@Home This Weekend: Souvenir Tea Towel Pillow

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blog This weekend, use a tea towel to create a unique one of a kind accent pillow. TheMistressT created this nostalgic pillow with a vintage style tea towel featuring a map of Washington and Oregon. What a wonderful way to showcase your home state or favorite vacation spot!

Spotlight on: Making Toys

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Listen…Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of the school year coming to a close. Womp, womp. About one week after the last day of school the kids will be bored. And then looking at you to entertain them. Well, I am here to help.

Camp Mommy is in session! :)

Let’s keep those little munchkins occupied by letting them make their own toys! First they will be busy making, then busy playing. Dual duty!

First, we have this adorable yet easy sock bunny by, cute-anarchy.
This is good for almost any elementary age child, and earlier. Maybe your older kids can make for the little ones. Would be fun to make a whole family of bunnies, too. Cause where there is one, there is usually a whole lot of them.

This next toy is great for home, travel and even sleepovers.
Chess, checkers and even tic-tac-toe by, Ezri_B! This one can grow with your littlest to you and the hubby for date night.

Now for a game that will work inside on rainy days and outside on sunny ones.
It’s a bowling game by, felicitybaby. Decorating the box it is stored in could be a project all its own.

Since some of us have teenagers, thought it might be good to include something for the older ones. This is actually something I would love to try myself.
A scrappy woven stuffy by, noooitaremybirthday. This is a good project to use scraps, bits and pieces from other projects that are too big to throw out.

If you need more ideas for toy, dolls and other playthings for you or the kids to do, check out the Craftster Pinterest board and the toy section here.

Hope you and your kidlets have a great summer! 😀

May 27, 2015 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

Stitcher’s Alphabet by elderflower

Rainbow Mobile by Mistress Jennie

Retro wrap dress by lidehtium

I don’t love you much, do I? Embroidered Hoop by PerfectlyBohemian

Sunshine wall quilt by quaggy

Baby loris "Lola" by petskin

Papier mache affirmation houses! by FoxyBlue

Crow Fly by petunya

Summer is nearly here, so why not make your own Hula Hoops? by I Sew Cute

The Book of Magical Things by Phizzychick

Asymmetric Cowl in the ‘Hunger Games’ style – now with pattern by elderflower

Steampunk Trek by Supermutts

Aviation Charts Turned Into A2 Envelopes and Gift Card Holders by flygirl88

Ankylosaurus with Tripawaurus in the background by Isididamentri

Lots of Doll Clothes by amigurl55

Tute Tuesday: Solar Light Garden Mushroom

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227148_11Aug12_Mushroom_5 When the weather is nice and summer is all in its glory, I spend the majority of my free time in my backyard. After a hard day’s work, I just want to relax and enjoy the serenity of my garden and yard. Having an inviting backyard is important to me and one way spruce it up is to add some light and color. Jenxx created a great tutorial for combining function and beauty with her tutorial for a Solar Light Garden Mushroom. Using mainly discarded items, she created a beautiful piece of lawn art. It is perfect for lighting the way on a warm summer night.

Need more inspiration for an outdoor project? Check out our Home Sweet Home Board.

Artsy Garden

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blog2 Spring is hands down my favorite season of the year; I love getting out and puttering in the garden. It’s fun to mix great plants with unique accents in the yard. Here are some great outdoor ideas that may inspire your unique garden.

Knickertwist and her son gathered rocks from around her yard and made this enchanting faerie spiral for the wee faeries that live nearby.

I’m really intrigued by this string garden idea. beth.wilson.norwood wrapped a ball of clay and soil with moss and string, and planted it with seeds. This is definitely on my garden to-do list this season. blog4
christina_e came up with a great idea to utilize vertical space. She took fabric scraps, lined them with plastic foil, and sewed up several garden bags, which are hung on her fence with s-hooks. blog1
Thenutmeg2000 upcycled her old smoker and is now using it as a raised bed for herbs. She calls this her “bbq garden”. Plants are easy to reach and safe from pesky little nibblers, like rabbits. blog3
illysook had her friends help her save up wine bottles for a year. Now she has a clever bottle garden border that sparkles in the sun. blog5

You’ll find these and other great garden ideas under the Craftster tag “garden“. There are also many other garden-related tags, like “gardening”, “garden art”, and “garden signs”, to name a few. Happy planting!

Meatless Monday: Falafel without Frying

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129980_17May15_Falafelinahurry Are you ready for summer? I know I am! Let the sun shine on my buns! It is time to get out and get your picnic on. Why not wow your picnic goers and tickle their tastebuds with Falafels…but with this delish dish, you won’t be heating up the ktichen, they are made without frying. Pottermouth has created this sandwich filler that is just perfect for a summer day. No cooking, not a lot of work, so you can get out and enjoy your guest and work on your tan.

Planning a picnic? Check out our Cooking Board for some great outdoor recipes.

@Home This Weekend: Decorative Bulletin Board

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blog This weekend, use an old frame to make a decorative bulletin board. Tadhg painted and distressed her frame, then added some lace. She even added a row of bottlecaps so she could use magnets. What a great way to get organized!

Rain, rain, you don’t have to go away…

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Bunny Painting It’s been raining non-stop here for about a week, a dreary, drizzly, unrelenting rain with a few thunderstorms tossed in for good measure. I love rainy weather, and I particularly love these rain-inspired crafts! First up, an adorable bunny with an umbrella by andralynn. Who wouldn’t love walking in the rain if they had such a cute little bunny by their side?
Cloud embroidery And certainly no one would be upset about rain if all the rain clouds were as cute as the one in this hoop by mcook72677. We’d all want to see an adorable little cloud like that hanging out in the sky, even if it did mean a few sprinkles.
Weather Cloud Or what about this elegant paper rain cloud by Phizzychick? Granted, this ingenious paper and stitching sculpture can be changed, weather-wise, but I love the rain drops. And if this is what I saw in the sky I’d love the rainy days even more!
Rain Necklace Of course, real rain clouds aren’t cute or elegant, and here in the midwest they can be downright threatening. In that case, why not make something beautiful and rain-inspired to wear on those dreary days, like this necklace by Dextorasaurus? Wearing something that pretty would certainly brighten up the dullest and dreariest of days!

Whatever weather you’re having, Craftster probably has a craft for you! So after you check out these projects, take a poke around and see what weather-related projects inspire you!

Tute Tuesday: Latch Hooked Rag Rug

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250595_18Jun11_One I love a good house project and if it is one that I can use up my scraps with, it is even better. Arachnes thumb has a great easy to follow tutorial on how to make your very own custom Latch Hooked Rag Rug using fabric scraps. While it is labor intensive, I bet you could power through it over a weekend while binge watching your favorite TV show. This would be a great housewarming or wedding gift. I think I need a rug for each season. I better get to latching!

Looking for other ways to add some spice to your home? Why not check out our Home Sweet Home Board for other household ideas.

Road Trip!

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blog2 It’s almost summer! Are you going anywhere fun this year? I am: even as we speak, I am on a 2,000 mile road trip with my mom and my mother-in-law. We planned this last fall, and the idea was just crazy enough for us to follow through on it. Whee! We’re having some fun!

Of course, our car is just a plain SUV, it doesn’t have half the personality of this adorable amigurumi car by hookinmouthcrochet. If this were our car, we definitely wouldn’t have problems finding it in a parking lot!

Road trips mean special snacks, like Peanut M&M’s. Mmmm! We will need something to hold all our trash. A trash collector, like this one by TheMistressT, would be perfect! blog1
Pack your bags! I would absolutely love to be carrying a bright and happy duffel bag. LDesjardin made this one, plus a matching toiletries bag. blog5
When I was younger, my family took road trips every year. I made this map covered decorated tin, filled with Altoids mints, as a gift for my dad. (Hope my mom remembers to bring it along!) blog3
What better way to commemorate the trip than with a travel journal? I love this one by Phizzychick; it’s made with recycled envelopes and papers, and is ready to be filled with ticket stubs, photographs, and memories. blog4

So, hello from somewhere far from home. Having a good time; wish you were here! ~rackycoo

Meatless Monday: Spinach, Ricotta and Grilled Eggplant

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17186251448_83b5e181aa_o Eggplant is just weird. Sorry, but it is a weird veggie. I have never really been a fan until now. Thanks to HSG and her recipe for Spinach, Ricotta and Grilled Eggplant over pasta I can finally like eggplant. This dish is super easy to make and absolutely delicious! So, don’t run from the eggplant, embrace it, make it your yummy friend.

Not a fan of certain foods, give them a second chance with recipes from out Cooking Board.

@Home This Weekend: Upcycled Chair

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blog This weekend, take a tip from FoxyBlue and make a plain old chair fabulous. FoxyBlue not only painted the wood a beautiful turquoise, she painted the seat with an adorable sleepy fox. What a great accent to any room!

May 13, 2015 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time kittykill. We hope you enjoy them!

Self drafted A Line Dress by lidehtium

Cute/kawaii desserts I’ve made over the past month by Emu

To boldly go… by FreakieGeekie

Asia the Geisha mouse by ThreeLittleCats

Hand painted fox chair – from ugly vintage to awesome (IMHO lol) by FoxyBlue

Beehive tea cozy by noodle-bug

The Geeks Bedroom (Picture Heavy) by Arachnea

Spring Fever – Painting from vintage photos by UnRuli

Tyrion Lannister embroidered portrait hoop by Bexster

Potted Cat by Patraw

Tiny Peg Circus by rackycoo

portable (non-alcoholic) cocktail case by edelC

New Mixed Media Paintings! (A little Pic Heavy) by StudioANF

Hot air balloon vintage dresser upcycle – before and after – pic heavy by FoxyBlue

4×6 Envelopes by K3lly

Tute Tuesday: Bubblewrap Printing

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IMG_1742 I love the idea of using every day objects to make beautiful art. LimeRiot has taken bubble wrap and created a whimsical hoop.I’m not sure how she could stop herself from popping all the bubbles. The willpower of this lady! Bubblewrap Printing is easy to do and you probably have all the supplies on hand in your house right now. From honeycombs to beach stones, this technique can create a unique texture for your next project.

Do you have a great tutorial featuring household items? Post it and we will feature it on our blog. Check out our other Tutorials for inspiration.

Little House on Craftster

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blog1 I’m so drawn to tiny houses; they remind me of home and family. No matter what the medium used, these little houses are sure to delight you as well.These gorgeous paper maché houses, recently posted by FoxyBlue, were the inspiration for this article. They’re so beautiful! Each one contains a positive affirmation, such as “Be the Light” and “Enjoy the Little Things”.
Look at this friendly little felt house by StickerChic87. Don’t you just know that the occupant of this house would be happy to invite you in for a cup of tea and some cookies? blog5
cmarion3 made these wee whimsical houses out of polymer clay. I love their twisty little roofs. blog2
pottermouth‘s row of cigar box houses might just include a house or two of ill-repute. Regardless, they’re full of color and fun details. blog3
One thing I love about these simple handcarved stamps by LimeRiot is their versatility. Singularly or in a set, you can stamp little neighborhoods to your heart’s content. blog4

Dorothy said it best: “There’s no place like home.” Be sure to click on the Craftster tags “house”  to see more of these miniature