot” is not a typo; these hot pads are literally steaming with hot men. Who has the hottest kitchen in town? TheMistressT! What’s cooking at your house?

March 22, 2017 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by kittykill. We hope you enjoy them!

LED light up snowflake dress by violentjayne

Paw Patrol Dog Bowl Cake by redheadedblonde

Minnie blanket by storerboughtcreations

Raccoons collection by ThreeLittleCats

Stash Busting Hot Pads! Oh, They’re HOT All Right! (bountiful pics) by TheMistressT

Muggle Shirts by lindyv321

Steampunk altered tea tin by SonjaBoo

The Laboratory of the Nefarious Dr. Hedwith (gobs and gobs of pics) by bunny1kenobi

Fabric Animals Scrappy 4×6 Art by gozer

Urban Threads Tattooed Mermaid by Anya Kase

Small Harry Potter themed shrine by geekgirl1000100

Flying key block by craftylittlemonkey

Faery Rag Doll by LissyLou

Dark Knight Indeed by crafterdark

Undies and Boxers by dfabbric

Tute Tuesday: Chandelier Earrings

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Looking for an update to your spring wardrobe? Dress up that outfit with one of a kind Chandelier Earrings. Craftster member Rckfella shares her in depth tutorial for making this fun and fancy piece of jewelry. In the time it takes you to binge watch your favorite show, you can have a funky pair of earrings that are stylish and sassy; just like you!

You can create one pieces of artwork with tutorials from our Jewelry and Trinkets Board. Have fun and be bold because it looks good on you! Happy Tuesday!

Mad Cats in Fun Hats

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I’m not going to lie; every photo in this article makes me laugh. It seems like Craftsters like to make hats for their cats, and correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like those cats aren’t too crazy about the idea.

This year, pottermouth has made several holiday themed hats for her long-suffering puss, Chaircat Mao. Here’s that poor kitty stoically modeling my personal favorite hat of the set, the Saint Patrick’s Day beer hat. I’m quite sure Chaircat is currently planning revenge.

You are only fooling yourself if you believe that yoguiana‘s cat is happy wearing this bright blue beanie. Not happy. Cute, but not happy at all.
If you, like DropKickGrl, insist on knitting a gnome hat for your kitty, you have to be ready for some sort of retribution. Or, at the very least, feline outrage.
Meet Zues. His owner Huhwhat? claims that he is “not really a hat guy”, and I think that’s readily apparent in this photo of him in his “International hat”.
And finally, one more photo of  pottermouth‘s Chaircat Mao, who is finally able to express what all these cats in hats would say if they could: “bite me”.

*No cats were harmed in the writing on this article.*


Meatless Monday: Beet Greens Penne with Sweet Peppers, Capers and Pine Nuts

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Beets…not a fan at all. There is not one recipe out there that will change my mind. While the other members of my family absolutely love beets, the mere thought of them makes me run the other way in terror. What’s a girl to do? Craftster member Playinghooky has the perfect solution that will make everyone happy. Her recipe for Beet Greens Penne with Sweet Peppers, Capers and Pine Nuts packs a flavorful punch that will make your tastebuds stand up and take notice. Now I can prepare beets for family and friends while making myself a tasty dish. The best part about this recipe is that no food is wasted.

Our Cooking Board is full of fun and inventive recipes for everyone. Enjoy a fresh new dish tonight.

@Home This Weekend: Welcoming Wreath

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This weekend, bring a little spring to your front door with a beautiful floral wreath. This one, by SunnyDawn, is made from fake flowers from the Dollar Store, so not only will it last for years, it didn’t break the bank. What a lovely way to welcome everyone to your home!


Tute Tuesday: Crochet Cherry Pie

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Let the crafty celebration of Pi Day begin! Craftster member Pseudoscorpion shares their tutorial for Crochet Cherry Pie. If cherry isn’t your thing, you can make blueberry, lingon berry or peach pie by just switching up the yarn. Create a whole meal for the little ones to play with. If you are trying to watch you weight but want to celebrate the day then stitch up this quick, easy and fun pattern to display. Show off your Pi, I mean pie pride!

Want to learn a new craft and create something fun? Check out our Crochet Board for tutorials, tips and inspiration.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

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Everyone knows that a penny doesn’t go far these days. They’re still in circulation, though, so there are plenty of them out there. Here are some penny-wise Craftsters who didn’t use their spare change to purchase craft supplies; they incorporated the actual pennies themselves as part of their art.

cmarion3 used “pennies from heaven” in this shrine she created for the 100th Craftster craft challenge, in which you had to incorporate 100 similar items.

Pressed pennies are fun, but what do you do with them? lindyv321 made Disney pennies into zipper pulls for Disney backpacks. Perfect!
BananaAmbush calls this her “change purse“, and rightly so, because it’s fashioned from actual change! She drilled holes into pennies and stitched them onto the cloth base. The handle is made with foreign coins.
Each of the charms in this bracelet cost exactly one cent, because each of the charms is actually a hammered penny! Calabaza flattened the coins and then stamped each one with words from some of her favorite fictional characters.
yzzilnoaj was given a marble topped table, and used the marble for her kitchen island. The new copper top she made for this beautiful blue coffee table contains $18 worth of pennies, embedded in thick poly.

If you find a penny, pick it up. All the day you’ll have good luck…and maybe a new and interesting craft supply!


Meatless Monday: Naan

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I will admit it, I am intimidated by making bread. My mind just goes into a fog when I think about all the work that goes into make it. Craftster member MissingWillow is about to change my outlook on the whole bread making sitatuion with her recipe for Naan. This traditional Indian flatbread is great for dipping, scooping and wrapping sauces and other foods. The best part of this recipe…it is easy to make! I can make a batch up, serve some with a tasty dinner and have a little left over for the next few days.

Conquer those cooking fears with recipes, tips and inspiration from our Cooking Board. Have a fun, fabulous foody Monday!

@Home This Weekend, Upcycled Planter

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This weekend, make a planter out of a large plastic container. kittykill cut the bottom of a large jar of honey, and then embellished it with rows of colorful washi tape. She made sure to use a sealer on the tape so that any moisture won’t cause the tape to peel. What a sweet little pot!


March 8, 2017 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

Knit fabric covered sketchers by dfabbric

**HOT POP TAB PURSE** by mingaling88

Poppy the Troll by storerboughtcreations

Beer Hat for Cat by pottermouth

Neon Lion afghan by pesky pixie

A Couple of Foxes – Giant and Little (edit: and a polka dot fox!) by PerfectlyBohemian

Beaded Wire Shawl Pin by Mistress Jennie

"Akoya" Pendant (video tutorial) by oespiritodasartes

Postcard Project by Smeddley

Eleven from Stranger Things by Abbeeroad

Heart in Your Hand Embroidery by kittykill

Recovered Harry Potter (Spell!) Book with Tutorial by photographedcraft

Some Bleached Tees by mandykaye

Mausie by sqynx

First oil landscapes and a stillife by Victoria Kamalova

Tute Tuesday: Nintendo Controller Case

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Raise your hand if you stood outside at midnight to get the new Nintendo gaming console. I see a few hands raised! Show off your geeky pride and protect that new investment with rosered’s tutorial for a Nintendo Controller Case. While this tutorial is specifically for a Nintendo DS, you can alter the dimensions to fit your new Switch. The design of the case is a nod to the past and a perfect way to show off that you have loved video games since the beginning. Even if you have never tried a needlework project before, this tutorial is easy to follow and great for beginners and those more experienced.

Take your stitching skills to another level with tutorials, tips and inspiration from our Needlwork Board. Have a totally terrific tutorial Tuesday!

Pick An Eye and Stick With It

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It’s easy to pick an eye if there’s only one; behold the cyclops! There aren’t that many of them on Craftster, but the ones we have are definitely something to see. Plus, even one-eyed creatures deserve some love, so be sure to check these guys out.

Here’s something you don’t come across every day: a sock monkey with one big, beautiful eye. craftylittlemonkey gave him a kilt and sent him off to live with a friend. Now that’s a one of a kind gift!

RobbinZombie claims she found this precious little one eyed kitty on her doorstep one morning. Wonder where he came from?
As you can see, not all cyclops are big and scary. loveandasandwich knows they all started off as little babies like these!
Here’s an odd little bird to find on your porch. suereal found this mutant robin sunning itself in her own backyard.
This cyclops by Patraw is one of five monsters from the video game Defenders of Oasis. He’s a pretty scary fellow. Good thing he’s a tiny little monster!

Although there aren’t many cyclops inhabiting the Craftster boards, I’m sure you’ll agree we have an interesting variety. Keep your eye(s) open, and maybe you’ll find more!




Meatless Monday: Three C Soup

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Someone needs to remind Mother Nature that is is March! I am freezing my buns off! I need something to warm me up. Craftster member Acadian Driftwood shares her recipe for a Three C Soup that is not only delicious but also super easy to make. The recipe is enough for dinner and leftovers for the next day. Serve it with a nice side salad and an artisan bread for full meal. Excuse me, I am going to curl up with a hot cup of soup and my latest embroidery project.

From soups to sweet treats, you can shed those winter blues with recipes from our Cooking Board. Stay warm and cozy!

Nail Art

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Did you know that there’s an Awesome Manicure Thread that hasn’t been getting a lot of love lately? I can’t imagine people have stopped painting their nails in awesome ways, but maybe they’re just not posting. I’d post there, but, one, my nails are so broken from the dry winter air they aren’t worth painting and two, I’m not very good at it. Unlike these amazing Craftsters….

Subtle, amazing, and beautiful! This nail stamping by akira_minou is so precise and perfect! I have not yet even attempted any nail stamping, and I seriously doubt I could ever get anything quite so gorgeous.
And forget me ever having this kind and amazing hand-painting skills! I thought these mush surely be transfers or stickers or something other than painted on, but apparently maxxev just has unbelievable nail-painting skills!
Another example of gorgeous nail art, with an added splash of geeky fandom! This Dr Who inspired nail art was posted by ShannonMB, and I’m not only jealous of the nail art, but of those perfectly shaped, even, long nails!

So if you’re a nail artist, consider posting your next amazing manicure to the Awesome Manicure Thread, or as its own project to the Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects board. And take a look at all the other amazing manicures posted there!